Be an Ecodriver

Saving money at the pump while reducing your carbon dioxide emissions go hand-in-hand. And you may already have much of what you’ll need to do both, right now.

Even if you haven’t had a chance to buy a new vehicle— which today are cleaner and more fuel efficient than ever before—you can still be an “EcoDriver.” EcoDrivers—no matter what they drive—use simple driving practices and basic maintenance steps to save money and protect the environment at the same time. A typical EcoDriver can increase fuel efficiency by 15 percent or more.

Every day, cities and states are among the many doing their part to promote ecofriendly programs and practices. As an EcoDriver you can make a difference too. If everyone nationwide practiced EcoDriving, it would be equivalent to heating and powering nearly 8 cities the size of Los Angeles. Take a look at our EcoDriver’s Guide to learn the safest and most effective practices for improving your fuel economy… you can start right now.

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