Best Waterproof Car Cover – Impermeable Car Protection


Is there a more annoying feeling than when you approach your parked car only to see that it is covered in bird droppings? Rain, snow, dust, debris, UV rays, and even wind are determined enemies of your car’s glossy shine and cleanliness. They can cause minor to severe damages, and make the maintenance difficult to … Read more

Best Corvette Car Cover of 2020 – Protect Your Corvette 


Now that you finally have your dream car, it’s understandable that you want to do everything in your power to protect it.  Maybe your Corvette mostly spends its time in the garage, where airborne debris and accidental scratches are a significant problem. Or perhaps it sits outside, in the driveway, where it has to fend … Read more

Best Car Cover for Hail in 2020 – Hail-Proof Your Car


I know how big of an investment your car is and how quickly those minor maintenance costs can turn into real budget drainers. It’s no wonder that so many car owners are opting to use protective covers these days.  Dust, leaves, and bird droppings are one thing, though. Hail, however, can cause some severe damage … Read more