Top Rated 17 Best Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for The Money Reviews


I grew up familiar with trucking and hauling because of my family’s business. Hence, it is a common sight to see my father take care of our old and loyal truck.

During my school vacays, I own the responsibility of making sure that the equipment we haul is safe. Therefore, when it comes to the best tonneau cover brands, you bet I know it like the back of my hand!

Top 12 Best tonneau covers: Highest Rated Truck Bed Covers Reviews 

I insisted on purchasing a tonneau cover because I remember to be spending a hard time covering the equipment at the back of the truck with just ordinary waterproof sheets or a tarp to protect the load when it rains. It takes longer for me to tie it down on both sides and every corner at the back of the truck.

Once I finish, I will be thoroughly soaked as well. With a tonneau cover, my life has never been easy and free! It could be an expensive investment for a minor businessperson like my dad, but truck bed covers sure did offer plenty of advantages to justify their worth.

Believe me when I say that the buying guide I made for you is a compilation of my years of experience in using tonneau covers. I will share with you information on what to consider when buying the truck bed cover there is. 

Are you ready?

Truck Bed Tonneau Covers Comparison Table Ratings

Product image Product name Price
TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed tonneau cover 1 TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed tonneau cover  Check Deal 1


Check Deal 2
BAK 26309 BakFlip G2 Truck Bed Cover 1 BAK 26309 BakFlip G2 Truck Bed Cover Check Deal 1


Check Deal 2
Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover 1 Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover View Today’s Deals
MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed tonneau cover 1 MaxMate Soft RollUp tonneau cover View Today’s Deals
Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Truck Bed tonneau cover 1 Roll N Lock A-Series Retractable Truck Bed tonneau cover Check Today’s Deal

What Is a tonneau cover? 

You’ve probably heard the term “tonneau cover” before – especially if you or someone you know owns a truck, so I’m guessing that most of you have some previous knowledge on the matter. 

Still, I figured that it might be a good idea to start with the most basic of questions: What is a tonneau cover? 

What Is a tonneau cover


Why do they call it a tonneau cover?

The word “tonneau” comes from the French language and roughly translates to “cask” or “barrel.” It goes back to the early 20th century when car manufacturers first introduced new configurations for their models. One highly popular option was the tonneau: 

It was a rear passenger compartment that was completely open and rounded like a barrel, and typically had a soft leather cover that protected the compartment when it wasn’t in use.  

Later on, a lot of drivers adopted these tonneau covers as a means of covering up the open areas to reduce wind drag, and give their cars an aerodynamic edge over their competition during races. 

So, in the simplest of terms, a tonneau cover is either a hard or soft cover used to protect the open area of the vehicle. 

For example, in a convertible, a truck bed cover would be used to protect the unoccupied passenger seats. And in this particular case, when we’re talking about the RAM 1500, it would serve as a truck bed cover. 

Covering your truck’s bed with a tonneau cover can have a plethora of different benefits, not only for your precious cargo but for the vehicle itself, too. I’ll talk about these benefits in detail later on, but for now, I’d like you to keep in mind that the main idea behind truck bed covers is a rather simple one: 

Protection against weather changes, UV rays, accidental damage, theft – to an extent – and improved gas mileage. 

Types of a tonneau covers

I bet that with the 17 tonneau covers in my reviews, you already have an idea on what it is like. Of course, you already know the benefits of having one as well. There are different types of tonneau cover in the market that you can search for your options. I know that all the facts and information takes time to sink in, especially if you are new to this.

Eventually, I am certain that you will be able to choose the right one for you.

1. Roll-up tonneau cover

This type of cover rolls up automatically without your help. It rolls all the way to the bulkhead, just like how you roll a yoga mat. I like this rolling cover because it is easy for me to access my truck bed even if it is not fully open. I can easily roll it up depending on how big I want the opening.

2. Folding tonneau cover

I may say that this is the best selling cover in the market as I checked. The most popular of all folding covers is the tri-fold tonneau cover. Trifold has three folding sections, but you may find some models that offer more than that. What makes the folding design a favorite?

This type of cover allows me to fold a portion so I can access a part of the bed while the rest remains covered. It simply a matter of folding a panel or two, and I am good to go.

3. Tri Fold tonneau cover

Basically, it falls under the folding tonneau cover category, but I would like to emphasize that the best Tri-Fold tonneau cover that I found so far is the Tyger that you will see first in my review list.

I love the trifold much than those that have two or more panels. For me, the trifold is the ideal size and number of panels that are practical enough for hauling protection use.

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4. Retractable tonneau covers

The concept of the retractable covers is just the same as the roll-up design. It retracts at the bulkhead of the vehicle. Although both have the same function and purpose, they have a different mechanism to perform. The same thing with the roll-up, I can easily adjust the opening of the bed basing on what I need.

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5. Soft tonneau cover

The soft type is suitable for you if you are tight on your budget. Since this is cheaper than the hard one, it is sellable. Yet for me, it is perfect because I don’t really need that much layer of protection. Some camping equipment and I am good.

You might find that the best quality soft covers have almost the same price comparing to the low-quality hardcovers, but be careful about what you choose because each offers different features. You might as well check what suits you best. Per my observation, the soft covers give more features that I need.

6. Hard tonneau cover

If you are the adventurous type, I am sure that you are looking for a hard type of cover. The additional layers of protection will guarantee the safety of your equipment no matter how wild and harsh you will expose it to be.

As I have mentioned, the hardcover is far more costly than the soft one. However, under extreme circumstances, Hard tonneau cover is the best protection that you can get.

Benefits of a tonneau cover 

One might argue that it’s a whole lot more convenient to leave your truck bed open than to cover it up with a tonneau cover. 

The main argument here seems to be that, in this way, all the areas of the truck’s bed are more easily accessed. Another common reason why some truck owners opt to go cover-free is that they consider it a bit limiting for hauling taller cargo that wouldn’t necessarily fit under it. 

Still, the popularity of truck bed covers seems to be on the rise as truck owners are searching for a reliable way to secure and protect the contents of the bed – and the truck bed itself – without taking away from the truck’s original design lines and aesthetics. 

Of course, the numerous benefits of having a tonneau cover go way beyond the mere aesthetic aspect. 

I’ll go over some of the essential benefits of tonneau covers below and give you a few more reasons why every truck owner should consider buying one. 

Protecting Your Tools and Luggage

The most apparent benefit of having a tonneau cover is being able to protect whatever you’re hauling from sudden weather changes, be it work-related tools, luggage, or sports equipment. 

Whether it’s rain, snow, hail, or direct exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, the addition of a truck bed cover will keep all your valuable cargo safe from the harsh elements and unexpected weather changes. 

Increased Security

Speaking of protecting your cargo, another noteworthy benefit you should consider here is the increased security it brings to the table. Again, your tools, toolbox, equipment, and luggage won’t be left out in the open, which could prevent thieves from walking away with your property. In other words tool box and tonneau cover go together.

For this reason, a lot of tonneau covers for RAM 1500 come with a key or electronic locks, while others may utilize a steel cable that locks down much like a bike lock. Either way, adding a locking mechanism into the mix will keep whatever you’re hauling in the bed of your truck safe and sound. 

While doing all the things we have mentioned above tonneau covers are also keeping your cargo away from plain sight. That means that a curious thief will first need to roll-up the cover and check what you are transporting in the first palace. In most cases, they will give up – especially if the truck bed cover features some form of a locking mechanism. Your toolbox and tonneau cover should now be best friends.

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Truck Value Retention

Besides protecting your things, a tonneau cover can work wonders for protecting the truck’s bed, too, and prevent severe damage and wear and tear from occurring. If you think about it, all these harsh conditions we’ve talked about affect your truck’s bed as much as your cargo, and can often lead to rust and sun damage. 

That can lead to expensive repairs or affect your truck’s resale value negatively down the road. That’s why I would recommend a tonneau cover as a smart investment for any truck owner reading this. 

Better Gas Mileage

The last benefit I’d like to talk about today is also the one that’s most often overlooked by truck owners – but that doesn’t make it any less critical. Why do tonneau covers increase gas mileage? When you add a tonneau cover to the bed of your truck, you decrease the wind resistance, as your truck’s bed generates less air drag. 

That, in turn, increases your gas mileage by up to 5 percent – or more, in some cases – compared to an open truck bed. It can result in significant enough savings, so much so that, after some time, your truck bed cover for RAM 1500 might eventually pay for itself. 

Why Do You Need A tonneau cover For Your Truck?

The reasons for getting a good tonneau cover are multiple. Here, we are going to mention only a couple of the most important benefits.

Safe transport of your cargo

This is, by far, the greatest perk you will get from one of the units we have covered in the review section. Your truck may be doing a great job of transporting your items from point A to point B but the level of protection you are getting along the way is pretty meager.

Tonneau covers are filling in those blanks by protecting the cargo from sun, rain, and any kind of debris you might pick on the road.

Improving fuel efficiency

When you are driving with an opened tonneau you are filling the cargo area with a lot of air and effectively slowing down your vehicle. Since tonneau covers are making your vehicle more aerodynamic, you can save up to 10% of fuel on long-distance tracks.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying the tonneau cover

And now that we’ve checked the 17 tonneau covers currently sitting on the store shelves let us check some factors that will find the best match for your vehicle. Granted, we are going to present you with our picks further down below.

But, what works for us may not necessarily work for you, so it’s better to have your very own wish list on the table before making the final decision.

So, here are a couple of od things you should consider to find the truck bed cover for your truck.

1. Compactibility

Due to their very nature (designed to cover a portion of some vehicles), bed covers are usually vehicle-specific, so checking this up should be your number one priority. The cover may not fit the bed measurements, the bed liners may not line up… The bottom line, there are too many things that can go wrong here.

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So, before checking anything else see if the tonneau cover is made for your specific vehicle or, in the case of brand-agnostic products, do measures add up.

2. Purpose

Now it’s a good time to ask yourself why are you buying a tonneau cover in the first place. If you transport some valuable items on a daily basis, you should definitely consider buying a solid tri-fold cover with a locking mechanism. On the other hand, if your main goal is to protect your tools from sun and rust, you can get away with an ordinary vinyl roll-up unit.

And sometimes, you will just want to make your truck look better and run more efficiently. In this case, simply go for an appealing and aerodynamic design.

3. Cover material

The material your future cover will be made from will, to a large extent, affect how well it’s going to serve its intended purpose. Of course, all of them have some pros and cons.

For instance, solid aluminum covers offer the best level of protection but they add noticeable weight to your vehicle. Vinyl covers are the lightest and the most affordable option but they can be easily opened. Plastic and fiberglass covers stand somewhere in the middle.

4. Local climate

The climate of the area you are living in is yet another factor you will need to consider before spending your hard-earned money. If you are frequently experiencing heavy rains, sleet, and other extreme elements, buying a solid aluminum cover will become a necessity rather than an option.

Sun, debris, and occasional rains are much more forgiving so vinyl covers will do the job just fine.

5. Ease of installation

Last but not least, we have to mention the ease of installation. Most of the roll-up covers are attached to your truck with nothing more than ordinary clamps. So, you don’t need to pay someone to drill new holes and mount the rails for you.

Aluminum tonneau covers usually need something more reliable and permanent. So, expect to add a couple of dollars more on the upfront price. Or take some time to practice drilling.

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Top-rated Best Truck Bed tonneau covers Reviews in 2024

1. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Tyger tonneau cover rates first amongst the rest of the competition. The Tyger bed cover is of dual coated 24 oz. Marine-grade soft vinyl with heavy-duty aluminum powder coated square tubing frames. It proves to be tough, and the fabric is evidently of high-quality material. No need to worry about changing seasons; this cover is sturdy enough to withstand snow.

The Tyger truck bed cover comes with stainless steel clamps for additional sturdiness. This clamp system, it provides convenience, comfort, and ease during the installation. Notice that this Tyger tri fold pickup truck bed cover offers pre-assembled crossbars to ensure support and convenient fold up with the cover providing full bed access. This way, it would be quick for you to see extra bed space for additional equipment to place.

You will be happy to know that you do not need to drill during the setup. It is quite a relief that these Tyger tonneau covers equips you with clear instructions and hardware for stress-free installation.

Take note that this Tyger tonneau cover install works well with an under-the-bed rail bed liner in securing the clamps but remember that you need to cut the small holes if this is the case. Make sure to get the exact dimension of your truck before buying covers.

The product never disappoints; the fabric is tight enough that help you not to hear some flaps caused of the wind when the truck is running. When you want to pull out something from the back, the cover easily folds up and no sweat in bringing it down again. If you are anxious about the rain, you can use the weather stripping that comes with it, but even without it, the fabric seems to be waterproof. Lastly, it is tight enough not to let the water in the truck bed.

Although as I search the Tyger roll-up tonneau cover reviews, it confirms that returns and replacements are never an issue since Tyger offers a limited lifetime warranty. Yet, you will pay for the shipping cost, so be precise in your measurement the first time to avoid such expenses.

The cover should fit your truck’s bed size. Before I forget, it also includes front and rear weather seals as add-ons. Tyger tonneau covers are durable, looks great, and have a reasonable price.

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2. MaxMate Rollup Truck Bed tonneau cover

MaxMate Rollup Truck Bed tonneau cover

This product ranks as the best roll-up tonneau cover in the review ratings. MaxMate tonneau cover is a US patented design that comes with dual coated 24 oz. Marine grade vinyl top.

It also has a heavy-duty aluminum powder coated side rails and clamps with built-in horizontal crossbars that offers support when you the cover is lying flat or when you want to roll it up. The clamps work effectively, and I like the way the crossbars come as bowed for enhanced support and water flow off the top.

The sides of the cover seal with a Velcro strip at the sides and have a latch lock system at the tailgate portion for security. I love the part wherein I can alter the covers because of the adjustable tension system found at the end of the side rails. It ensures to keep the cover tight and wrinkle-free after a long drive. Take note that MaxMate tonneau cover is a no-drilling installation process.

Though it is easy to set up, still it comes with a user-friendly manual for installation instructions. Even if you have a bed liner that wraps around the anterior brink of the bed and a tailgate cap, the cover will still fit perfectly.

Just like other vehicles that have an over-the-bed rail bed liner, you need to cut the small holes to secure the clamps. However, it works perfectly without modification for vehicles with under-the-bed rail bed liner.

The cover comes with weather stripping to keep the moisture and water out. Besides, there are straps available to secure the three parts of the cover from the strong wind while the vehicle is running.

Do you see that there is no hassle using this product?

Check out the current MaxMate tonneau cover reviews and find out how customers are satisfied with its 10-year warranty!

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3. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed tonneau cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed tonneau cover

This TruXedo TruXport Roll up tonneau cover rates as the most economical and convenient product. The TruXedo tonneau cover is of Vinyl Grain material, and covers sits 15” above the truck bed that gives a distinctive nice look. The high-quality grain fabric helps shield your cargo from the harsh outdoor elements as well. I can say that this is a product with a reasonable price, even with its top-quality features.

You can easily install the clamps in just a few minutes, and it has an adjustable tension control that keeps the cover tight and secure. Besides, the clamps have a dual latching system for more security and safety.

The pre-set tension control of this TruXedo truck bed cover is suitably unified into the dual-latching system to keep the cover close-fitting. After installing, it will help to maintain the TruXport bed cover looking new all year through.

You can simply access the dual paddle latches at both sides of the vehicle, thus firmly clasping the cover to the bed. There are bows in place at the ends with Velcro and roll up in the cover.

Hence, it is so expedient you do not need to find a place to store the bows like other designs. TruXedo roll-up tonneau cover installation is stress-free to install and does not need any drilling or special tools required.

Check the TruXport tonneau cover reviews and find out positive feedback about its fabulous top mount design, sleek and stylish crossbars, and user-friendly. TruXedo roll-up tonneau cover withstands any weather and guarantees no leaking problem, stretching, nor shrinking.

Take note as well of the bulkhead seal in the kit that comes with the purchase, which is ready for application when needed. I guess the kit can close the gap created by the factory bed caps.

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4. BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed tonneau cover

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed tonneau cover

BAK G2 tonneau cover offers excellent unobstructed access to your full truck bed without blocking the third brake light. It is a first-hand safety priority! During times when it is necessary for huge load-hauling, all you need is to fold the cover open before flipping it up against the cab. With its durable, solid core panels that mount, flush with the bed of your truck, it gives a tremendously low-profile design.

Check this out; The BAKFlip G2 folds open with its simple release cables, and it has a patented latch system that conceals under the truck bed cover. If you want to secure your belongings, simply lock the tailgate cover and worry no more. Viewing the G2 BAKFlip tonneau cover reviews, you will learn that it is simple to install and user-friendly. I bet, even a newbie finds the set-up as stress-free.

With its clamp-on feature and no drill installation, I could literally do it myself without help. The automatic latching panels feature a favorite aspect that you can find mostly among the BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover review. It is one feature that makes the users comfortable in using the cover. Besides, it also offers full access to stake pocket holes and works great with other fittings.

Clearly, G2 is the answer to your storage problem and gives you the chance to manage and arrange your cargo effectively. The durable and versatile truck bed cover has a premium OE quality perimeter seal that gives useful, weather-resistant protection from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Lastly, it has built-in high-quality UV resistant aluminum panels, which makes a safe shield for the things you keep at the back. No wonder that this product lands as one of the good tonneau covers!

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5. Roll-N-Lock BT220A Locking Retractable A-Series Truck Bed tonneau cover

Roll-N-Lock BT220A Locking Retractable A-Series Truck Bed tonneau cover

The Roll-N-Lock bed cover is unique from the rest in my list. The powder-coated aluminum cover body binds itself together by patented hinge technology that offers an almost impassable seam without an exposed rubber layer. Aside from that, it also has a patented tailgate locking system. It is surprising to see that it opens and locks in just a matter of seconds with its heavy-duty torsion spring drive.

The torsion spring drive is in a 3” aluminum reel house to guarantee years of reliable service. With Roll-N-Lock bed covers, there are no snaps and no bulky panels to fold. Try to turn the lock-lever, and the cover slides open smoothly right away. Use the built-in pull strap if you want to pull the cover back in place.

In the Roll-N-Lock Tonneau reviews, the patented ratchet-style locking mechanism is a popular topic of the users. This can latch in place at ¼, ½, ¾, or even for fully closed positions. Do not worry; you can roll the cover forward even when the tailgate is closed.

For installation concerns, the patented clamp-on track design suggests that the process lessens the need for drilling holes on the majority of the truck models. This is the greatest tonneau covers for your car.

Lastly, the Roll-N-lock truck bed covers have recessed drain fittings that promise fast and comprehensive drainage of the reel housing. For the lucky buyers, please know that this product covers a three-year limited warranty. Take note that even this is user-friendly, it is best to seek guidance from the manual or video.

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6. Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Gator tonneau cover notes an easy and fast no-tool installation. Go ahead, clamp the rail on without using a drill. Do not be surprised since you can set-up the cover in just ten minutes! No need for modifications upon doing so. It has a quick latch that is easy to use that you can adjust it manually anytime just to reach the perfect snug.

See that this Gator bed covers have superior sealing that protects the inside part of your bed and cargo from dust, rain, and snow. This tailgate seal comes with the purchase Gator tonneau covers package and is sturdy enough to stand as a shield from any harmful outdoor elements.

You can bring it to the carwash anytime without having trouble with it. Gator tri-fold tonneau cover is of tear-resistant vinyl material that has strong aluminum crossbows for robust support and enhanced strength and durability.

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Place Gator Tri-fold tonneau cover on top of the bed rail to prevent water from entering inside. You can drive confident knowing that your cargo is safe with the fastening buckles that are secure to hold. Remember that this is a Gator tri-fold tonneau cover, so you have access to 2/3 of the bed when you fold it up. You will never need a track system with this Gator truck bed covers.

However, I advise to have rail covers as well to prevent leaking. I recommend this product strongly. This Gator sr1 roll up tonneau cover is awfully lightweight, quick to put on and take off, and always keeps the bed super dry. For every purchases Gator FX tonneau cover, there is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame alone and a 10-year guarantee for the tarp as well.

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7. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-200 TRI-FOLD Truck Bed tonneau cover

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-200 TRI-FOLD Truck Bed tonneau cover

Tonnopro tri-fold tonneau cover is the fastest-selling truck bed covers in its high-quality standards. You would know the reason why. It features a double-sided tear-resistant marine-grade vinyl with a branded black textured finish, slide lock design, and E-Z clamping system. It even contains a tight Q-seal gasket and front flap to keep the entire truck bed dry.

Tonno covers for trucks come totally assembled and takes a few minutes for installation. Just like the other brands, you do not require drilling during the setup. Hence, you will have the security and safety of your belonging’s quick time. The sections of the Tonno Pro tri-fold tonneau covers are hinged together to make it easier for you to fold it more compactly.

Tonno truck bed cover has a rigid frame of aluminum panels. Removing it will only take you a few seconds when your cargo is huge, so it is utterly no sweat at all. Simply fold it forward to hit the right snug when loads are small enough for covers. Choose this Tonno Pro tri-fold soft tonneau cover, and I guarantee that you will have a durable, practical, and reasonable price out of it.

Tonno Pro tonneau cover is in rectangular, so it does not really curve along, especially near the tailgate, and the rail connector is plastic. Those two may be the only downside I can think of, but it is nothing I cannot manage.

With every purchase of Tonno Pro hard tri-fold tonneau cover, comes torch detachable LED bed light that you can install anywhere, Pro clean tonneau cover cleaner to clean and UV protect your cover, and a pair if Pro gloves whenever you need it. With all the pros, you may want to buy it right away!

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8. Lund 95064 Genesis Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Lund 95064 Genesis Tri-Fold Truck Bed tonneau cover

Lund hard fold tonneau cover features a low-profile design with premium quality, rip-stop, marine-grade vinyl fabric with a leather pattern and semi-gloss black finish. As I searched all Lund tonneau cover reviews, the favorite comment is the flexibility of the tri-fold and the performance of a full, one-piece seamless cover that protects both the gear and your loads.

It offers an integrated strap and clip system that allows the truck to function with the top in an open (folded) position. The frame itself is with corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum, and high impact polycarbonate fabrication.

In fact, some users of Lund Genesis tonneau cover reviewed that you do not need to worry about the changing seasons especially during rainy days because the cover has weather tight seals which can maintain the truck bed dryness, and protects the loads’ safety.

Upon your purchase, it comes already completely assembled, and you do not need any drilling or some hardware during the installation. Lund tonneau cover installation instructions are so easy to understand and easy to set up within minutes.

This Genesis tonneau cover allows you to access 100% of the whole truck bed space. It functions and covers perfectly up to the edges of your truck bed while blocking out moisture and protecting the cargo at the same time. In fact, the cover features heavy-duty powder-coated bows and rails to avoid water and snow build-ups. Lastly, all pieces of the mounting hardware have pads wrapped in the inside to avoid metal-to-metal contact and harm to the entire truck bed.

This US made truck bed cover offers a limited lifetime guarantee. Do you agree that this product is the solution for your overall cargo protection? It offers an enhanced distinctive style while covering an unsightly truck bed as well. The smooth aesthetic of the trifold enhances aerodynamics, reduces drag, and improves fuel economy in the whole perspective.

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9. Extang 44405 Original Trifecta Trifold Truck Bed Cover

Extang 44405 Original Trifecta Trifold Truck Bed Covee

Extang truck bed covers are tri-folding tonneau cover designs. Trifecta, as its popular name is the best selling soft tonneau cover, there is in America and is an excellent option when you plan to upgrade your vehicle. The fabric construction is of heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl with leather grain for a sophisticated look. You can install it as quick as possible, and it is easy to take out at the same time.

You do not need tools to help you do the setup, and even without help, I am sure you will do fine. Their exclusive SpeedKlamp gives you access to the truck bed, transforming Trifecta to its folded open position ready for hauling the load.

SpeedKlamp construction is of fiberglass that fills with nylon for maximum toughness. It functions with spring-action technology for easy clasp and release. You can conveniently store the clamps when not needed.

The Extang Truck bed cover also offers robust luggage-style Hold-tite fasteners that are comfortable and expedient to adjust. The Hold-tite straps and snaps duo allows the cover to fully open while keeping the security of your cargo even while you are on the run. The product has the toughest frame of any soft folding cover that is lightweight and handy. The commercial-grade extruded aluminum perimeter rails connect by an I-beam.

Extang covers prove that even in high speed and high winds, it withstand and stay fit to the edges showing that air and water cannot compromise the seal. According to the Extang tonneau cover reviews, the product has a significant help in gas mileage improvement. Rest assured that the Extang Truck tonneau covers not only offer you the best quality but also extend to you the best price for truck bed cover.

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10. RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed tonneau cover

RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed tonneau cover

The Retrax bed cover is one of the brands boasting of its product’s robustness and special features. The covers are easy to use because of industrial strength aluminum construction and opens/closes easily with the exclusive use of their sealed ball bearings. These ball bearings prevent the retractable tonneau cover from binding during the opening and closing. With this, you do not need straps, snaps, or springs!

It also features a low profile tonneau cover design and a tough matte finish that is scratch resistant. The flush front cover streamlines the overall aesthetics and gives a solid, reliable seal that protects the truck bed from harmful outdoor elements.

Do you know that it can support a distributed load of more than 500 pounds?

What’s more, it is UV protected with no fading and no hassle in maintenance.

Because you can lock the cover in any position, it can close and open anytime and anywhere you want. The security of your cargo is guaranteed as well. The RetraxPRO MX cover latches or key locked in any position. That is why it is flexible in loading any equipment. I tell you, your cover will seal tight and looks fabulous at the same time.

Are you in for fifth wheel towing? Check the Retrax bed cover review, and you will know that the latter offers an unlimited hauling capacity. Besides, it improves mileage by 10% as well. RetraxPRO MX offers a limited lifetime warranty that assures you less worry after installation.

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11. Bestop 16062-01 EZ Fold Truck tonneau cover

 Bestop 16062-01 EZ Fold Truck tonneau cover

The Bestop tonneau cover has a material of leather-grain premium vinyl/polyester fabric that stays flexible in any season. It includes advanced UV ray protection to minimize sun damage to your cargo. The frame and the latching system integrates entirely with the fabric for a quick stack folding performance. This Bestop Tri-fold tonneau cover is good news to those who have over-the-rail bed liners or OEM rail protectors because this product works even without bed rails.

Bestop bed covers have a low profile hinge and rail design that reinforces corner construction for excellent stability. Part of the assembly is sectional aluminum frames that are sturdy for support and makes a smooth appearance. Even the installation of this Bestop truck cover will only take you a few minutes to finish. This is suitable for newbies out there who are always on the go and needs the cover.

Along with the many features is the integrated buckle straps that secure folded Tonneau to the front bed rail. You can take out the entire Tonneau for 100% access to the truck bed space without any stress. It folds only twice, unlike the other designs that can fold up to three times. With all the Bestop EZ Fold tonneau cover reviews, it is popular because of its reasonable price and durability as well.

Like some of the other competitive brands, all Bestop truck covers purchases guarantees a limited lifetime warranty. This Bestop tri-fold tonneau cover is an excellent and attractive addition to any pick-up vehicle. It offers the best price, quality, and design. No disappointments here!

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12. Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed tonneau cover

Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed tonneau cover

This under tonneau cover has an ultra-low profile design that allows full access to your truck bed when needed. Undercover Flex is for both bed protection and improving the mileage up to 10% because of its well-planned aerodynamic design. Flex is the best waterproof hard folding tonneau cover on the market. It has built-in prop rods to secure the cover in an open position so you can carry huge loads without taking it out.

However, you can remove this under rail truck bed cover in just a minute even without the use of any tool. With the assembly comes plastic buckles and straps so you can adjust the cover depending on the size of the cargo. It has water-resistant rubber seals and drains tubes to channel water away from the truck bed. Absolutely no drilling or cutting requirement upon installation so you can complete it in just a few minutes.

The undercover Flex hardcover can be as lightweight as it can be, but it proves to withstand and can shield your belongings even under harsh weather conditions all year long. Of all the products in my reviews, only Undercover offers the least number of years for warranty. It only guarantees a three-year that is only applicable to the original owner if the cover is installed properly for its intended use.

Hence, as I summarized the undercover features and advantages, it features Undercover Flex material that is durable, water-resistant, convenient, and good aesthetics. It is also simple and easy to install, easy to clean, and lastly, you got easy, full access of the total area of your truck bed.

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13. Audrfi Soft Roll-Up tonneau cover

Audrfi Soft Roll-Up tonneau cover

The Audrfi cover stands out for many reasons. It’s a roll-up cover so it’s very convenient to use, it’s built for all weather conditions, and it provides optimal protection. This soft tonneau cover is made to fit the 2014-2020 Toyota Tundra with a 6.5’ truck bed.

You can easily install the Audrfi soft roll-up cover with the equipment you receive with the cover (clamps, hex keys, and side rails). You also get detailed instructions and the whole process doesn’t require any drilling.

You will be happy to know that this quality tonneau cover can withstand a lot because it’s made of industrial highest reinforced vinyl. The material has a high level of resistance to both extreme heat and cold, and it’s UV resistant, which makes it more durable. Furthermore, it’s tear-resistant and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it during heavy rain – the cover will remain intact and your truck bed protected.

One very convenient feature is the quick one-finger release design, thanks to which you don’t have to use both hands with this cover. 

Another thing I appreciated is the velcro hook and loop system that makes it easy to fasten the cover even in the strong wind because it provides uninterrupted contact between the rails and the cover. Speaking of strong winds, the patented latch and tension system keeps the cover tight at all times, even on the open road with a lot of wind. 

One particular thing I didn’t like is that the design is not a fancy, low profile kind, but that’s just a personal preference and it has nothing to do with how the cover performs. The Audrfi cover has a sleek black design, I just think it would look even sleeker with an elegant low-profile.

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14. LEER ROLLITUP Soft Roll Up Truck Bed tonneau cover

LEER ROLLITUP Soft Roll Up Truck Bed tonneau cover

The LEER ROLLITUP tonneau cover is, as the name says, a roll-up cover. It’s also a soft type, meaning you don’t get protection to the fullest extent as you would with a hardcover, but it’s still not half bad. 

The fact that it’s a softcover and a roll-up cover means it’s so convenient to use and install. It’s a no-drill process, and all the mounting equipment plus the detailed instructions come included.

With the LEER roll-up tonneau cover, you can enjoy full truck bed access without removing the cover. This model uses velcro brand hook and loop strips on the sides so you can effortlessly open and close it. You also have the option to choose how much space you want to cover which is an ideal way to protect the bed while transporting bulky cargo. 

If you own a 2015+ Ford F-150 with a 5.6’ bed, you should consider giving this one a shot. It fits perfectly and it has an elegant low-profile design that will bring the look of your truck to the next level. The sleek, black tarp is made of heavy-duty 24oz vinyl that’s tear-resistant and has built-in crossbars for added support when the cover is lying flat. 

I was really impressed by the tension system of the LEER ROLLITUP tonneau cover. It’s completely adjustable and you can rest assured that the cover will stay wrinkle-free no matter the weather conditions.

Besides being resistant to tears, the LEER cover is also highly resistant to environmental factors. The side rails and clamps are made of 6063 aluminum which is corrosion-resistant, and this means you’ll be able to enjoy this cover for a long time. 

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15. Gevog Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed tonneau cover

Gevog Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed tonneau cover

When it comes to soft roll-up truck bed covers, this product ranks at the top. Gevog is a company engaged in auto parts and accessories with a wide assortment of tonneau covers. This one fits 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500, as well as 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 3500, and 2019 Ram 1500 Classic with a 6.5’ truck bed. 

The installation is completely hassle-free as it doesn’t require any special tools, just the gear that comes included with the cover. 

What’s really great about the Gevog tonneau cover is its weathertight sealing feature. This means that the cover fits impeccably on your truck bed to provide optimal protection from harmful outside factors. 

This roll-up cover has a top-mount style, which means it sits on top of the bed rail for improved water runoff. This, combined with the weathertight sealing feature, means your truck bed is sheltered from heavy rain, snow, and hail. 

The material of the tarp is marine-grade 24oz vinyl, a common fabric for this kind of tonneau cover. It’s a popular choice because the vinyl is tough enough to ensure protection yet soft enough to make the cover lightweight and easy to handle. 

The Gevog roll-up cover seals with a velcro strip on the sides, so it’s very convenient to roll it up and down. Furthermore, it features a quick one-finger release design which means it can easily be operated by one person. 

Although the tension is pre-set, it’s modifiable so you can adjust it how you deem fit – loosen it if the cover is difficult to secure or tighten it if it’s too easy. 

As I mentioned earlier, this product has smashing reviews and I believe it’s a great choice if you need a soft roll-up tonneau cover for your Dodge Ram.

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16. Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold tonneau cover

Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold tonneau cover

Rough Country’s policy revolves around trucks being a lifestyle and with that in mind, they create their tonneau covers, including this hard tri-fold model. 

Hard tonneau covers are the ultimate choice if your number one priority is protection. Compared to soft ones, they provide a higher level of security, but that, of course, also means they are bulkier and not as convenient to maneuver. 

This is a tri-fold type, so it opens and closes by folding in three places. You can open or close it fully, and you have a third option to cover a part of your truck bed. Similar to roll-up covers, this is super convenient for weirdly shaped cargo, but with roll-ups, you have a bit more control of how much space you want to cover. 

Rough Country designed this truck bed cover to look sleek on a 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra with a 5.8’ truck bed. A lot of thought was put into making this cover tough and durable, and therefore, it features aircraft-grade aluminum panels with a stylish marine-grade black vinyl top. This mix of aluminum and vinyl further enhances the cover’s lifetime and resistance to all kinds of weather conditions. 

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Naturally, the panels are waterproof so you don’t have to fret about any leakages or similar damages. Even in heavy rain or snow, your truck bed is safely covered.

Even though this is a hard tonneau cover, the installation is struggle-free. You don’t need any tools as it has an easy on and off clamp system. Once you install it, you’ll notice its modern, low-profile design, which combined with the black textured finish, completely elevates the look of your truck. 

One thing to keep in mind is that, generally, hard tri-fold covers don’t come cheap, and neither does this one. However, think of the money as an investment in a high-quality, durable product.

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17. Stampede SP-065 Tri-Fold tonneau cover

Stampede SP-065 Tri-Fold tonneau cover

Stampede makes a variety of tonneau covers, and this tri-fold model is one of their best-sellers. All of their products are designed and manufactured in the US, including the SP-065. 

If you need an affordable tri-fold tonneau cover, this is the one to go with. Considering the level of quality and performance you get, I say it’s really reasonably priced. 

This tri-fold cover is more on the softer side as it is made of vinyl, but that doesn’t mean it won’t provide the necessary protection. The truth is, at the price point, you won’t find many tri-fold covers of similar quality.

The Stampede SP-065 is designed for 2002-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 with a 5.5’ bed. It has a simple black design – nothing spectacular, but it still looks great on top of your truck bed. Stampede makes a similar roll-up tonneau cover, so you can choose which type best suits your needs.

The main difference between roll-up covers and tri-fold covers is in the amount of space they cover/uncover since you have a bit more freedom there with roll-ups. 

The SP-065 tri-fold cover is very easy to install and operate because it’s not too heavy. The marine-grade vinyl makes it lightweight enough so you can handle it with only one hand. 

Rest assured this product doesn’t disappoint. It offers full truck bed protection from both harmful environments and snooping eyes. You can cover your cargo without having to worry about it being stolen or damaged by anyone or anything. 

Overall, the Stampede SP-065 is a reliable and durable tri-fold tonneau cover with an affordable price point and a lot of five-star reviews from satisfied truck owners. On top of that, you get a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, just in case you’re not entirely happy with it (which I highly doubt will happen).

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FAQs of tonneau cover

1. How to measure truck bed?

Have you tried measuring your truck bed? It is quite easy. Follow these steps, and you will get it.

  1. First, you need to place your measuring tape at the bulkhead portion of your vehicle.
  2. Then, following the edge of your bed rail, extend the measuring tape at the inside edge of the topmost part of the tailgate. Remember the measurement and best to use inches.
  3. Divide the measurement by 12 to know the length of your truck bed in feet. It may not be exact with the measurements you find at the available truck covers, but it would at least be close to it.

2. How long is a short bed truck?

It is crucial to clarify your truck’s bed dimensions before buying covers. A standard short bed truck is the most common. Therefore, you may not have a hard time looking for a match. For compact truck beds, the average length for this is about 5 feet or 1.5 meters while the full size will measure up to 6.5 feet or 2 meters.

The advantage of this truck size is it is essential and sturdy enough to accommodate laud-hauling function and is not difficult to fit in in parking lots and traffics.

3. How wide is a truck bed?

The size of the truck determines the size of its bed. The short bed trucks measure around 60-72 inches in width. Long truck bed, on the other hand, are more or less the same in width as the short type. Their difference greatly shows in length.

4. How much does a truck bed weigh?

The truck bed weight depends on what type you have for a truck. To give you an idea, the curb weight of a truck refers to the truck as a whole, including all the essential parts to keep it running. The gross weight of a small truck bed is an average of 6000 pounds while the long and heavy types weigh around 10000 pounds.

5. How many cubic feet in a truck bed tonneau cover?

It is essential to know how much is the capacity of your truck bed. A small pick-up can hold an average of 40 cubic feet full up to the top of the bed while it measures 81 cubic feet when it is full to the top of the cab.

For the bigger trucks, it is 54 cubic feet when full to the top of the bed and 108 cubic feet when full to the top of the cab.

6. How Does a tonneau cover Work? 

Despite their rather humble beginnings – the ones I’ve talked about previously – tonneau covers have become an entirely separate industry, and a growing one, at that. If anything, that should promise you quite a bit of versatility in terms of materials, folding styles, truck bed access, and several other factors.

I already told you that the best tonneau cover could provide improved fuel efficiency, weather protection, better storage, added security, and functionality.

The main idea here, though, is to attach it to the vehicle with virtually no disruptions to the existing body lines of your truck. If it’s not sitting flush to the truck bed’s walls – or at least maintaining a relatively low profile – it won’t provide the element of improved aerodynamics.

It works by covering the truck’s bed with either soft or hard materials and is typically held in its place by a system of clamps and fasteners that go along the edges of the bed’s walls. And depending on the actual model, it can be moved, rolled up, or manipulated in a variety of other ways.

Although most models rely on the closed tailgate as a means of locking the cover in place, some come with an independent locking mechanism – something worth looking into if security is your primary concern.

And remember:

If you’re looking to protect the truck’s bed or add some function to it, prevent the elements from reaching your cargo – and keep your stuff safe and secure – a tonneau cover is your best bet.

Conclusion for you

Do you already have an idea of what to choose for your top three best tonneau covers for 2024 ?

Below are my top 3 picks!

Out of the 17 reviews I gave, these three outstands the rest. Each offers unique advantages from each other and are worthy of being rated as the best. They rate highest with positive reviews and recommendations from users.

Any of the three is already a winner. Remember to choose according to your truck’s exact dimension, your need, and your budget!

Good luck!

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    I have a 2007 Ram 1500 that has side bed rails. I would like to get a tonneau cover but don’t want to remove the rails. What cover would work with my side bed rails?

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