BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover – Strength & Durability

Having a truck usually means you need a tonneau cover, as well. Your trunk can get filled with dust, debris, or just rain and snow.

All those elements can damage the things you do keep in your trunk. So, the easiest and the best way to prevent that is to use a tonneau cover. The two basic types of tonneau covers are soft and hard ones.

I prefer hard ones, even if they are usually more expensive. A hard cover offers theft protection, which is something no soft rolling cover can offer, ever.

One of the bestselling products by BAK Industries, BAKFlip VP, is a hard cover. The price demands it falls into a more high-end range. So, the question comes up – is the BAKFlip VP worth the money?

To find out if buying the BAKFlip VP is a hit or a miss, continue reading the review!

BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover - Strength & Durability

BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

  • Hard folding tonneau cover
  • Fits 05-18 Ford F150, 5’7” Bed, 68.1”
  • Premium, textured vinyl matte finish
  • No drill installation
  • 100% trunk access
  • Theft protection
  • Hidden hinges
  • Made in the USA

Highlights Reviews Of The BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The Materials

I prefer to take about the materials and the build quality first, as it shows immediately what the product is all about. For a hard folding cover, the materials should make the product durable and able to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

If your tonneau cover cannot do that, it’s a poor investment. Even poorer when you take the price into account – since the hard covers usually cost a lot more than the soft rolling tarps.

So, I was very pleased to see that the panels are made from durable aluminum – and there are two layers of aluminum, one on top and one on the bottom surface. Over the top layer, there is DURABAK vinyl, rugged and strong – for maximum durability.

When you do invest in a high-end tarp, you will want to know that it’s going to last you a long time. This is perhaps one of the most impact-resistant tarps available on the market today.

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It has a matte finish, which is less prone to scuffs and various in-use damage. It’s quiet and well-adjusted even when you drive rather fast, and it protects your cargo from the elements perfectly.

Many folding covers can withstand a lot of water before they finally start to leak. The BAKFlip VP will not leak, no matter what’s the weather like outside. The EPDM rubber was used to make the seal – which is foolproof for most cars, but some models experienced leaks at the tailgate.

One more thing I was pleased to see is that the latch locks for anti-theft protection. The reason why people choose the hard tonneau cover over the soft one is the ability to protect your cargo from theft – and VP offers exactly that.

The Design

The first thing anyone can tell about the BAKFlip VP is how good it looks when installed. The design is flawless and it certainly offers a great sense of aesthetics when it’s spread out on your car.

The aluminum panels are covered with DURABAK vinyl, great quality, and durable vinyl. This vinyl does a good job of covering the aluminum panels, so the entire tarp looks flush. If you mind seeing the panels next to each other, the VP tarp covers those panels right up with vinyl – which makes it look like a one-piece while protecting it.

The matte, textured finish is virtually scratch-proof and it won’t get dented because it’s so robust. I always prefer the matte finish because it seems to keep a clean look for longer, and the BAKFlip VP took the aesthetics to the next level.

The hinges are all hidden for maximum aesthetics, ad to make the flush-with-the-car feeling complete. Even the edges and the clasps fall perfectly into your car, so if you ever thought that tarps are unsightly, think again.

The homogenous look of your tarp is something all manufacturers strive for, but BAK Industries did it – since it looks amazing. The one-piece looks certainly make the VP stand out from its competitors.

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Ease Of Use

As for the ease of use, it’s almost principal that your new tarp is easy to use – otherwise, what is the point? So, it was no surprise to see that this high-end tarp is extremely easy to use.

Some tarps have a problem with the latch because it can be hard to open and close, but not the BAKFlip VP. The VP has a slam latch, so all you need to is press on it to close.

As for opening the tonneau cover, you have full access to your cargo, which is nice. The panels when folded are held with a pull cable, so the suspension holds the panels in place while you place items in your trunk.

The installation is rather easy as well, as it doesn’t require drilling. People are opposed to drilling into their cars, anyway, so this is surely a pro of this tarp. The no-drill clamps are there to make up for the drilling.

The installation package comes without the tools required, which is something to keep in mind if you’re not nifty by nature. Also, the installation shouldn’t take over an hour if this is your first time installing a tonneau cover on your car.

Do note that some cars that fall into the description might not fit in perfectly with this tarp. The rail clamps that hold the rails can fit in poorly, so there is some additional tightening you will need to do.

If the clamps aren’t adjusted perfectly, the panels can move and grind against the rail and damage the paint and the overall appearance. Keep this in mind when installing this tarp on your car.

The Performance

All the details, the design, and the specs mean nothing if the product performs badly. So, it’s time to test out this bad boy in realtime.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tarp doesn’t leak at all and that the seal is perfect. A rainstorm doesn’t have anything on the BAKFlip VP on most models, but some models can leak a little in the back, though.

The tarp s easy to pull on and to fold up thanks to the prop rods, but on some models, the third brake light isn’t visible when the tarp is folded up. This is truly a con since it can compromise your safety when driving.

The design is amazing and the tarp looks flush with the design. The hinges are hidden and the vinyl finish on aluminum makes the whole tarp look aesthetically pleasing.

As for the installation, the tools required aren’t included in the package, but the installation is pretty easy. For some cars, the clamps can be difficult to adjust.  

Overall, the BAKFlip VP performed rather well in real-time!

What we liked

  • Durable aluminum panels
  • DURABAK vinyl finish for a one-piece look
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Hidden hinges
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Matte, textured finish

What we didn’t like

  • Clamps can be difficult to adjust
  • The tarp may leak at the tailgate
  • The tools required aren’t included

Conclusion For The BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

To conclude, I have thoroughly reviewed the BAKFlip VP and I was pleased with what I saw. The tarp performs well, it’s easy to install and it looks great.

The price is high, but it’s justified with the astonishing performance of the tarp. There are some flaws to it, but they aren’t enough to make this a bad investment.

I strongly recommend buying this tarp for your car. The BAKFlip VP is a great investment if you want your tonneau cover to last you a long time!

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