Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover Review – Reliability And Looks

I tested out quite a bit of rolling covers for cars, and there are quite some decent covers out there. That’s so true that the market for roll-up tonneau covers started to offer a variety of trunk covers.

Extang offers one of the best rolling tonneau covers out there – there is no doubt about it. The cover does the job it’s supposed to – it protects anything in the trunk from rain or dust. However, this, or any other tonneau cover, doesn’t offer theft protection – but nothing’s perfect.  

Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover Review - Reliability And Looks
Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover Review – Reliability And Looks

The Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover is all the rage for a medium price – but it leans more towards the affordable range. 

Extang claims to offer fantastic protection from the elements or flying debris. Whether this is true or not – only one way to find out.

Does Extang’s bestseller – Revolution keep your cargo safe during the transport? Let’s check out the detailed review for more info about this popular accessory! 

Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover, 54475, fits 15-20, Classic Ram 1500 5’ 7” bed

  • Fits 15-20, Classic Ram 1500 5’ 7” Bed (61.5”)
  • No drill installation
  • No snaps or hooks
  • Easy installation
  • Quick and easy open
  • Rolls up for full access to the cargo
  • Matte black – flush fit with the design
  • Made in the USA

Highlight Reviews Of The Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover

The Materials And Build Quality

Before all else, let’s establish what this fabulous tonneau cover is made from.

For a somewhat medium price range in the tonneau cover market – the material certainly goes over the top. When it comes to soft rolling covers, they are most likely held by Velcro straps. However, the Extang’s Revolution tonneau is different here – since it’s held with dual tension control.

There are no snaps or Velcro to hold the tonneau cover in place. The multi-directional tension control keeps the cover on even during challenging weather conditions.

Of course, the material is waterproof and all-weather. It’s extremely durable so it will withstand even freezing weather or being left out during a snow storm. Without a doubt, your cargo will be dry, since the tightly-woven material is of high quality.

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The Extang spared no expense when making this tonneau – including the matte finish. Like most people, I prefer the matte finish because it looks as good as new for longer periods. Shiny tonneau covers get more scratches during use, so they tend to look worse after even a short while.

The tarp with the tension control and the high-grade material makes this tonneau one of the best offers on the market. The rails and the clamps are durable but they don’t stand out in this model like the quality of the materials, like the rubber seal, as well. The rubber seal could degrade over time, which is a con of this tarp.

All things that keep the tarp in place are medium-range, meaning they will keep the cargo safe but they don’t offer anything innovative to the package. Extang made a really good tarp that will serve you for at least a few years of wear and tear.

The most important thing about a tonneau cover is that it covers the cargo and that it keeps the cargo dry and safe even during a storm. All that, and more, is offered with the purchase of the Extang Revolution cover.

The Design

When we’re talking about the design of the tonneau cover, the first thing that we can all agree on is that the cover looks good – and it’s flush with the car design. Admit it or not – everyone likes their car to look good even with a tonneau cover.

Some tonneau covers are unsightly but they do the job. Extang wasn’t going to settle for that, so they created the Revolution cover. The matte finish makes the cover look even better, and I prefer the matte finish over the shiny one any day.

Partly, it’s due to aesthetics – since everything matte looks better, but there is a practical reason behind it, as well. The polished cover can get damaged easily during regular wear and tear. Getting scratches on your tonneau cover means it’s only a matter of time before it stops being waterproof.

Also, the design of the tonneau cover looks flush with the trunk, and it’s the perfect shade of black to make it fit in as well as possible. Thanks to the matte finish, it will always look clean – unlike the polished covers which get smudges in just a few uses.

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Ease Of Use

The soft rolling tonneau covers like the Extang Revolution are more popular compared to the stronger covers because of a rather simple thing. That thing is how easy the cover is to use and how easy it is to install.

Robust covers require some time to install and perhaps even some drilling. Drilling into your car isn’t very appealing, especially if you just bought your truck. Since the rolling covers are popular due to the fact they’re easy to use, each and every one of them has to be easy to use.

Luckily, Extang was well aware of this when making the Revolution tonneau cover – and it’s surprisingly easy to install it, even if this is your first time. Extang left everyone speechless with this model because of the ‘no-drill’ installation.

A few C-clamps hold the side rails attached to your car, meaning you will have no issues doing it all on your own. The installation guide is not very good, but the whole thing shouldn’t take over 45 minutes, more or less.

Furthermore, the cover opens with your fingers – there is a latch near the tailgate. You just unclasp it with your finger to unlock the cover and roll up the cover to reveal your cargo.

The multi-tension control design made the Velcro redundant. The whole tarp is perfectly secured with this unique design, so cargo is perfectly safe and dry during transport.


All the details and the perfect design mean nothing without testing the bad boy.

So, I was rather surprised to see how well the Extang Revolution performed. Most soft rolling covers don’t do much except keeping the cargo protected from dust and bad weather.

The materials are durable and the whole thing is built to do the job well. Like all soft rolling covers, there is no theft-protection, and something sharp will be able to cut through the material and tear it apart.

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Do keep in mind that this doesn’t happen very often if you’re thinking between a soft and a hard cover. I tested the quality of the tonneau cover by throwing some branches and rocks on it, and it was left intact.

The material is water-proof and the design is low-profile, meaning your cargo is not likely to get soaked during the storm. Do keep in mind that there is no Velcro – so some dust or debris could make their way inside. The rubber seal could degrade after a while, so it could compromise the seal of the cover on the car.

The issue I found was common with soft covers is the stiffness during extremely low temperatures. Since it’s stiff, it can be hard to remove or roll up if the temperatures are below zero. If you live in an area with extreme winters, keep this in mind.

The clamps are standard-quality, but they could break off. If that does happen, contact the Extang to have some delivered – for free!

What we like

  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof and durable material
  • Flush design
  • Matte, scratch-proof finish
  • Easy to roll up and use
  • Multi-tension control seal
  • Low-profile design
  • One of the best rolling covers

What we don’t like

  • Gets stiff during low temperatures
  • Clamps could break off
  • The rubber seal degrades over time
  • No Velcro – some debris could get in
  • Poor instruction manual

The Conclusion for The Extang Revolution RollingTonneau Cover

To conclude, Extang’s Revolution is one of the best tonneau covers out there. I was delighted to see how it performed under various weather conditions.

I tried to see how the cover will perform under extreme situations, and I was pleased with what I could see. The quality of this cover certainly goes over the price.

The bottom line is, you will not make a mistake by adding the Revolution tonneau cover to your cart. Sure, it’s not flawless, but it’s a great buy in the medium price range!

2 thoughts on “Extang Revolution Rolling Tonneau Cover Review – Reliability And Looks

  1. Steve ichton says:

    I have had one of these right when i bought my Colorado new in 2012 its function is awesome! I chose this one for the one main reason no Velcro.. 10 years the cover itself is faded even though i used their tonneau toxic it is wearing around the edges.. lifetine qaruntee… but they discountinued this model for Colorado im sure if i had proff that i bought it maybe they would honor the warranty … i would like another cover.. it still works great but after 12 years it not to pretty looking…

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