TOP 7 Best Trunk Organizers Buying Guide & Reviews 2020

You will find me spending almost my entire day outdoors. I need to drive the kids to school early in the morning and bring them back home late in the afternoon. Anytime in the middle, I drive all around town to deliver products to sell. Most of the time is on the road, and I know you will understand that my car is the nearest place of comfort. Hence, I find it practical, placing the best trunk organizer in the vehicle to hold everything I need.

Top 7 Best Trunk Organizers Buying Guide & Reviews

I cannot do without a trunk organizer. Otherwise, it will be difficult for me to get the stuff I need. With the little time that I can spare, I cannot afford to make a mess in the car. I like my daily routine to be less stressful. If it means keeping my car trunk well organized and clean, then it shall be. Therefore, using a trunk organizer is very practical so that I can make a neat arrangement.

The market offers plenty of trunk organizers with different sizes, quality, and designs. Are you also interested in using one? My buying guide will help you pick the right one for your car. Check this out!

Top 7 Best Trunk Organizers on the Market 2020 Reviews

1. Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

You will love this Drive Auto Products’ latest release! Of all the best trunk organizers, this one will solve your problem of loose clutter and put your belongings in order. This automotive organizer offers extra comfort during your hours of driving. It has an innovative tie-down strap system from DRIVE and an assortment of various feature designs to address trouble spaces where other models fail to meet.

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer with Straps, 1-Pack

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

Are you familiar with fragile sides and bases that cave in, slipping and sliding bottoms, not enough storage pockets, or unfriendly size adjustments from small to large? With this trunk organizer, you do not need to worry anymore. The “strap-in” has modifiable length tie-downs that you can use to look like an SUV cargo net. You can tie it around the seatbacks or into the backseat, with the child safety anchors so that your things will securely stay in place.

This storage trunk organizer can also serve the purpose of filling in the gap between the car seats and transform the space into your office arrangement. Else, it can be your cup holder, and do it all work caddy. It is utterly all-purpose car storage. With its use comes along various benefits. It features 13 strengthened vertical and robust panels with durable, stiff base plates.

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

For businesspersons and all that likes to travel solo, the front seat mode is an ideal set up for you. Fit it in by securing it in the passenger seat and strap it around seat back so that your belongings are still in place even while braking. Other features present a premium Oxford fabric, and two big front pockets that can hold coffee mugs or water bottles. The collapsible design allows you to adjust the right size that fits the space, and it comes with daisy chains that have horn and loop fittings. However, it can only hold an average weight of 30 pounds and no more than that when lifting.

It also has sturdy handles, fully wrapped firm panel harnesses for groceries, 8 stretchy mesh side pockets, and folding compartments as well. It’s possible to hold your folders, tablets, phones, binders, and other personal gadgets. This car accessory proves to have satisfied customers by showing that they bought the ultimate automobile organizer. It creates a new look and feel in your vehicle and make your life easier.

2. Effortless the Extra Mile Car Trunk Organizer for SUV Truck

Are you searching for the best car trunk organizer for your car? FORTEM could be the one for you! Just like what you want, it is collapsible storage with securing adjustable straps and a non-slip bottom. It features a sturdy design of reinforced base plates, robust and well-made sidewalls, pockets with lids, durable buckles, and resilient carrying handles that would last long. This product is of high-quality construction material of 600-denier polyester and is so easy to set up.

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non Slip Bottom, Securing Straps

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non Slip Bottom, Securing Straps

The trunk organizer is so simple to use. All you need to do is to unfold the organizer, slide in the hardened base plates before attaching the divider, and fill in with all your gadgets, personal belongings, and more. The separator is made of cardboard, so the strength and thickness is like one and is stable enough for domestic car use. The non-slip strips on the bottom with the securing straps that come along with it prevents sliding whether the organizer is fully loaded or not. Besides, if you want to keep it, collapse and store inside your car’s trunk.

What are the benefits of using FORTEM car trunk organizer? It gives you the chance to arrange all your belongings in just one storage area. You can fill it in with your vital emergency equipment, tools, water bottles, groceries, gadgets, cleaning supplies, toys, blankets, and many more. Since it is made of nylon material, it should be waterproof. You do not need to worry about the small vehicle as well since you can collapse this car trunk organizer into half to fit in.

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non Slip Bottom, Securing Straps
FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non Slip Bottom, Securing Straps

You need to take note that this organizer can only hold up to an average of 20 pounds load with the dividers already included. You can pick it up and move around since it is sturdy enough. The entire box is easy to wipe clean and maintain. Upon purchase, it comes with a little adhesive pad that you can stick to the dashboard (to hold a cellphone), microfiber towel, and a waterproof cover (you will find placed inside one of the pockets.) The cover has a hole on each side to accommodate the handle, and it has a snug fit over the top, but the covers are usually not that critical since most of the time the organizer is inside the trunk.

FORTEM offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. According to reviews, the price is affordable, and the customer service got a high rating on their performance.

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3. Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer

You own an SUV, and you need a car trunk organizer? Busy Life Car excels in offering the best car trunk organizers for SUV, trucks, and even vans. The non-slip bottom keeps the storage in place even when the vehicle is on the move, and it comes with extra bottom support for more security. Unlike some other storage box organizers that you find on the market, BUSY LIFE product has an added bottom support plates to prevent your belongings from falling off. No need to worry about instant brakes when driving!

Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer Trunk Organizer For Car SUV Truck and Van
Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer Trunk Organizer For Car SUV Truck and Van

The collapsible storage organizer is a must-have for your SUV or any vehicle. The car organizer design is an excellent use for holding your daily items like grocery bags, garage tools, daily loads like gadgets, laptop, water bottles, and some equipment. The innovative design allows you to store the product easily since you can customize the size to fit the trunk of your car. It has removable bottom base plates and a sub-divider that can let you store items in different sizes. Also, you can find a middle set of buckles that permits folding to its half size.

Collapse the organizer and keep it inside the car storage when not in use. Attach the organizer backseat headrest so you can use the space above the floor. It is a perfect storage for more essential items like bags and strollers. Although the organizer is sturdy, you can only put an approximate of 65 pounds when carrying it around. Otherwise, it will not be able to hold long.

Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer Trunk Organizer For Car SUV Truck and Van
Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer Trunk Organizer For Car SUV Truck and Van

With your purchase, it comes with a free e-book on organizing your car that provides tips on how to keep you productive on your busy life. Therefore, when you love to go outdoors, this product is practical for your convenience. However, take note that this product can organize your belongings, but the material is not waterproof (polyester fabric) but can only contain a bit of the spill. The surface is effortless to clean. The manufacturer offers a high-performance support group, lifetime guarantee, 30-day money-back guarantee, 100% refund or replacement. Lastly, you can give this all-purpose car trunk organizer as a gift.

4. Autoark Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer

Being multipurpose, Autoark Products are the best SUV trunk organizer. The collapsible cargo storage for your car is hard-wearing with adaptable sections, straps, and waterproof lid cover as well. The long-lasting construction is not only excellent for SUV but all vehicles such as trucks, minivans, and jeep too. The waterproof, abrasion and dustproof material are black with sturdy 1680D Oxford polyester fabric. Being waterproof, it protects your cargo from getting wet even when you need to carry it outside.

Autoark Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer with Cover and Straps
Autoark Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer with Cover and Straps

Check out the bottom part of the box, and you will see non-skid strips and straps that keep your cargo in place when the car is in motion. The strengthened base plates and rigid, upright walls are strong enough not to collapse with the load. If you are searching for a perfect basket to hold your groceries, toys, sporting equipment, car tools, cleaning materials, and other household items, Autoark does not only keep all in one place but also organize everything for your convenience. The product proves to be sturdy even after multiple uses.

In the inside, you can divide it into two sections to separate and organize your items. You can use the removable sub-dividers to optimize proper arrangement and customization of space size. Either you can use one divider, or you can expand and put the two for more options. It also features 13 extra pockets for additional spaces and so that you have quick access. To be accurate, two are large-quality expandable pockets perfect for your gadgets. Eight are small mesh ones that you can use for snack storage, two medium pockets, and one large side pockets.

Autoark Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer with Cover and Straps

Autoark Multipurpose Car SUV Trunk Organizer with Cover and Straps

The organizer has additional buckles for further assurance that your items stay safe. You will find two plastic buckles provided for locking the unit flat and another two for folding it in half. The collapsible design folds flat to 2” in your car and is so user-friendly that you do not need to assemble. Merely open to use and collapse to keep. Take note that the organizer can hold an average of 80 pounds in weight.

It also provides two unbreakable metal handles that you can hold when carrying. Easy and quick! All Autoark products have detailed designs and high-quality output. Every purchase guarantees 100% satisfaction, yet still the manufacturer offer prompt refund or replacement when requested without any questions asked!

5. Auto Trunk Storage Organizer Bin with Pockets

The most common use of your car trunk space is a place to put your grocery bags. However, have you been looking for ways to arrange them well so not to spill and scatter? Auto trunk bin is the best cute trunk organizer for groceries. You can use it as an ordinary shopping cart.

Trunk Organizer for Car Storage - Organizers Best for SUV Truck Van Auto Accessories Organization Caddy Bag

Trunk Organizer for Car Storage – Organizers Best for SUV Truck

The accessory fits any SUV, sedan, truck or van-type vehicles. You can call it as an organizer caddy bag that you can place in the front or backseat of your car and use it as a grocery box keeper. The interior collapsible bin contains three modifiable storage sections. These have five side pockets and handles mainly to organize, manage, and hold all your belongings. The compartments that are equipped with Velcro are not only large but are solid and sturdy as well.

You can adjust this organizer to expand or retract to fit the space available in your car trunk. You can unfold it to use and collapse it after to keep. There is no reason for you to worry about complicated assembly time. Side pockets are available to hold small items and cut off the time you spend in finding them out from the mess.

The product is the answer to removing the disorder of your untidy trunk! It gives you the right size, high-quality product with an affordable price. Hence, the universal storage organizer can fit no problem for both small and big cars. However, do not limit the use of this organizer for your car since this is also a perfect storage bin that you can place at home.

Trunk Organizer for Car Storage - Organizers Best for SUV Truck Van

Trunk Organizer for Car Storage – Organizers Best for SUV Truck

Take note that this storage box can only hold an average of 20 pounds of weight. Check out the base and find that there should be two bottom cardboard inserts to make it firm and make the box stay open when in use. Consider it a massive help in your garage, closets, store, and even the office. If you want to place another storage box, look for the three clips that come with the purchase. The purpose of those clips is for you to connect the two box securely.

However, the construction material is not waterproof, and the storage box tends to slide since you cannot find any Velcro at the bottom to hold it in place. Not that much, but for others, it is considered as a downside.

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6. Absolute Ultimate Car Trunk Organizer

Who does not want a trunk organizer with a cooler bag? Absolute car storage box is perfect for you who likes to play sports. Just tag along this car trunk organizer to keep you going, especially when you are into golf. You can put all your stuff nice and clean, with cold drinks at the same time. This is the best golf trunk organizer so far!

ArtMuseKitsMikash Untimate Car Trunk Organizer

ArtMuseKitsMikash Untimate Car Trunk Organizer

The built-in cooler compartment is an innovative design that keeps your grocery and drinks cold and warm. Its premium quality foldable cooler section that is leak-proof and keeps the goods fresh from the supermarket to your home fridge. However, the cooler compartment is not removable. Hence, there is no need to worry about grocery spoilage when you cannot go home right away as planned. The organizer has no Velcro at the bottom but has plastic feet and a secured side strap (or it could be optional for you). With this, you can hook into your trunk like a cargo net just around your seatbacks.

You can also attach it onto the backseat safety anchors to keep the whole box in place. The large trunk organizer features an impressive 16 elastic pockets that you can adjust as a storage compartment. In detail, 12 pockets located at the sides of the box, two at the front with Velcro and another 2 in the inside. It includes a pocket designated for the water bottles as well. The entire organizer offers room for things that you need daily.

ArtMuseKitsMikash Untimate Car Trunk Organizer

ArtMuseKitsMikash Untimate Car Trunk Organizer

You can use each pocket to store, such as cleaning items, sports equipment, house items, gadgets, car/garage tools, camping necessities, bags, emergency supplies, baby essentials, and groceries. The product construction is of robust and sturdy polyester that is water-resistant. It added uniformed stitching using industrial strength threading. The divider, on the other hand, is of light but hard PE board material that can hold all your stuff in place. For sure, this trunk carrier will withstand for an extended period.

The handles are durable and soft enough, not cut your hands even with heavy load. More, you can collapse and fold the organizer to transform it into a hand carry bag. Now, you discover the trunk storage organizer that is convenient during any road trips. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a lifetime money-back guarantee for a worry-free purchase.

7. Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer

Out from all the car seat organizer reviews, Lusso appears to have high favorable ratings. This gear car seat organizer is loveable for both adult and kids. Mostly placed at the backseat, the box storage is also an appropriate display at the front. With the nine storage compartments, it merely gives you many free space options. The chambers consist of two large main sections, one zippered pocket to hold essentials, additional outer pockets, and four built-in cup holders for bottles.

 Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer for Front or Backseat

Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer for Front or Backseat

However, the built-in cups can only hold thin or small baby bottles and cannot accommodate large cups for your coffee. You can store your belongings inside such as toys, books, toilet papers, baby necessities, school papers, gadgets, and more. Are you familiar with that happy feeling when you are driving knowing that everything is clean and well organized? With this car organizer, you can say goodbye with the mess and the stress. The design offers ergonomic handles for your secure grip.

The handles are particular to make carrying and portability easy and comfortable. You can choose to use the handles when carrying the box, but you can also opt to place the seat belts through the straps for more safety. Since there is no Velcro at the bottom, this way, the organizer will never slide. This lightweight and small car organizer is best to bring for camping, to the beach, or any outdoor activity with your family. It even folds into a compact square in just seconds.

Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer for Front or Backseat

Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer for Front or Backseat

The wall strength is due to hard cardboard material and cleaning the surface by wiping it wet should be okay unless soaked. You would love to know that Lusso car trunk organizer has a construction material that is safe, odorless, and chemical-free. The thick fabric has perfect stitching and is sturdy that it stays upright. It met the PAHS and REACH criteria, to begin with. Lastly, the purchase supports a 100% money-back guarantee policy.

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Why do you need a car trunk organizer?

With all the essential things that I need to carry every day, I use the car space as an extension of my home storage. Since the car is my home outdoors, the mess increases by the day until it is difficult to search for an item that I immediately need. Hence, a car trunk organizer is a necessity.

These trunk organizers eliminate the clutter inside the car. I can arrange my stuff according to sizes and importance to make the car clean and stress-free. While the box holds the belongings, it gave much more space available in the vehicle that was not there before. Would it be nice to know that whenever you need your gadgets, papers, or even snacks, you will only need to look for the box?

Organizers prevent spills and loose grocery items that you need to pick up from the car floor. It also lowers the risk of damage to some delicate products that you have in the car. The car organizer also offers convenience, especially to mom drivers who need to arrange baby necessities like diapers, milk bottles, toys, and the like. It would be a considerable comfort to reach to one corner and easily find what you need.

Essential Features of a great trunk organizer

There are factors that you need to consider when buying a car organizer. It should be easy to find the right one when you know about these three aspects.

  • Quality

The construction materials are of significant importance. It determines the durability and life of your organizer. Best materials will be sturdy enough to last longer. Nobody wants to waste money on buying a product that will no longer be of use after a few days. I suggest picking one that can hold the weight that is ideal for you to carry but light enough so not to exert more effort to bring. A good-quality material for a car trunk organizer should be of durable polyester fabric, double-stitched, and strengthened base plates.

  • Security

It is vital that an organizer stay in one place. It would be a hazard to drive with the organizer about to fall and spill all the belongings inside. The time you spent in arranging all your things inside will be useless when everything will scatter once again. Pick the product that offers tie-down straps and Velcro strips at the bottom to keep the box secure.

  • Versatility

Many car trunk organizers are flexible and versatile. Choose the product that you can adjust the size to accommodate small and large items. Many are perfect for your car storage but is also excellent to carry around and hold the groceries. One product has a cooler with it to give you extra convenience when outdoors. Any organizer that you can use in various ways would be practical enough to buy.

Essential features of the best trunk organizer

Trunk organizers are great enough when it satisfies the first common factors such as quality, versatility, and security. However, when you are referring to the features of the best trunk organizer, you need to go down to the details. It should be best when other than the general factors, more considerations are excellent.

  • Price

Price is always a big concern when it comes to purchasing. Giving you this buying guide is one way of ensuring that you get what you paid for. Choose one that is affordable but is generally reliable and convenient.

  • Other features

It would be easy to say that the product is high quality and safe because mostly, it is already a given feature. However, when you go further to being specific about the type of handles, cover, waterproof, easy to clean, and safe, it would turn out to be the best. A portable trunk organizer could be durable but light when carried. Hence, a handy storage bin is excellent for outdoors.

Best trunk organizer FAQ

How to make a car trunk organizer?

When your creativity is soaring high, then making your trunk organizer rather than buying one could be fun and practical. It will not only make your day productive, but you can make an organizer customized according to what you want personally. There are many ways on making one, but check out this DIY video. This may serve as an inspiration when you want to create one.

How to set up a car trunk organizer?

When it is your first time to use a car trunk organizer, setting it up could be a bit confusing. Do not worry; as soon as you familiarize yourself with the product, I am sure it would be easy for you. Manufacturers usually offer car trunk organizers that are user-friendly and stress-free to set up. However, to keep you well informed, watch this video to give you an idea on how to set up a car trunk organizer. The procedure may vary depending on the designs.

Watch this video to guide you:

How much weight can trunk organizer support?

The weight that a trunk organizer can support is dependent on its model, size, and durability of the material. Small and lightweight organizers can hold an average of 20-40 pounds while a sizeable heavy-duty organizer can carry an average of 80-100 pounds. Medium size, on the other hand, can accommodate an average weight in-between range of the two sizes.


Searching for the best trunk organizers depends on what type of car you have. Although most of the products that you can see on the market nowadays are universal, it is still recommendable to pick one that suits your vehicle the most. It is vital to consider buying factors that a car organizer should have. From there, you will be able to identify the best choice that you can buy.

When your choice meets the durability, versatility, and quality criteria, rest assured that you got yourself what you need. Get rid of the mess inside your car. A best trunk organizer is a solution to solve the clutter. When your vehicle is clean and well organized, that means you have a peaceful mind when driving. It does not only lessen the risk of accident, but it keeps you feeling happy as well. Good luck!

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