10 Best Truck Bed Mats Reviewed – Top Choices For Ultimate Protection

Trucks are great for many reasons – they’re tough enough for rocky roads, they provide a great level of comfort on long rides, and you can conveniently load the truck bed with all your luggage, heavy bags and basically any gear that comes to mind.

However, you have to be careful if you want to keep your precious truck in the best shape possible.


If you’ve recently bought a new truck, or you just want to take good care of your current one, you’re probably looking for all the ways you can preserve its expensive look.

Interestingly, one thing that some people overlook when it comes to truck accessories are truck bed mats, but they can make a huge difference – especially if you load the truck bed frequently.

If that’s the case, a truck bed mat is an essential accessory.

But how are you supposed to know which one is the best truck bed mat? And what separates the best from the rest?

Find out here!

Top 10 Best Truck Bed Mats Reviews In 2024 

1. BedRug Bed Mat BMQ15SCS 

BedRug Bed Mat BMQ15SCS fits 15+ F-150 5'5" BED


Getting the best protection for your truck bed has never been easier thanks to this bed mat by BedRug. Its incredible features will keep the truck bed from getting damaged, no matter the type of gear or other conditions, such as heavy rain or snow.

It’s created for exterior use and it’s made to be 100% waterproof. So, even in case you don’t have a tonneau cover, your truck bed will still be protected from heavy rain or snow.

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Another great thing about this mat is that it has a cushioned foam non-skid surface, so not only does it protect the truck bed and your cargo, but it’s also easy on your knees. The material used to make it is polypropylene – an ultra tough, fade-resistant and UV protected fabric.

The good news about the BedRug mat is that it’s super easy to clean. Since the material is gas, oil, bleach, and chemical-resistant, you can clean it with a hose, power washer, or vacuum, and it’ll be as good as new.

The installation is a bit different with drop-in liners such as this one and classic truck bed mats, like those made of rubber. However, this one comes with detailed instructions, so it should be struggle-free.

One downside of this bed mat is the high price.

Things we liked:

  • Waterproof, ultra-tough fabric
  • Detailed installation instruction
  • Non-skid surface
  • Resistant material – easy to clean

Things we didn’t like: 

  • It’s pricey

The BedRug BMQ15SCS offers the best drop-in truck bed liners. It’s ultra tough, durable, and the installation process is a piece of cake!

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2. Husky Liners Heavy Duty Bed Mat  

Husky Liners - 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat


The Husky Liners bed mat is the perfect combination of tough and soft – it’s tough enough to  protect your truck bed and it’s also soft enough to protect your cargo.

This heavy duty truck bed mat is made of rubberized DuraGrip HD material, and as they put it – it’s made to be used and abused.

One small thing I really appreciated about this one is that, although it’s a rubbery mat, it’s completely odorless – you won’t sense a hint of rubber tires or solvent smell.

But that’s not all. The DuraGrip HD surface is ultra-tough and it will protect your truck bed from any damaging external factors. At the same time, it’s also mushy enough to keep your cargo safe and unscratched.

Installation is another pro of the Husky Liners bed mat. It’s a rubber truck bed mat so all you need to do is roll it into your truck bed.

There’s one unique feature that helps keep moisture from getting trapped between the bed and the mat. It’s the so-called Air Dry Nibs, and they slightly elevate the mat, allowing air to pass through and moisture to dry.

One thing I have to note, though, is that this bed mat has no adhesive bottom, so it might slide a bit.

Things we liked: 

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Air Dry Nibs keep the bed dry
  • Odorless rubber material
  • Keeps the cargo safe

Things we didn’t like: 

  • It doesn’t stick to the bed

If you want a simple and budget-friendly pickup truck bed mat, check out this one by Husky Liners – you won’t regret it!

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3. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat  

Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat  

If you need a simple-looking but extra thick bed mat, don’t miss out on the Dee Zee DZ87005 mat. It’s reasonably priced and one of the thickest truck bed mats at .375” (9.52mm).

The material used to make this mat is a high-density rubber compound. The tightly compressed rubber fibers are resistant to oil and gas spills. They also won’t succumb to tears and abrasion from your cargo.

The high resistance level also means maintenance is a breeze. When you add the harsh weather-resistance to the equation, you get one durable truck bed mat. It’s true – the Dee Zee DZ87005 will not crack, rust, or break in extreme weather conditions. You can also count on it not to fade thanks to the UV resistant feature of the rubber.

One common worry with mats similar to the Dee Zee is whether they’ll stick to the bed or slip occasionally. That’s the one thing you don’t have to fret about because this one has rubber cleats that keep it steady.

One tiny issue that might occur is if the mat doesn’t fully unroll and it curves up at one end. However, you can press it down with a heavy load to flatten it and it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Things we liked:

  • Extra-thickness
  • Made of high-density rubber compound
  • High level of resistance
  • Doesn’t slip

Things we didn’t like: 

  • The end might curve up a bit

Looking for an extra-thick, extra-durable truck bed rug? Take a look at the Dee Zee DZ87005  bed mat!

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4. Genuine Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat

Genuine Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat

When it comes to quality assurance, it doesn’t get better than Toyota. You know Toyota delivers, so it’s not a surprise that their truck bed mat is one of the most high-quality and durable truck bed blankets out there.

Toyota makes its truck bed mats from Nyracordâ, a high-strength, cord-enhanced rubber compound. This means that you get the ultimate tear and abrasion-resistant bed mat that can support any type of cargo without getting damaged.

The Takoma model features a pebble finish that doesn’t only look cool, but it also helps restrict the shifting of cargo. The look is further enhanced with lengthwise ribs. They also have a purpose besides looking pretty, and it’s to facilitate cargo loading and unloading.

When I said this is one of the best truck bed mats, I wasn’t kidding. You get superior quality and durability guaranteed. The Tacoma will keep your bed protected from all outside factors, be it rain, snow, or heavy loads.

To keep the truck bed dry, the design features a knobby underside that promotes water drainage. Besides keeping it dry, it also prevents the appearance of mildew and rust. That’s not all the knobby design does – it also helps keep the mat in place at all times.

Performance-wise, this mate doesn’t really have many flaws. There is a minor issue with fitment around the wheels, but it’s barely noticeable.

Things we liked: 

  • Premium quality
  • High-strength rubber compound
  • The special underside prevents slipping and water accumulation
  • The price is reasonable

Things we didn’t like: 

  • Minor fitment issues

For an excellent quality, highly-durable truck bed mat, no need to look further than the Toyota accessories Tacoma bed mat!

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5. Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat  

Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat  

In case you need a truck bed mat that provides ultimate protection, this is the one for you.

The material from which the mat is made is heavyweight rubber. You’ll notice how heavy and thick it is the minute you unpack it. The design is ribbed and non-slip, so your cargo won’t shift around no matter the terrain or road you’re driving on. I also appreciated that the underside has little cleats, so you can rest assured the mat won’t move around.

The non-smooth undersurface is always welcomed on a truck bed mat, not only to keep it steady, but also because it provides water drainage. This means no moisture is trapped beneath the mat and your truck bed remains dry and protected from rust or mildew.

The rubber in question is unused, recycled, heavyweight rubber, so it’s very eco-friendly. It’s ⅜” thick, so you don’t have to worry about curved up ends when you unroll it – it’s thick enough to fall completely flat on your truck bed.

The Westin pickup bed mat is contoured around the edges and custom-fitted with heat-mold technology to match the curves of your truck. This sounds great, but the reality is that the mat could have a little tighter fit to the edges, at least half an inch on each side.

Things we liked: 

  • Eco-friendly, recycled, heavyweight rubber
  • Non-slip surface
  • Stays in one place
  • Thick construction

Things we didn’t like:

  • The fit could be tighter

One of the best pickup bed mats is for sure the Westin bed mat. You get all you need – protection, durability, and convenience!

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6. SMARTLINER K0167 Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Liner Mat

SMARTLINER K0167 Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Liner Mat

When I first saw the Smartliner K0167 bed truck mat, I was captivated by its stylish dark grey design. Of course, this mat has a higher purpose than just being easy on the eyes – it’s a rugged, protective, and durable bed liner mat.

What’s great about the Smartliner K0167 mat is that it will not crack, rust or break even in the extreme weather conditions. This is because this mat is made of high-quality, heavyweight rubber, which is resistant to all kinds of environmental factors, including oil and chemical spills.

The fact that it’s so impervious means it’ll last you for years to come. It also means cleaning is a breeze – you can just use soap and warm water, or even a water hose.

I really liked that this rubber truck bed mat has another extra level of protection. It features a raised and strengthened lip design that stops spills and other messes from damaging your truck’s flooring.

The Smartliner truck bed mat fits like a glove. Smartliner utilizes 3D technology to achieve custom fit precision, so you won’t experience any issues regarding that.

A thing to keep in mind if you want to try this model is that it doesn’t fit trucks with plastic bed liners. Besides that, the K0167 doesn’t have any major downsides.

Things we liked: 

  • Cool design
  • Very resistant rubber material
  • Clever raised lip design
  • 3D tech for custom fit precision

Things we didn’t like: 

  • It’s kind of expensive
  • Doesn’t fit trucks with plastic bed liners

If you want the perfect combination of style and practicality, the Smartliner K0167 truck bed mat is definitely worth a shot!

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7. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat  

Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat  

One truck bed mat from the reasonably priced category is this Rough Country rubber bed mat. Besides being budget-friendly, this bed mat also has some other qualities that qualify it as one of the best on the market.

One feature of this mat, that you don’t find so often, is that the material used to create it is 100% postproduction recycled rubber/nylon material. So, if you find random bits and pieces of fibers, know that they are from recycled rubber.

The overall design is nothing spectacular – it’s a typical truck bed mat design. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, classic design is ever-lasting and never goes out of style. The only ‘extravagant’ part is the name label of the brand written in huge letters.

All rubber mats, including this one, couldn’t be easier to install. All you need to do is roll it out and you’re done. Just make sure to thoroughly clean your truck bed before placing any mat, so no dirt or moisture gets trapped beneath the mat.

Speaking of underneath the mat, the underside has rubber cleats, which means that the mat should stay put once you place it in your truck bed. For some reason, I found this one to be not so sticky as many others. Even though there are visible cleats, it continued to move around, albeit not a lot.

Things we liked:

  • Postproduction recycled rubber-nylon material
  • Easy to install
  • Classic design
  • Reasonable price

Things we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t really stick to the bed surface

If you want a classic, not too over-the-top truck bed mat, you should take a look at this model by Rough Country!

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8. BDK M330 Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat  

BDK M330 Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat  

You can never go wrong with a simple and affordable truck bed mat like the BDK M330. If you prioritize function over appearance, this is the one for you.

The design is, as I mentioned, very humble, but it works. The first thing I have to warn you about is that this mat doesn’t have a typical snug fit like most others – it doesn’t go end to end. Instead, it’s a classic rectangular shape.

The material is rubber, and it has a pretty high resistance to many exterior elements. It’s immune to tears and abrasions from your cargo, and it won’t fall apart if left in heavy rain or snow.

The ridge-line design on the top surface of the mat makes sure the cargo doesn’t move. It also creates sort of a buffer between the cargo and the bed, thus preventing dents and scratches.

Although the BDK truck bed mat is maybe a level below others on my list for its simple design, I was still pleasantly surprised by it.

I admit I was worried that the undersurface of the mat is completely smooth. I thought this meant a lot of unnecessary and annoying slipping and moving around, but the mat is surprisingly stable. Not as much as those with cleats, but it’s not all that bad either.

Things we liked: 

  • Very affordable price point
  • Rubber material is resistant to all kinds of factors
  • Prevents dents and scratches on the bed
  • Keeps cargo in place

Things we didn’t like: 

  • The sleek underside means it moves around a bit

The BDK M330 is a budget-friendly, simple truck bed mat that I highly recommend if you want to save a few bucks!

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9. Red Rug Full Bedliner Bet Mat

BedRug Full Bedliner BRC07SBK fits 07+ SILVERADO / SIERRA 6' 6" BED

If you’re not a fan of rubber, and you want something that looks completely different, I recommend you check out the Red Rug Full Bedliner. It’s quite unique and it’s one of the most innovative truck bed liners on the market.

The Red Rug bedliner is made of polypropylene, which is essentially plastic. Don’t let the carpet look of this line fool you – this bedliner might look like a carpet, but it is extremely tough and durable.

The purpose of this truck bedliner is threefold. It protects the truck bed from impact dings and scratches, it’s impervious to the harshest weather conditions, and it keeps your cargo protected as well.

This bedliner is also waterproof. It doesn’t absorb water and it will not mold or mildew. Water won’t even stay on the surface – it will run off through the zippered perimeter out the factory drain holes in the truck bed.

You also needn’t worry about the maintenance of Red Rug plastic liner. You can simply wash it with a hose and vacuum it and it’ll be perfectly clean.

One thing I really loved is the fact that this bedliner is ¾” thick. The cushy surface makes it ideal for precious cargo or even for the safe transport of pets.

I have to mention that, unfortunately, the Red Rug bedliner is expensive, but if you want to splurge, I highly suggest you do so!

Things we liked: 

  • Resistant to all harsh conditions
  • Keeps cargo protected
  • Doesn’t absorb water
  • Ultra-thick and durable

Things we didn’t like: 

  • It’s expensive

If you want only the best and don’t mind spending a bit more money, you should seriously consider the Red Rug bedliner!

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10. Penda Bed Liner 63011SRZ 

Penda Bed Liner 63011SRZ 

If your budget is around $200, I highly recommend you to try the Penda bedliner. This is a drop-in bedliner, which is more complicated to install than a simple rubber truck bed mat, but it comes with instructions included, so don’t worry about it. It takes only a few minutes and there’s no drilling required.

The Penda drop-in bedliner has a skid-resistant top that helps protect your cargo by limiting its movement around the truck bed. But that’s not all – the bottom of the bedliner is also skid-resistant, which means the mat won’t move even if your truck bed is empty and there’s no heavy load to keep the mat steady.

This bedliner has a unique design. It features molded-in board holders so you can easily separate and organize your cargo. I have to admit, this is a feaure you don’t often see in truck bed mats.

The board holders are locked into place and are customed designed to match your truck. At first, I was a bit iffy whether the holders are stable or not, but their strength is supported by the truck bed, so they’re rock-solid.

Since it’s a plastic bedliner, cleaning it should be easy. The bedliner is resistant to water, rust, oil spills and chemicals, which makes cleaning even easier since it doesn’t get too dirty, except from the dust and similar factors. All you need is water and soap to clean it thoroughly.

Things we liked: 

  • Unique design
  • Molded-in board holders
  • The holders are rock-solid
  • Easy to maintain

Things we didn’t like: 

  • The price is a bit high

Molded-in board holders are usually something we find in more high-end bedliners, and this one by Penda is surprisingly affordable for what it is!

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What Is A Truck Bed Mat?

A truck bed mat is a protective layer that truck buyers purchase to prevent any external factors from damaging their truck beds.

Truck bed mats are not only for protection, they also make your truck look better and they’re convenient as they keep the cargo in place while the truck is in motion.

By reading my comprehensive reviews and advice, you’ll see that there are far more advantages than disadvantages of getting a truck bed mat.

Overall, they’re considered a smart investment in your truck’s future!

Why Do You Need A Truck Bed Mat?

The reasons to get a truck bed cover are numerous.

First of all, truck bed mats are the ideal way to protect your truck bed from various damages. If you are frequently hauling heavy or sharp items that could dent or scratch the bed’s floorings, then a truck bed is a very clever investment.

Second of all, truck bed mats are ridiculously easy to install, especially the rubber ones.

Additionally, bed mats are essential if you need to transport any sort of chemicals. Most of them are resistant to oil and gas leaks, as well as chemical leaks. You can rest assured your beloved truck will stay unharmed.

Finally, truck bed mats are, along with tonneau covers, the ultimate protection from extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain and snow won’t touch your truck bed if there’s a heavy, thick protective layer, i.e., a truck bed mat.

Whatever is the case, getting a truck bed mat is a decision you’ll never regret.

Types Of Truck Bed Mat

There are three types of truck bed mats, although all of them are very similar, and both are often referred to as simply ‘mats’. The line between the three is thin, so don’t be surprised if they sound almost identical.

1. Truck bed mats

This is the regular mat, and most of the models reviewed today are this type. They’re usually made of rubber, but sometimes the material is plastic or cloth.

Truck bed mats have various purposes. They protect the bed, they prevent the cargo from shifting, and they can enhance the look of your truck. Many truck bed mats have a stylish design that can bring your truck bed to the next level.

2. Truck bed liners

There’s hardly any difference between this type and the first one.

The name ‘truck bed liner’ is usually used to refer to drop-in mats. They are made of plastic and they’re not as simple to install as rubber truck bed mats. If you decide to opt for a pickup truck liner, don’t worry about installation as they always come with detailed instructions.

3. Spray-on truck bed mats

These are the most unique type. Unlike truck bed mats, or drop-in bed liners, spray-on liners are actually sprayed on your truck bed, as the name says. A special protective coat is sprayed on, preferably by a professional.

This is the ideal option if you want a custom fit liner for your truck bed, but these are naturally the more expensive option.

FAQs for the best truck bed mat

1. How do I choose a truck bed mat size?

It’s actually very simple. To get the size of the bed mat that will fit your truck, all you need to do is measure the narrowest parts of your bed from side to side and from end to end. You might not find a bed mat of that exact size, so get the one that’s closest to it.

It wouldn’t be the worst idea to go a size bigger even. If you get a slightly bigger mat, you can cut it and make it fit perfectly in your truck bed. Otherwise, there’s a chance you end up with a not so tight fit.

Another option, possibly the priciest one, would be to invest in a bed mat that’s custom made for your particular truck.

2. How Can I Protect My Truck Bed?

Besides getting a truck bed mat, there are more things you can do to provide your beloved truck with ultimate truck bed protection.

Arguably the most important one would be to get a truck bed tonneau cover. They don’t only protect your cargo, but they also protect the inner part of your truck bed from all harmful outside factors. In general, tonneau covers are expensive, but try to think of them as an investment in your truck.

Another thing you could do that’s completely free is try to keep rain and snow off of your truck as much as possible. Realistically speaking, that’s not always an option, but it’s something to keep in mind if you want to protect your truck.

The most common damages to truck beds are dents and scratches from heavy or unevenly shaped cargo. This is where a truck bed mat comes in, and why it’s important to get only the best.

Maybe you will find this interesting: Best Tonneau Covers: Highest Rated Truck Bed Covers Reviews 

3. Can drop-in bed liners cause rust?

Drop-in bed liners are usually made of plastic, which differs from rubber in many aspects. There is a chance it could cause rust, so that’s why it’s important to check every now and then what’s going on beneath the bed liner.

If there’s a crack or a rip in your drop-in bed liner, moisture can easily get underneath it and cause rust. Just make sure to frequently and properly clean your truck bed to prevent any damages to your truck bed.

4. What is the best material for a truck bed mat?

Truck bed mats come in different materials, including polypropylene (plastic), rubber or cloth. Cloth mats are not so popular as they don’t offer a lot of protection. They keep the dust away from the bed floor, but they’re not waterproof, etc.

I’d say that the preferred choice of most truck drivers are rubber mats. They have a few advantages over plastic ones:

  • Rubber is more resistant to harsh weather and other outside factors
  • Rubber is thick and won’t tear under heavy loads
  • It’s a lo easier to install a rubber mat – you just unroll it, while plastic mats require more complicated steps
  • Sometimes, plastic mats can cause rust

Don’t get me wrong, there are excellent plastic mats as well. The bottom line is, it all depends on your needs, the typo of cargo you carry, do you want to bother installing the mat, what your budget is, and so forth.

5. How hard is truck bed mat maintenance?

Maintaining your truck bed mat is not difficult at all. The process of cleaning it is very simple, as almost all truck bed mats are resistant to chemicals, oil, gas, and similar, so they don’t really absorb anything and all the dirt is on the surface.

This means that all you need to clean it is water and soap, even a hose will do. The high level of resistance is the reason truck bed mats are easy to maintain and durable.

Conclusion for the best truck bed mat

Truck bed mats are the ultimate way to give your truck a new elevated look while at the same time protecting it from premature damages.

As you could’ve seen, there are countless options and each of them has way more pros than cons. This is because there really aren’t any cons to buying a truck bed mat. They’re convenient, easy to install, and durable, so once you get a bed mat, it’ll be years before you’ll need a new one.

The 10 above are my top choices for the best truck bed mats, and now it’s time to choose yours. Good luck!

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