How To Tie Down A Kayak In A Truck Bed

How to tie down a kayak in a truck bed

There is nothing like going on a good vacation and finding a relaxing sanctuary with your pick-up truck. Going on a field trip is cool, but going on a field trip and kayaking is better! Whether it be a lake, river, or sea, you get to enjoy a ride of whatever pace you want: a rampaging water roller coaster or a calm relaxing row. Do not forget fishing. You have to catch all of those fish and get ready for a blast! 

How To Tie Down A Kayak In A Truck Bed

How To Tie Down A Kayak In A Truck Bed

All of that sounds fun, but there is one problem.

Therefore, you have a Kayak, an adventure plan, and a pick-up truck. However, what could go wrong? You have all these things checked on your checklist, but you do not know how to secure a kayak in a truck bed! 

Total catastrophe! 

How are you going to bring it to a kayaking water adventure? How are you going to secure it to the back of the truck without any damage? Lucky for you, you came to the right place. Ready for answers? Here are six simple steps on tying your kayak in the back of the truck.

Step by step to tie down a kayak in a truck bed

Step 1: Clear your Truck bed

If you have a huddle of objects and a mess jumbled up and taking space, how are you going to fit your kayak in with the cluster? Make sure you make room for your kayak. You do not have to close the tailgate. Everyone knows a kayak is long, so you have to open it to let it fit. 

You need to clean up the back so that your kayak can be on a smooth surface. You do not like any scratches in it, do you? You have to let the kayak stay in good condition if you intend going into deep waters. Who knows the possibilities of it sinking while you are in the middle of the deepest lake?

Step 2: Foam Blocks/ Padding in your Truck Bed

One should not let their kayak rest directly onto the truck bed. When the truck is already in motion and is rattling the back, the kayak, although tied down tightly, will still be able to slam hard on the metal surface due to bumpy roads and will either get scratched or damaged, depending on the current condition of your kayak. 

If your yak were the type that comes with a rudder or a skeg, it would be best to put foam blocks or padding to prevent damages. Put the foams and pads underneath the yak so that it will not move as much. It is like putting sand on a slippery sidewalk. Easy peasy! 

Step 3: Lift your Yak into your Truck

Make sure that when lifting the Kayak onto the truck bed, you have help. Unless you can carry it yourself of course. It all depends on the weight of your yak. When pushing it to the end of the truck bed, make sure not to let it slam to the rear panel.

Always remember to put it in stern first. Remember to let the bow, the rear of the yak, face the back. 

Step 4: Secure with Cam Straps

Cam straps are the ones you use to tie the kayak into place. Using these will also help prevent the top parts like the stern, bow, port, and starboard from bumping into the wheel tub or the walls of the truck bed. They play an essential role when importing your kayak to your designated vacation location. 

You pull the cam straps over either side of the kayak and pull them through the side carry handles or the scupper holes. After that, you tie the ends of the cam straps to the anchor points of the truck on opposite sides. When done, you take the buckle and pull it to guarantee secure transportation. Do not make the cam straps too tight but do not make it too loose either. 

Make it secure enough to let it stay steady. Making it too tight will cause damage to the vessel.

Step 5: Lock It

Why should you lock it to your truck bed? So it will not be stolen when you are filling the truck with gas, you want to take a bite outside, or enjoy the view a bit while you have not reached your destination. What you need when locking your yak to the truck bed is a locking cable. Secure enough for theft. 

Let the locking cable go through either any hole your kayak has, the yak handle or the supper hole. After that, you secure or lock it to the end of bed extender or the truck bed. Pick your choice between the two!

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Step 6: Red Flag

Now going on to the last step.

After clearing your truck bed tonneau cover, adding foam blocks, lifting your kayak, and securing it, the last step is to tie a red flag at the end of the yak. Why? The red flag indicates that the one behind you, while you’re driving, should not go close to it or that it is valuable cargo at the back of your truck.

Consider it as a warning sign. It’s red for a reason.

Here is a video that you might enjoy to support the steps that I have just mentioned. Check it out!


Did you find it easy to understand? All of them are simple to do. Now that you have tied your kayak to the back of the truck, get ready for an adventure with a variety of water activities. Catch those fish and row those paddles!

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How To Fix A Leaking Tonneau Cover

How to Fix a Leaking Tonneau Cover

Going on road trips together with my family and friends are on the top of my list of favorite things to do. Sitting behind the wheel and hearing the engine rev as I turn it on gives me a feeling of satisfaction. The best vehicle to use during road trips is a pickup truck. It could withstand long-distance drives and rocky roads with utmost comfortability inside the car. I can place all of my stuff on the cargo bed, protected by the Tonneau cover.

How to fix a leaking tonneau cover

How to fix a leaking tonneau cover

However, when it rains, I cannot help but look at the rearview mirror and glance at the cargo bed. Are all the things safe at the back? Did the water get inside the cargo bed? Is the Tonneau cover leaking? Our truck needs high-quality accessories for our sake. 

This is because vehicles are investments used every day. If you do not monitor them, you will suffer the consequences; after all, you are the one using it.

You cannot help it if some things go sideways and you find your Tonneau cover with leaks and your cargo bed with water. You do not have to worry about spending so much on auto shops for repair. With the right tools and hard work, you can do the steps on how to fix a leaking Tonneau cover at your very own garage!

How do you fix the leaks on your Tonneau cover?

If you wonder why your stuff gets soaked behind the truck when it rains, that is because most of the time, there are gaps between the top of the bed rail and the Tonneau cover. Even with their provided seals, water will seep through eventually. To solve this, you have to stop water from entering by covering these gaps. There are different options on the type of material in fixing your Tonneau cover to choose from.

Water Pipe Insulation

One of the most used standard solutions for this problem is insulating water pipes. If this is what you want to do, then you will not have problems finding it because it is just in your nearby local hardware stores since its material is rubber. Aside from that, this proves as the most used material for plumbing problems. Water pipe insulation can help you save money because of its easy installation and low price.

Usually, they already have slits and adhesives at the sides for immediate covering. You have to place and adjust them where the gaps are or at the bottom of the Tonneau cover where the leak comes from. The moment you cover the cargo bed, you can immediately see that the Tonneau covers have a firm and secure seal with the pipes.

Extra Seals​​​​

If the leaks are kept to a minimum, then additional seals are the one for you! With it being affordable and easy-to-find, it sure is another best way to cover your leaks. Buy Tonneau cover seals in your nearest hardware stores, pick the size that fits in covering your leak and add it to where the leak is. Although it comes in various sizes, significant holes are a no for this because it moves the seals around, leading to more leaks for your Tonneau cover.

Bed Seal Kits

Another way of fixing leaks is by installing bed seal kits, which is by far the best option. These keep your cargo bed conditioned. It does not only protect your Tonneau cover from rain but also from snow and dust due to the extra seals and foam blocks with the kit. Installation of your bed seal kit is fast and easy, and it finishes in minutes.

Applying this may seem effortless, but the effort goes in finding this one. Other than that, it is pricier than the other two. However, none of your efforts will go to waste since you will not need anything else. Besides that, some of these kits may include a drainage system that keeps water from gathering behind your truck. Rest assured that your money spent would keep your cargo bed dry and serve its means.

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Step by step procedures on how to fix a leaking tonneau cover

You have to be very thorough in fixing the leaks in your Tonneau cover because if you do not, then you have to do the process all over again and spend more. Here are steps for you to follow in fixing your leaks.

  1. Together with the help of someone else, you can either put cardboard on the lining of your cargo bed or have someone inside with a flashlight to see where the leaks are coming from.
  2. Completely cover the cargo bed entirely and use a garden hose to sprinkle over the cover as makeshift rain.
  3. After that, open the cover and find where the leaks are. Once you are done, mark those leaking spots with a tape or a marker.
  4. Measure the sizes of the spots for you to find out what type of material you should use.
  5. Use your preferred material and use it to cover those leaks and use the instructional material as a guide in avoiding mistakes.
  6. Once all the leaks are covered, cover the cargo bed and test it out.
  7. Repeat the process if needed.

Tests you can do to make sure that your Tonneau cover is completely sealed

Testing if what you did is right is a very vital part in fixing the leaks in your Tonneau cover because if you did otherwise, it would be very costly and a waste of time. In testing, it is just the same as what you did on the first step in finding the leaks.

You either line the cargo bed with cardboard since they are water-absorbent and you could easily see the wet patches where the leaks are coming from. Another option is to have someone inside the covered cargo bed with a flashlight to see if there are parts in your cover that has leaks. Spray water from the hose in an upward manner so that water may come down naturally like the rain. Once you see that there are still leaks, repeat the process of fixing your Tonneau cover.

However, if you see that your cargo bed is squeaky dry and clean, then kudos to you for taking matters into your own hands.

Here is a video more guidance:


Water in your cargo bed may lead to rust or ruin and you surely do not want that to happen. It is best to have waterproof Tonneau covers due to different reasons such as bags not getting wet. Remember, I have only are only tips and suggestions for you to follow that could help you save. Others even use various materials for extra protection. However, if the leaks are too big and severe, then you surely need help from a professional. Until next time! Hope after this brief can give you answer about how to a fix leaking tonneau cover! Thanks for reading.

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How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for your Truck?

How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for your Truck?

As I try so hard to take good care of my truck, I have come to realize that choosing the best and the suitable truck bed Tonneau cover is a necessity. The Tonneau cover is not merely an accessory but a need. It is a natural experience to go through hot and humid weather. The seasonal change causes damage to pickup trucks. 

How to choose athe best truck bed tonneau cover

How to choose athe best truck bed tonneau cover

A truck bed Tonneau cover is one of the most helpful features that you can install in your pickup truck. Aside from the security of your precious belongings left unattended inside the vehicle, it also helps in boosting gas mileage and improves the whole look of a pickup truck on the outside. Multifunctional! 

Imagine all the vast choices for truck bed Tonneau covers with various types and styles. I bet it will cause you a headache. No worries! Here is how you can effortlessly choose which truck bed Tonneau cover is suitable for your truck. 

Learn and have fun while reading!

what are the two kinds of best truck bed tonneau cover

In general, there are two classifications for truck bed Tonneau covers, which are:

  1. Soft Truck Bed Tonneau Covers - Most of the time, these covers are cheaper and lighter compared to the hard truck bed covers.
  2. Hard Truck bed Tonneau Covers On the contrary, these are heavier than the soft truck bed covers, durable, and are more secure.  

Here is a video that will guide you further about the kind of cover that you need to know. Check this out!

Learning the details of what a truck bed Tonneau cover is easy, especially when you are that excited to have one. However, the process of choosing what to buy needs a bit of deliberation, especially when it is your first time. Allow me to give you a short but precise guide on how to choose a truck bed Tonneau cover that you need.

Choose a best truck bed tonneau cover for your carhttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/s8sLcjVkxRBmjB7PBSAXnig/image?w=38&h=21&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1sPwJUIdm-3R7D-paR59UvTEs47KFZVy7NfPzdDxrhhE

Decide the kind of material you would want your cover to have.  If you fancy a stronger and level up protection, you may choose to install a hard sort of truck bed Tonneau cover. The material can be ABS polymer, canvas, and fiberglass.  However, if you want to have super easy access to your cargo inside, you may also choose a soft type of truck bed Tonneau cover that is of vinyl material.

With so many choices, make sure that you will take according to what you need. Hard Tonneau covers are for hard to penetrate security while soft Tonneau covers are the best bets for easy access. 

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Select a Cover That Will Protect Your Cargo from Elementshttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/sozcucMDm1K0jCvD4Ce1XdA/image?w=38&h=21&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1sPwJUIdm-3R7D-paR59UvTEs47KFZVy7NfPzdDxrhhE

Covers are like a shield to your cargo from harmful elements. So, see to it that your cover will really serve its purpose. Your residence area is a critical factor when selecting the right truck bed Tonneau cover. If you are in an area with winter, then I recommend not choosing soft covers as they easily are sagged under the heavy weight of snow. The hard type of cover is the wisest choice for you!

Make Sure the Truck Bed Cover is Compatible with Other Accessorieshttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/s_fLjdGTKr8SUPZVCyrg8fA/image?w=38&h=21&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1sPwJUIdm-3R7D-paR59UvTEs47KFZVy7NfPzdDxrhhE

Your pickup truck surely has many useful features already present. However, when installing another one, let us say, a truck bed Tonneau cover, do not forget to pick wisely a cover that will not hinder other features from functioning. 

When you have already chosen:

Check the Level of Maintenance Requiredhttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/sLlsJTziRWIhb87G_GjZh9A/image?w=38&h=21&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1sPwJUIdm-3R7D-paR59UvTEs47KFZVy7NfPzdDxrhhE

This may not be necessary for some types of covers but still, do not make a mistake by overlooking this one. For a cover like the retractable, take note that lubricating the rails occasionally is necessary to maintain better performance. It is vital to keep its excellent condition to function well.

As for soft cover built with vinyl, it might need protection from harmful UV rays of the sun.  Before deciding to purchase, check for the maintenance requirements if there are any for a pleasant experience. 

Check the installation requirementshttps://docs.google.com/drawings/d/sSwAp_mcFX5Nq1Cr4HHJUkg/image?w=38&h=21&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1sPwJUIdm-3R7D-paR59UvTEs47KFZVy7NfPzdDxrhhE

Since there are so many variations of truck bed Tonneau covers, the time needed to install them varies. Some may only take minutes, while other covers take an hour or more.

In terms of tools, some may only require the use of simple hand tools. However, some may need stuff like drills. 


Now that you have learned the factors that you need to know when choosing the best truck bed Tonneau cover, it is time to decide. Your truckloads are important. To protect it well, you need a truck bed Tonneau cover to do the job. 

The different variations that you will find in the market may confuse you a bit, but with this guide, I am positive you will enjoy searching for the right one. Just remember, consider the need of your truck first, then everything will fall into place!

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How To Remove A Truck Bed All By Yourself

How To Remove A Truck Bed All By Yourself

A truck bed is an essential thing to consider in buying a car because it has many uses that one should never neglect. You can use it to carry large and heavy objects that you purchased from the department store or even load additional people in your car. Even if you want to experience the night breeze without barriers as you stroll around your city, this would be perfect! However, one of the most tedious things to do is to repair it because you will have to detach it completely from the car and by that, it requires energy and a whole lot of hard work!

How To Remove A Truck Bed All By Yourself

How To Remove A Truck Bed All By Yourself

In what condition should you remove it?

Should you ever wish to remove the truck bed by yourself because you want to repaint, revamp something or make your car more creative? You might also find possible defects inside the car and fix it right away but the truck bed is blocking your way. It is pity that you have no companion or helper with you. Well, do not worry you are most capable when you are alone. That is the reason why I will share with you how I get rid of it on my own on this article. Without using any lifters and electrical types of machinery, you can remove a truck bed all by yourself!

For real, it is possible. You have to sweat a little and let your hands do the work.

Below are the steps I did in removing the truck bed all by myself. I will try to explain it to you in the most natural way I could do.

You could also watch this video: 

Steps to follow in removing the truck bed

  • Get your car ready

The first thing you will have to do is to get your car ready for the action. Settle your pick-up car in your garage. It would be better if you have a somewhere more prominent that you could place your vehicle into since you have to move around now and then. By the way, do not forget to turn off the engine after parking your car in its rightful place.

  • Put your tools on stand-by

You should prepare tools for scaffolding because that will play a vital role in pulling the bed up later on. It is also important that never forget of gloves to protect your hands from the dirt, screwdrivers to loosen screws, and flashlights. If you are planning to work it on the evening so these tools can help you see things better and probably be a great help later on. Moreover, maybe if you can prepare a dehydrating drink and snacks with you would be best!

  • Remove the bumpers and the hitch

The very first thing you have to remove is the bumpers. Before having to remove it, you will have to do a work of loosening up the bed bolts. These bed bolts are the ones who hold the truck bed together. In my pick-up car, I have to remove eight bolts that hold the bed.

One crucial thing is that you should get to know your car. Exploring it and discovering everything you get to find there. After getting rid of that big bumper, off you go with removing the bolts that hold the hitch. The hitch is quite heavy, but I know you will do a good job just as I do.

Put the bumpers and hitch aside so that it will not get on your way.

  • Disconnect the wirings and the backlight

Removing the unnecessary wirings that hold the bed so that getting off it will not be a problem.  I got a hard time in removing some electrical wires; some wires are too hard to pull. That is why I had to inhale and exhale several times. However, it is possible to do it, be keen and careful in removing it. You can also detach the wires that are holding the backlight too.

You should also take note of everything you removed so that putting it all back together would not be a problem.

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  • Build the scaffold

Now here is the main thing, build an 8x8 scaffold using metal poles. This scaffold will help you removing the truck bed easier, without requiring you to pull it off using your bare hands.

  • Place your car’s body in the scaffold that you built

You will need to face the backside of the truck, which has your truck bed into the scaffold. Remember to check and make sure that you place your car carefully unless you want to start over again, building the structure, which takes too much time, and effort.

  • Hook the truck bed using a rope into the scaffold

You will need a rope or any sturdy strap that you could use to tie. In your truck bed floor, there are four tie downs, including two in the front and another two at the back. You should tie the other end of the rope in the truck bed, and hook the other end in the scaffold metal. It is better to re-check the ropes many times. If you have tied it firmly so that it will not pull off later when you start to take it out.

  • Slowly pull the truck out

It is now time for you to seat on the driver seat, carefully pull the truck out of the scaffold building, and you would feel that the truck bed is slowly coming off. However, you should never be too confident. Every time you move the car, please do come out and check the back of the car so that you would see if it’s progressing or not. Because you might have left a wire connector holding the bed, and that would prevent it from ultimately coming out. If there is none, continue moving forward, and you would see that the bed is hanging up and now completely detached from your car!


Doing heavy work all on your own could be very hustle and exhausting in most of the time. It was not light on me too for sure. However it did help me to lessen using my energy. I hope that I contributed to making your work more effortless in the easy steps I have shared to you. Hope that removing a truck bed tonneau cover all by yourself will not be a big deal anymore. I will love to hear from you if you have accomplished your task! If you find these information are helpful, please share it to your friends.

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5 Quick Steps on How to Make a Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

5 Quick Steps on How to Make a Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Do you want to have an entrancing truck with an installed useful feature? A wood truck bed Tonneau cover perhaps will do homemade and this brief will help you how to do that. That is not a problem! Here is one of the most convenient way of creating in just a brief period. Keep on reading and find your way!

How To Make A Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

How To Make A Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Obtaining a model truck surely gives you many advantages in any situations possible as an owner. Whether it is for going outside for a trip, or maybe in day-to-day activities like going to work, school, or even buying goods from the department store. Your model truck is your companion during desperate times. However, is it not much better if you modify all the compartments of your model truck to bring something new and unique? Right! Style your model truck with a purpose.  

What is a wood truck bed Tonneau cover?

Well, you can use a Tonneau cover to protect the rear compartment of your truck. To be entirely correct, the truck bed, from foreign objects like falling debris that might cause slight or severe damage to it. You would not want that to happen to your car, do you? What is more interesting is it will not only provide a hundred percent protection for all the things you put in there but also guaranteed security for your entire model truck!

So literally, what makes the wood truck bed Tonneau cover different from the others is the fact that it is out of wood material. Creativity at its finest yet friendly in the pocket!

What are the benefits of installing a wood truck bed Tonneau cover?

One reason why you buy a truck is that people want to have a convenient way of living. However, investing your money in an open bed truck only is never comfortable and practical. With wood truck bed Tonneau cover, it guarantees that your truck’s lifespan will last longer.

  • Gas Mileage Booster

Installing a wood truck bed Tonneau cover helps lessen the wind resistance, which results to increase in the number of miles per gallon of gas. Who does not want to have a budget-friendly feature in their car? No one.

  • Prevents Damage

When your truck bed gets wet, rust will begin to come out. If that happens, holes will appear right after. I understand your concern about damage. That is why I suggest to install the wood truck bed Tonneau cover, which will prevent water from getting inside and ruining the surface. Hence, you can maintain your truck’s good state.

  • Anti-Theft

It is undeniable that the rear compartment of your vehicle is mostly composed of things dear to you. With the use of wood truck bed Tonneau cover, you can prevent thieves from stealing them from the back of your car when they are unattended and when you are too busy to look after your things. These are just some of the advantages you will get from putting up a wood truck bed Tonneau cover in your rear compartment. Try it now and discover more benefits that are wonderful!

What are you waiting for? Let us get started to learn on how to make a wood truck bed tonneau cover!

What to prepare?

Now, in customizing your wood truck bed, make sure to have all the necessary tools ready upon your table and as well as the needed supplies. Can you guess what? Here are what make your truck bed better. All of the things you need are just within your reach and are of reasonable price. Does it sound good enough?

  • Tape Measure: A fundamental tool for measuring your truck bed width and height.  The measuring should start from the bulkhead of the rear compartment until the tailgate to get the exact bed length.
  • Two pieces ½-inch plywood of your choice: The quality of the plywood should be up to you. The size may also differ from the measure of both the width and height of your truck bed.

  • Six Pieces of 1x2” Wood: Use these to form the frames of the wood truck bed Tonneau cover.
  • Few Pieces of Screws: These will hold and attach the homemade wood truck bed Tonneau cover to the rear compartment.
  • Table Saw: It is not necessary that you have to buy a new table saw. You can just borrow from your relatives or your neighborhood if they have to avoid spending too much money.
  • A Drill
  • Six meters of vinyl fabric: However, the quality and price of the vinyl fabric must be according to your taste for a better outcome. This will serve as the cover of the entire wood truck bed Tonneau cover.
  • One piece of piano hinge

  • A Stapler

  • Contact Adhesive

  • Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

  • Black Paint of Your Own Choice of Brand

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Steps on how to make a Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Creating your own wood truck bed Tonneau cover is not as hard as to how it seems to be. All it takes is to follow the five straightforward and quick steps listed below.

Step 1: Structure the Frames

Now, the first thing to do is grab the 1x2“ woods and cut it into pieces to form and structure the two frames of the truck bed cover. Do not forget to take note of the correct length of the width and the height you measured prior. Attach one frame to the trunk while using the other one for the lifting part.

These two frames will hold the wood truck bed Tonneau cover to the car.

Step 2: Attach the Plywood 

Since you have two sheets of plywood, you should attach both to the frames you made during the first step. After cutting it out, join it together with the frames. Bear in mind that they must overlap the bedsides of the truck, and they must follow your car’s shape. Aside from that, remember not let the part where both of the finished frames join, overlap. Because this is where the piano hinge comes in.

Step 3: Cover it with Black Paint!

Now, this step is not necessary. It is up to you whether to follow this or not. However, this step could be convenient. Painting the frame and the plywood with black paint helps in preventing moisture from building up. Hence, it makes the wood truck bed tonneau cover last longer.   

Step 4: Make use of the Vinyl Fabric

Using the contact adhesive and spray adhesive spread it all over the structured frame and plywood and wrap the vinyl fabric on it. Staple the remaining pieces of the vinyl fabric at the backside to secure it.

Step 5: Install your Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Using the screws, install your finished product to your truck. Just be careful upon attaching them to avoid causing a scratch when you use the drill to the rear compartment. You can also add a rubber seal to prevent rainwater from flowing inside your trunk.

Congratulations! You got yourself a brand new wood truck bed Tonneau cover. Are you feeling excited yet to try your modified model truck? Go and rock the road!


In just short five steps, you were able to make a homemade wood truck bed tonneau cover on your own. You can easily find the list of materials needed for creating this project in stores/hardware near you. Now you get to know one way of installing a handy feature in your truck without spending too much. While you were able to save money, you also made use of your creativity. Cheers!

Do not forget to follow ecodrivingusa.com for more useful information. If you find it is helpful, feel free to share with your friends.

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5 Simple Ways on How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed

5 Simple Ways on How to Keep Your Luggage Dry in Truck Bed

Automobiles are one of the greatest inventions that man came up with and most of us, if not all, owned one. Cars are of most tremendous help when it comes to transportation, whether it would be people, things, or goods. It comes in different types and forms, but a truck is just one of them. A common feature of a truck is the space at the back part of the vehicle or behind the cab, which you can use on moving things rather than to serve as a space for passengers. Trucks have open space, and the question, "what about the weather?" keeps on bugging you. Admittedly, it would be a real struggle to find a way on how to keep your things dry during the rainy days, away from dirt or the harsh rays of the sun. However, worry no more! At the end of your reading, you will undoubtedly know how to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed!

How to Keep Your Luggage Dry in Truck Bed

How to Keep Your Luggage Dry in Truck Bed

Keep luggage dry in truck bed with these great options:

  • Tonneau cover
  • Truck bag
  • Use some contractor bags
  • Make a truck bed riser
  • The old tarp and bungee method

Tonneau Cover

Some of you might have heard the word "Tonneau" before while some might be wondering. What is the meaning behind that fancy word or where did it come from? Tonneau is a French word, which means 'cask' or an open rear passenger compartment. Tonneau covers are one of the commonly used protective covers for truck bed. It comes in various types and model; you need to choose what is best for you carefully. Ideally, I recommend soft ones for non-experts since they are easier to install. Although they can be quite expensive, there is no doubt that they can keep your luggage dry. Every penny is worth it!

Here is a link to a systematic process on how to install a Tonneau cover: https://m.wikihow.com/Install-a-Tonneau-Cover

Buy a Truck Bag

Another way on how to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed is to use a truck bag. A large cargo bag can fit into the bed of any truck. Besides, the good news is that it is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to use! Additionally, truck bags are also easy to store since you can roll it up for storage. That is a plus, and maybe this is finally the time for you to stop by a store and get your own!

Here is a link on a simple guide on how to use a truck bag properly: http://www.tufftruckbag.com/tuff-truck-bag-proper-use-guide/

Use Some Contractor Bags

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to stop by a store to get a Tonneau cover or truck bag or if you are on a tight budget, contractor trash bags can save your day! They are affordable and easy to find but still do the job of keeping your luggage dry. These durable bags are of polyethylene material, which manufactures for plastic bags and food containers use. With the help of some duct tape and a few tips and tricks, contractor bags can guarantee you in keeping your stuff dry!

All you need to do is to secure and seal the bags using some duct tape and make sure that the taped side is adjacent to the bottom part of the second bag. This is to ensure that a closed end and a taped end of the bags tightly secure each end of the luggage. It does not seem hard to make, is it?

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Make a Truck Bed Riser

Making a truck bed riser can also chase your worries away about keeping your stuff dry during the days when the weather chooses not to cooperate. Placing your luggage in an elevated way helps in keeping it away from being drench on the water that may accumulate within the truck bed itself. You can save yourself some time and get a wooden pallet, but you can also make your truck bed riser!

Cut down some wood planks or lumber by the length of 2x4 and place them flat across the truck bed. Pile your luggage on top. Then, voila! You have now your very own truck bed riser!

How to Keep Your Luggage Dry in Truck Bed using the Old Tarp and Bungee Method

One of the most practical ways on how to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed is by using the old tarp and bungee method. This method is perfect if you are looking for an easy and quick way to keep your things dry. The materials needed for this technique are natural to find and probably just sitting at a corner of your stock room or garage!

Start by placing two large tarps stacked on each other and lay it flatly on the truck bed. Put your luggage on the center and fold the first tarp to wrap around the payload. Secure the ends of the first tarp by using a bungee cord or a durable rope. Then, take the pile and roll it on the second tarp. Make sure that you fasten the ends tightly.

For additional protection, you can use some duct tape to seal the edges. Overall, this method looks like you are making a huge burrito! I mean, who does not love burrito?

For instance, you need to load a Kayak on your truck bed, and the weather seems to be acting up, you can use this method to cover up the Kayak.

Here is a link to a short video showing how to load and secure your Kayak into the truck bed:


You now know a few simple ways on how to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed tonneau cover, and for that, you can finally hit the road and continue your adventures without having to worry continually about keeping your luggage away from the unexpected pouring down of rain.

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