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According to some scientific studies, a well-trained and calm driver can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40% compared to an untrained person and driving in a hurry.

Although over time, environmentally friendly driving solutions are constantly being updated, but they still revolve around the two main criteria below.
– Drive methodically and purposefully based on anticipation and preparation. In order to avoid unnecessary acceleration or braking.
– Use the engine as efficiently as possible. As the engine efficiency increases with the engine load and the internal friction loss decreases with decreasing the engine speed, the combination of high loads and low engine speeds allows to spend less fuel for the same power supplied by the engine.

Eco Calculator

There’s lots of ways to #GoGreen and limit your impact on the environment. Check out these resources for driving eco-friendly and saving money, your carbon footprint calculator, and advice for buying fuel-efficient vehicles!



Hit The Road

Once you’re ready to try out these EcoDriving practices, check out the EcoDriving Virtual Road test on www.EcoDrivingUSA.com. Simply drive from points A to B and get rated on the EcoDriving measures you’ve learned in this guide. Go online now to take the test.

Calculate Your CO2

When you become an EcoDriver the benefits really add up. Find out how much you can save by going to www.EcoDrivingUSA.com and using the individual EcoCalculator.

Join the Movement

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of EcoDriving, you can spread “the word. Share the ecodriver’s Guide with friends and family. You can also visit the EcoDriving site to write a letter to “your Governor, learn the latest news about EcoDriving, and sign up for EcoDriving updates. EcoDriving is an ideal way to increase your fuel efficiency and reduce your CO2 emissions now. For “more resources on ecodriving, visit EcoDrivingUSA.com. To join the ecodriving movement contact us at 202.326.5559 or at info@EcoDrivingUSA.com

Be an Ecodriver

Saving money at the pump while reducing your carbon dioxide emissions go hand-in-hand. And you may already have much of what you’ll need to do both, right now.

Even if you haven’t had a chance to buy a new vehicle— which today are cleaner and more fuel efficient than ever before—you can still be an “EcoDriver.” EcoDrivers—no matter what they drive—use simple driving practices and basic maintenance steps to save money and protect the environment at the same time. A typical EcoDriver can increase fuel efficiency by 15 percent or more.

Every day, cities and states are among the many doing their part to promote ecofriendly programs and practices. As an EcoDriver you can make a difference too. If everyone nationwide practiced EcoDriving, it would be equivalent to heating and powering nearly 8 cities the size of Los Angeles. Take a look at our EcoDriver’s Guide to learn the safest and most effective practices for improving your fuel economy… you can start right now.