Top 5 Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers Reviews

When I used pick-up trucks for long drives and road trips because they can withstand rocky roads and rough pavement. Aside from that, in its truck bed, I can place loads such as heavy bags, coolers, and tents. I can bring gears for daily use anywhere, anytime. That is why many people purchase them, simply because of its multi-functional use to drive your family or friends. However, the truck bed is located at the back so it would be difficult for you to look always behind to check if all the things are safe from the harmful outside elements or even robbers. The best way to prevent and stop these things from happening is by having a best roll up Tonneau cover

According to Price in the 2018 spring issue of Ballistic Magazine, Tonneau covers are any material of soft or hard covering that protects the cargo bed of a truck. The primary purpose of Tonneau covers is security to keep elements or harm out from the personal baggage and belongings placed at the back.

Other than that, installing a Tonneau cover is can also help in saving fuel, increasing truck value, and modifying capabilities exponentially. Improved gas mileage also happens when you have Tonneau covers. Different kinds of Tonneau covers are available in the market. Roll up Tonneau covers are affordable and quick to remove. It keeps your stuff from flying out into the wind when you are in a drive.

Top 5 Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover on the Market 2019 Reviews

You deserve the best Tonneau cover for your pick-up truck. Below are the best roll-up tonneau cover reviews that can protect your cargo and your vehicle. Read more to find out.

1. Gator ETX Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Gator roll-up Tonneau cover is a product of the United States and has a US-based customer service team. You can do the installation by yourself with its easy-to-install cover by just clamping the rails on without the help of a drill. The product includes everything you need for a quick set up. Moreover, it offers durable latches (leather-grain vinyl material) to intensify protection.  

best roll up tonneau cover
(Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

When rolled, you can enjoy total access of your truck bed, and it has a storage strap to hold it secure, which does not take too much space from you when taking something at the back. The material has a classy and sleek look of a low profile. The Gator roll-up Tonneau cover also prevents unwanted attraction towards your truck. The entire cover mounts the inside of your truck’s bed rails and provides entry for pocket holes where you can place other accessories for your truck cargo bed. 

best roll up tonneau cover
(Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

This protects your bed from outside elements only when deeming necessary and is hassle-free since it lets you open the tailgate without opening the cover as well. The product has different styles to choose from, namely, 2009-18, 2019 Old Body style, and 2019 New Body Style; together with three sizes, that will fit distinctive sizes of truck beds. Your Dodge Ram is the best quality considering that this got 4.4 stars from reviewers and customers. Also, it comes with a lifetime’s warranty on the frame and a warranty of ten years for the tarp.

2. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo roll-up Tonneau cover has a captivating classic style with a price that is cheaper than you expect. It is another American product made from quality fabrics of leather grain to protect your cargo from rough external elements. Rest assured your belongings are safe from the harsh wind and sneaky thieves. You do not need help from other people because it is fast and easy-to-install, without the use of drills or other special tools. 

best roll up tonneau cover
( TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

Take note that this roll-up cover has a dual padded latching system for enhanced safety and security. Since Tonneau covers are for protection, the double padded latches are its most significant features because it allows a sealed and fastened coverage in the tail rail while keeping it locked when the cover is closed. It is also very easy to use since it is just on both sides of the truck. Adjustable pre-set tension controls provide the latches to keep the cover tight and firm to withstand damaging external factors.

best roll up tonneau cover
( TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

Besides, its sleek design gives a flat and smooth look if the cover is closed. TruXedo rests 3.81 cm atop the rail of the truck bed as an additional accent to its aesthetic. If you think that it will not fit your Chevy or Sierra, there are different options to pick from with its styles such as 2007-2013, 2014 HD; 2014-2018, 2019 Limited/Legacy, and 2019 New Body Style. Sizes for different trucks are also available: 69.6 inches, 79.2 inches, and 96 inches. 

The soft TruXedo roll-up Tonneau cover is economical. Both reviewers and sellers highly recommend this and give a rating of 4.6 stars because of their excellent quality. Lastly, it covers a whole five years of warranty, even with its fabric.

3. Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The design of Tyger roll-up Tonneau cover is from the United States and manufactured by both American and Canadian automotive professionals in the industry. Like the others, Tyger is competitive with its hassle-free installation. It does not need the help of drills and provides instructional guides along with hardware for a quick and precise setup. It eradicates worries since its material is of 1.5 lbs. of marine grade vinyl top that resists tear. 

best roll up tonneau cover
( TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

Tyger Tonneau cover also offers durable side rails and clamps coated with aluminum powder. The built-in horizontal crossbars built inside provides strong reinforcement whenever you lay out the cover and roll up with the cover still giving total access to the truck cargo bed. Rain, wind, sand, snow, hail and other elements will not get into the truck bed when you lay out the cover of its seals that extremely weather tight. No doubts that your valuables are protected, safe, and free from exposure. 

Furthermore, the seals come with Velcro strips on the sides. The latches and locks US designs are with system tensions that you could adjust placing the cover on either side of the rail. This will keep the cover tight and crease-free. All your things will be safe from pests, elements, and even thieves when outdoors.

No worries for your Dodge Ram because this, like the rest, also has different styles and sizes that you think would best suit for your truck bed tonneau cover. The styles are 2002-2018, 2019 Classic; 2009-2018, 2019 Classic; and 2019 New Body Style. The Tyger roll-up Tonneau cover reviews highly recommend this product because of its well-made quality and fast delivery. 

4. Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Tonno pro-roll-up Tonneau cover is one of the market’s all-around truck cargo bed Tonneau covers. Similar to the mentioned ones, a quick and simple installation that does not make use of drills except for a 17-mm socket and retch along with your determination finishes it. The Lo-roll Tonneau cover mounts on the interior of the bed rails allowing access and space for other accessories you might want to add as well. 

best roll up tonneau cover
(Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

You will want this for your Ford because it is simple yet sleek and classy style gives a low-profile look. It provides complete access to the bed when you keep and decide to drag and convey cargoes. Tonno roll cover uses the highest standard of material in the industry, a double-sided marine grade black vinyl make it tear-resistant too. Other than that, the seals and material provide a weather tight security keeping the cargo bed parched and other elements not to enter.

best roll up tonneau cover
(Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

The cover indeed looks good because the patented seals are so snug and tight along the bed rails making sure that your bag and other belongings are intact. The complete package comes with freebies including tailgate seams, bed light, and more. This product is one of the markets in demand because of its 4.4 stars rating from the sellers, customers, and reviewers. You have absolutely nothing to worry about because Tonno pro roll-up tonneau covers a warranty for life.

5. MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

MaxMate roll-up Tonneau cover designs a soft material from the leading choices in the industry. Similar to the rest, the installation is easy since it is drill-free, and considering the purchase includes a manual and hardware. It maintains a low profile because of its sleek, customized style just for your truck. One of its most significant features is how it helps the environment saves up to 13 percent in the utilization of gas; besides its contribution for the earth, you can also save cost from frequent stops to the gas station.

best roll up tonneau cover
(MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

The double-coated material itself is 1.5 lbs. of marine grade vinyl with its clamps and side rails covered in aluminum powder. The seals come with Velcro strips on both sides for added protection and security along with the heavy-duty latches that you place on the tailgate of the truck. It offers durable crossbars that give excellent support whenever you lay cover during usage. There is also complete access to the truck bed when you roll and keep the covers. The cover remains snug and firm since the end of both side rails has a flexible and adjustable tension system.

This cover only has one design and style; however, it comes in different sizes that should suit the model and unit of your truck, as well as the size of the cargo bed so that the cover can be a perfect fit for your pick-up truck. The available sizes for this are for a truck bed measuring 69.6 inches, 78 inches, and 96 inches. If damages occur or when it needs either repair or replacement, feel free to contact their hotline because this purchase comes with a ten-year warranty.

Best Roll up Tonneau Covers Using Guide

What kind of styles are there in a roll-up Tonneau cover?

Roll up Tonneau covers only have limited styles and designs mainly because trucks should keep a low profile to avoid unwanted attention. Despite that, both have their own benefits that would help you choose. There are two styles and type of roll-up Tonneau cover: soft roll up hard and roll up.

  • Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Soft covers provide a versatile and flexible material for your cover. That is why you can easily roll it into the smallest dimension with no difficulties in keeping it along with full access to the truck bed when kept and rolled. Other products have distinct features, such as remote controlled covers. Besides, because of its soft and thin material, it is cheaper.

  • Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Hardcovers, on the other hand, are the most reliable and sturdy material of the two. Both may keep other elements, but hardcovers take it a higher flight. They tend to be more substantial than the former, but they can hold more weight on top without breaking. Although it may be pricier than that of the soft cover, they keep out burglar and harsh elements from the inside so it will not get scratched or easily destructed.

How do you lock a roll-up truck bed cover?

You want to keep your stuff safe, right? Then this is what you should do: lock up your Tonneau cover. Security is the primary purpose of why you bought a Tonneau cover. You should be responsible for knowing how to keep your safety always. The locks of Tonneau covers depend on the type and brand you are using. It offers different instructions and lock type based on the cover you bought.

Since they are hardcovers, they are made of materials of aluminum and fiberglass that thieves would not easily cut through. If you lock your tailgate as well, then it is difficult for others to open since the lock is on the underside of the cover. On the other hand, soft covers come with built-in locks. If the tailgate is closed, then the cover will not open because its latches clamp on the railing of the truck and the tailgate.

How to roll up Tonneau cover

Rolling up Tonneau cover is a way to keep it; also, it grants complete access to the whole bed without taking much space. To roll a Tonneau cover, here is a video to guide you in rolling up your truck cargo bed’s Tonneau cover the right way.

How to remove a roll-up Tonneau cover

Removing a roll-up Tonneau cover still depends on the type and brand of what you have for your truck. Since the roll up, covers are easy to install, then removing is as well. The latching system clamps tightly on the railings. Keep the tailgate as it is, open or closed, depending on the instructions and manual given, and unclasp the latches. Make sure to do it slowly to avoid scratches on your railings.

Then, roll the Tonneau cover towards the windshield. After that, remove it carefully. The removing process is just the reverse of the installation process unless the guide says otherwise.

How to choose a roll-up Tonneau cover

Bear in mind that you need considerations when buying the roll-up Tonneau cover that is best for your pick-up truck. A Tonneau cover is one of the essential accessories of a car for a top priority in security. In choosing Tonneau covers, you must consider the type of material you want. That is just saying if it is a soft or hardcover. 

There are different materials to choose from such as vinyl polyester for soft cover for easy access to your belongings and baggage, but if you want the sturdier one, then you have hard materials like aluminum and fiberglass. Another thing you should consider is the budget you have to spend. If you do not find it necessary to buy a more expensive type of roll-up Tonneau cover, then do not. Buy covers that fit your budget; there are so many products to choose from in different price ranges suiting the quality.

The style and design of the Tonneau cover is a personal choice if you want to have a cover that is attractive to look up. Buying what you need tops it all, be considerate of all the other things that you may need for your truck.

The Conclusion for You to Buy the Best Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Security is a necessity that should be with us at all times. Keep our things and personal belongings safe from natural causes or fabricated at the back of the truck. Because of this, we will not have to always look over our shoulder when on long drives and road trips to check if they are still there. When driving alone, we will not need to stop and look. Because of these covers, not only are we worry-free but secured as well.

Now that the information you need is given, you can decide on what type and brand of the best roll-up Tonneau cover your truck must have. Truck covers provide so many upsides. Cars are investments in your day-to-day undertakings, that is why you should take good care of it by giving only the best quality, and that is long lasting. You have nothing to fuss over, because the money you paid will be worth every penny when you have a best Tonneau cover for your protection, safety, and security.

The end will justify the means. So what are you waiting for? The best roll-up Tonneau covers of the year are just here. Until next time, cheers!

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