Top 10+ Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers Reviews

When I used pick-up trucks for long drives and road trips because they can withstand rocky roads and rough pavement. Aside from that, in its truck bed, I can place loads such as heavy bags, coolers, and tents. I can bring gears for daily use anywhere, anytime.

That is why many people purchase them, simply because of its multi-functional use to drive your family or friends. However, the truck bed is located at the back so it would be difficult for you to look always behind to check if all the things are safe from the harmful outside elements or even robbers.

The best way to prevent and stop these things from happening is by having the best roll-up Tonneau cover

According to Price in the 2018 spring issue of Ballistic Magazine, Tonneau covers are any material of soft or hard covering that protects the cargo bed of a truck. The primary purpose of Tonneau covers is security to keep elements or harm out from the personal baggage and belongings placed at the back.

Other than that, installing a Tonneau cover is can also help in saving fuel, increasing truck value, and modifying capabilities exponentially. Improved gas mileage also happens when you have Tonneau covers.

Different kinds of Tonneau covers are available in the market. Roll-up Tonneau covers are affordable and quick to remove. It keeps your stuff from flying out into the wind when you are in a drive.

Top 10 Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover on the Market 2024 Reviews

You deserve the best Tonneau cover for your pick-up truck. Below are the best roll-up tonneau cover reviews that can protect your cargo and your vehicle. Read more to find out.

1. Gator ETX Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Gator roll-up Tonneau cover is a product of the United States and has a US-based customer service team. You can do the installation by yourself with its easy-to-install cover by just clamping the rails on without the help of a drill.

The product includes everything you need for a quick set up. Moreover, it offers durable latches (leather-grain vinyl material) to intensify protection.  

best roll up tonneau cover
(Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

When rolled, you can enjoy total access of your truck bed, and it has a storage strap to hold it secure, which does not take too much space from you when taking something at the back.

The material has a classy and sleek look of a low profile. The Gator roll-up Tonneau cover also prevents unwanted attraction towards your truck. The entire cover mounts the inside of your truck’s bed rails and provides entry for pocket holes where you can place other accessories for your truck cargo bed. 

best roll up tonneau cover
(Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

This protects your bed from outside elements only when deeming necessary and is hassle-free since it lets you open the tailgate without opening the cover as well.

The product has different styles to choose from, namely, 2009-18, 2019 Old Body style, and 2019 New Body Style; together with three sizes, that will fit distinctive sizes of truck beds.

Your Dodge Ram is the best quality considering that this got 4.4 stars from reviewers and customers. Also, it comes with a lifetime’s warranty on the frame and a warranty of ten years for the tarp.

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2. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


The TruXedo roll-up Tonneau cover has a captivating classic style with a price that is cheaper than you expect. It is another American product made from quality fabrics of leather grain to protect your cargo from rough external elements.

Rest assured your belongings are safe from the harsh wind and sneaky thieves. You do not need help from other people because it is fast and easy-to-install, without the use of drills or other special tools. 

best roll up tonneau cover
( TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

Take note that this roll-up cover has a dual padded latching system for enhanced safety and security. Since Tonneau covers are for protection, the double padded latches are its most significant features because it allows a sealed and fastened coverage in the tail rail while keeping it locked when the cover is closed.

It is also very easy to use since it is just on both sides of the truck. Adjustable pre-set tension controls provide the latches to keep the cover tight and firm to withstand damaging external factors.

Besides, its sleek design gives a flat and smooth look if the cover is closed. TruXedo rests 3.81 cm atop the rail of the truck bed as an additional accent to its aesthetic. If you think that it will not fit your Chevy or Sierra, there are different options to pick from with its styles such as 2007-2013, 2014 HD; 2014-2018, 2019 Limited/Legacy, and 2019 New Body Style. Sizes for different trucks are also available: 69.6 inches, 79.2 inches, and 96 inches. 

The soft TruXedo roll-up Tonneau cover is economical. Both reviewers and sellers highly recommend this and give a rating of 4.6 stars because of their excellent quality. Lastly, it covers a whole five years of warranty, even with its fabric.

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3. Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The design of Tyger roll-up Tonneau cover is from the United States and manufactured by both American and Canadian automotive professionals in the industry. Like the others, Tyger is competitive with its hassle-free installation.

It does not need the help of drills and provides instructional guides along with hardware for a quick and precise setup. It eradicates worries since its material is of 1.5 lbs. of marine grade vinyl top that resists tear. 

best roll up tonneau cover
( TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

Tyger Tonneau cover also offers durable side rails and clamps coated with aluminum powder. The built-in horizontal crossbars built inside provides strong reinforcement whenever you lay out the cover and roll up with the cover still giving total access to the truck cargo bed.

Rain, wind, sand, snow, hail and other elements will not get into the truck bed when you lay out the cover of its seals that extremely weather tight. No doubts that your valuables are protected, safe, and free from exposure. 

Furthermore, the seals come with Velcro strips on the sides. The latches and locks US designs are with system tensions that you could adjust placing the cover on either side of the rail. This will keep the cover tight and crease-free. All your things will be safe from pests, elements, and even thieves when outdoors.

No worries for your Dodge Ram because this, like the rest, also has different styles and sizes that you think would best suit for your truck bed tonneau cover. The styles are 2002-2018, 2019 Classic; 2009-2018, 2019 Classic; and 2019 New Body Style. The Tyger roll-up Tonneau cover reviews highly recommend this product because of its well-made quality and fast delivery. 

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4. Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Tonno pro-roll-up Tonneau cover is one of the market’s all-around truck cargo bed Tonneau covers. Similar to the mentioned ones, a quick and simple installation that does not make use of drills except for a 17-mm socket and retch along with your determination finishes it.

The Lo-roll Tonneau cover mounts on the interior of the bed rails allowing access and space for other accessories you might want to add as well. 

best roll up tonneau cover
(Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

You will want this for your Ford because it is simple yet sleek and classy style gives a low-profile look. It provides complete access to the bed when you keep and decide to drag and convey cargoes.

Tonno roll cover uses the highest standard of material in the industry, a double-sided marine grade black vinyl make it tear-resistant too. Other than that, the seals and material provide a weather tight security keeping the cargo bed parched and other elements not to enter.

best roll up tonneau cover
(Tonno Pro LR-3050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

The cover indeed looks good because the patented seals are so snug and tight along the bed rails making sure that your bag and other belongings are intact. The complete package comes with freebies including tailgate seams, bed light, and more.

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This product is one of the markets in demand because of its 4.4 stars rating from the sellers, customers, and reviewers. You have absolutely nothing to worry about because Tonno pro roll-up tonneau covers a warranty for life.

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5. MaxMate Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

MaxMate roll-up Tonneau cover designs a soft material from the leading choices in the industry. Similar to the rest, the installation is easy since it is drill-free, and considering the purchase includes a manual and hardware.

It maintains a low profile because of its sleek, customized style just for your truck. One of its most significant features is how it helps the environment saves up to 13 percent in the utilization of gas; besides its contribution for the earth, you can also save cost from frequent stops to the gas station.

best roll up tonneau cover
(MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Source:

The double-coated material itself is 1.5 lbs. of marine grade vinyl with its clamps and side rails covered in aluminum powder. The seals come with Velcro strips on both sides for added protection and security along with the heavy-duty latches that you place on the tailgate of the truck.

It offers durable crossbars that give excellent support whenever you lay cover during usage. There is also complete access to the truck bed when you roll and keep the covers. The cover remains snug and firm since the end of both side rails has a flexible and adjustable tension system.

This cover only has one design and style; however, it comes in different sizes that should suit the model and unit of your truck, as well as the size of the cargo bed so that the cover can be a perfect fit for your pick-up truck.

The available sizes for this are for a truck bed measuring 69.6 inches, 78 inches, and 96 inches. If damages occur or when it needs either repair or replacement, feel free to contact their hotline because this purchase comes with a ten-year warranty.

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6. North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover

North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover

The first soft roll-up tonneau cover worth considering is the North Mountain. Granted, it’s only suitable for Dodge Dakota 1997-2004 vehicles with 6.5-foot fleetside truck beds – but if your truck fits the description, this should be one of your top picks. 

First off, I found the direct clamp-on installation incredibly user-friendly – rather than having to drill holes, you attach it to the bed using the included heavy-duty clamps. 

You’ll be done in 20 minutes, tops!

On a beautiful, warm day, the North Mountain roll-up cover holds up as well as any other quality cover would; it’s when the weather goes terrible that this cover shows its effectiveness: 

The flat-surfaced design is not only sleek-looking but weather-resistant, too. The double-sided vinyl tarp is resistant to both tears and harsh conditions, such as UV rays and extreme temperature drops – which are, more often than not, the leading causes of tonneau cover damage. 

Plus, it has built-in crossbars, which makes it that much more sturdy and durable. 

That said, the addition of crossbars doesn’t hinder functionality; if anything, it adds to it! Since the cover features quick one-finger release mechanism and crossbars that roll up along with the tarp, you can get instant access to the truck’s bed. 

Also, you’re going to love the top-mount design because it keeps bed space intrusion at a minimum and helps with water run-off. However, since it’s designed to sit at the top of the truck bed rails, it won’t quite work if you already have any accessories on your bed rails. 

But considering that that’s my only complaint, I’d say that this is a pretty good roll up tonneau cover for the money.

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7. Deebior Black Vinyl Soft Lock & Roll-up Top Mount Tonneau Cover

Deebior Black Vinyl Soft Lock & Roll-up Top Mount Tonneau Cover

Next one up is a Deebior roll-up tonneau cover, and right off the bat, I can tell you that it has quite a few things in common with my previous pick. 

What sets them apart, however, is that this one’s designed with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks in mind. More specifically, it’s a perfect fit for 2007 to 2013 models with 5.8-foot fleetside truck beds. 

Besides the one crucial distinction that pretty much determines whether or not this soft roll-up cover will be a suitable fit, many of the features of this Deebior cover are comparable – if not flat-out identical – to what you’ve seen so far. 

For instance, the installation process is relatively similar, as it doesn’t require any drilling; much like the previous one, this roll-up cover relies on a straightforward clamp-on system for quick-and-easy fitting.

Plus, the one-finger release makes it super easy to operate the cover single-handedly. 

As for the actual cover, it boasts a dual-soaked, reinforced, UV- and temperature-resistant vinyl tarp combined with aluminum frame and low-profile crossbars. What’s more, thanks to the patented latch mechanism, it allows for adjustable tarp tension. 

I also found that it provides a reliable and secure weather-tight fit – a huge plus on a rainy day – which is only enhanced by the cover’s top-mount style that further improves water run-off and helps keep the inside of the truck bed dry. 

That brings to the first potential downside: 

Since this is a top-mounted cover, it won’t work if your truck already has accessories installed on the bed rails. 

Another thing I noticed is that it picks up dust like crazy. I’m still happy to recommend it but be prepared for regular cleaning. 

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8. JJ 5ft Bed Roll up Lock Waterproof Tonneau Cover 

JJ 5ft Bed Roll up Lock Waterproof Tonneau Cover 

If you were hoping that I would wrap things up with the best roll-up tonneau cover for F150, I’m sorry to disappoint, but this isn’t it: 

My third and final pick when it comes to roll-up covers is a JJ tonneau cover explicitly designed for the latest Toyota Tacoma – 2016 to 2024 models, to be precise – with a five-foot fleetside bed. 

Much like my two previous picks, this one boasts the same balance of protection and easy access thanks to its well-thought-out construction. You see, the JJ cover features built-in crossbars, which, as established earlier, adds to its overall sturdiness and, simultaneously, rolls up along with the tarp when needed. 

The tarp is made of double-sided, tear-resistant vinyl that is both UV- and cold-resistant to keep its performance at an optimal level regardless of the weather. 

Furthermore, the patented latch system serves two fundamental purposes here – it keeps the cover tight with its adjustable tension and acts as a locking mechanism when the tailgate is closed. 

Also, I know how big of a difference a good-looking tonneau cover can make – and I’m glad to report that the low-profile, sleek design certainly adds a nice touch appearance-wise. 

Another thing worth noting here is the quick-and-easy, no-drill installation. Again, you get everything you need – including instructions – and you can have it installed using only heavy-duty clamps. 

In theory, installation should last no more than 20 minutes – and as someone who’s installed a cover a thousand times, I had no issues meeting the advertised time frame. 

But if you don’t have as much experience with this as I do, the poorly written – and straight-up confusing – instructions will probably slow you down a bit. 

9. Access 34179 LiteRider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Access 34179 LiteRider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Access 34179 LiteRider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Agri-Cover’s Access 34179 LiteRider is yet another excellent tonneau cover that utilizes double-coated commercial grade vinyl for its basis and what to say – once again the results are pretty darn good.

After a couple of weeks of testing in all conceivable weather conditions (we’ve run the cover through the automatic car wash as well) we can vouch that we haven’t noticed any major traces of spilling in the truck’s bed.

This can be contributed to the cover’s excellent top mount design and side sealing that both do a very good job of preventing the water from sneaking in below the top surface.

Things aren’t bad even when we consider the level of physical protection. The material itself feels very sturdy while still remaining reasonably flexible for the effortless roll-up.

We were to get access to the cargo within mere seconds after leaving the vehicle. Anyway, the cover was able to survive all direct debris hits we pushed it through without tearing apart. The matte surface made sure that the scratches were kept at the bare minimum.

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Finally, we have to point out that the product features a very eye-catching and low-profile design that effortlessly meets the lines of your vehicle complements its look. Bottom line. when you mount your unit, it won’t look like you are using some ugly attachment but rather that cover makes a natural extension of the truck.

Now, let’s move to the installation. Here, the things aren’t as shiny but we can say the unit holds up pretty well. Our main gripe is that the clamps don’t do a very good job keeping the cover tight. If you, on the other hand, screw them too hard, you may leave the marks on your truck. Another pair of clamps would fix this whole situation without breaking a sweat.

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10. TonnoSport 22010269 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

TonnoSport 22010269 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
TonnoSport 22010269 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Access TonnoSport is a name that is pretty familiar amongst truck drivers that like to perform their upgrades on a budget. In most cases. their products manage to find a perfect balance between an affordable price and more than satisfactory use-value.

This roll-up cover is no exception. As a matter of fact, we can easily say it’s one of the strongest outings coming from this manufacturer in recent years.

To put it simply, the basics we have on display here are too good for the product to fail. The cover is once again made from some pretty solid vinyl that has no job sustaining the damage of the flying debris you will sooner than later pick up while driving long distances along country roads.

The water resistance is also very satisfactory. Although we are not exactly thrilled with how the whole thing performed, the level of moisture we found in the bed was kept on the acceptable minimum. Light rain, on the other hand, presented no problem for this beauty, so if you are not living in a stormy area you will be able to get away with it.

And yes, we purposefully used the word beauty. With its durable matte surface, this cover fits black trucks like a well-tailored glove. Things aren’t bad even if you are driving a brighter vehicle.

Rolling out works like a charm as well as rolling in. Once the tailgate is locked, everything stays firmly in place and you don’t need to worry that the cover will fall off if you hit some bump on the road.

Unfortunately, this product shares a similar problem with the clamps like the previous one we reviewed. This time, though, the clamps are not even strong enough to produce a strong grip. We are afraid they wear out rather easily after extended use.

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11. GM Accessories 23129002 Short Box Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

GM Accessories 23129002 Short Box Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The simple, classic style makes the General Motors Accessories tonneau cover very captivating as it elevates the look of your truck and it never goes out of style. This GM cover is a soft roll-up model, which means it’s easy to install, even easier to remove, and very convenient for everyday use. 

Indeed, the installation takes only a few minutes and you get the necessary mounting equipment included in the package. Since it doesn’t require any drilling, you may not even need instructions for installation, but they do come included as well. 

As I mentioned above, the design is very simple but attractive. The bowtie logo is there and it is kind of huge, but it’s barely visible as it is the same color as the rest of the cover. The material is soft vinyl, but don’t think this means that it’s not strong enough to provide the necessary protection. 

On the contrary – this roll-up tonneau cover is resistant to rust and corrosion, so it doesn’t matter if you live in an extremely sunny or extremely rainy area, this GM tonneau cover will protect your truck bed for a long time. 

The fact that it’s a soft cover means it’s very lightweight. You can imagine how easier it is to maneuver a lightweight tonneau cover compared to heavier ones. It’s even very convenient to do it with one hand, you don’t need both of them to roll it. 

With the GM Accessories 23129002 tonneau cover, you have the option to choose how much space you want to cover and uncover. From all the way up to all the way down, roll it depending on your needs. This is ideal for bulky or awkwardly shaped cargo since you can keep it uncovered while the rest of the truck bed is safe and protected.

What kind of protection from various weather conditions can you expect?

Well, it is a soft cover, so you can’t expect it to be as sturdy as hard ones. Still, it’s pretty impervious to rain and snow. However, if the winds are strong and you’re on an open road, you can expect it to be wavy due to the softness of the material.

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12. Stampede SPR-065 Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Stampede SPR-065 Roll Up Tonneau Cover

The Stampede roll-up tonneau cover is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. The SPR-065 is one of the top-notch models, and it’s reasonably priced, so it’s unlikely you’ll find many similar covers in this price range. 

Roll-up tonneau covers are created to make your life easier, and that’s exactly the case with the Stampede tonneau cover. When rolled up, it provides full bed access and once you want to cover your whole bed, you just unroll it and you can rest assured your truck bed is protected. 

This one fits perfectly on 2002-2018 Dodge Ram 1500, and the installation process is a piece of cake. It takes only a few minutes and all you need to do is clamp the rails on without using a drill. Everything you need for a quick set up comes included with the cover. 

The material is marine-grade vinyl, which is tough and durable so it intensifies the level of protection you get from this tonneau cover. Moreover, it has a sleek design that gives your truck a sportier appearance. The low profile of the cover further enhances the stylish look.

With the Stampede SPR-065, you don’t only get full protection from intruders, but you also gain more privacy as it completely covers your truck bed. I really appreciated that the truck bed is both protected and tucked away from prying eyes. 

On top of all this, this tonneau cover also shields the inside of your truck from environmental factors. You can drive carefree even in heavy rain, snow, or strong winds. Plus, the material doesn’t get dirty easily, and even if it does, just wash it with water and soap. 

The Stampede tonneau cover got excellent 4.5 out of 5-star reviews from countless truck drivers, plus, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

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13. Audrfi Black Soft Vinyl Lock & Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Audrfi Black Soft Vinyl Lock & Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The Audrfi soft roll-up tonneau cover is made for the 2014-2024 Toyota Tundra with a 6.5 feet truck bed, and it fits models with or without factory utility track system. Besides the cover, you also receive side rails, clamps, hex keys, and detailed installation instructions. You’ll notice there’s no drill work involved, so the whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. 

I loved how convenient this tonneau cover is. It has a quick one-finger release design, so you’re not required to use both hands to maneuver it.

One of the best features of this cover is the material used to make it. It’s an industrial highest reinforced UV resistant material. Besides the UV resistance, the tarp is also resistant to tears and extremely low temperatures. In combination with the sturdy aluminum frame, it ensures optimal performance and durability. 

If you need a roll-up tonneau cover that’s built to withstand all weather conditions, this is the one for you, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the Audrfi tonneau cover features a velcro hook and loop system that ensures continuous contact between the rails and the cover, so it’s easy to fasten even in strong wind. Second of all, it has a patented latch and tension system that keeps it tight at all times, so you can forget about wavy, loose covers.

Admittedly, it doesn’t have a classy, low profile design like most other tonneau covers, but it still looks very sleek and the black color means it’ll go perfectly with any truck, no matter the truck’s color. 

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Don’t worry about the maintenance of this tonneau cover. Since it is resistant to most outside factors, it won’t tear, and the UV protection means the sleek black color won’t fade. If you need to clean it from dirt or dust, just use warm water and soap. 

Overall, I highly recommended the Audrfi roll-up tonneau cover for its high level of resistance and affordable price.

Benefits of Roll Up Tonneau Cover

And now that we had an opportunity to take a good look at some of the best Tonneau covers currently sitting in the stores, let’s try to answer one important question that might be crossing your mind right now – Why would I even bother?

Well, it turns out there is a good reason why you should add this neat add-on to your truck equipment collection. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of them.

1. Affordable protection for your cargo

This is probably the greatest benefit of Tonneau covers so we put it to deserved first place. We don’t want to argue that trucks are inherently convenient vehicles. But they provide truly awful protection to the cargo you are transporting. Installing a temporary way to keep it safe from sun, rain and physical damage might cause you a lot of time, money, and headache.

Sitting at a price of only a couple of hundreds of dollars (cheaper units can even be found around the century-mark), are solving this problem with ease and on a budget.

2. Easy bed access

There are a lot of different types of Tonneau covers – roll-up, solid tri-fold covers, etc. Roll-up covers, however, have one great advantage over all other competitors – they are, by far, the easiest to roll in so they provide easy access to the truck’s bed in a matter of seconds. This fact should not be neglected when you need to perform fast loads while parked somewhere on the road.

3. Ease of installation (and removal)

This is another great one. Most of the commercially available roll-up Tonneau covers use the rails that can be easily mounted on your vehicle without any need for drilling or any tools whatsoever. If you know how to tighten the clamps you will know how to install your future cover. Removing the cover from the vehicle is just as straightforward and effortless.

This is great because keeping the cover stored when you are not transporting some sensitive cargo can drastically extend its lifespan.

4. Beautiful, streamlined design

Tonneau covers can be quite stunning pieces of equipment if you choose the pattern that fits your vehicle. So, you can kill two birds with one stone – protect your cargo and give people something to look at while you are driving. At the same time, Tonneau covers are also very streamlined and light so they add very little to the vehicle’s overall weight. In other words, you get a lot of perks and lose virtually nothing.

Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers FAQs

1. What kind of styles are there in a roll-up Tonneau cover?

Roll-up Tonneau covers only have limited styles and designs mainly because trucks should keep a low profile to avoid unwanted attention. Despite that, both have their own benefits that would help you choose. There are two styles and type of roll-up Tonneau cover: soft roll-up hard and roll-up.

  • Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Soft covers provide a versatile and flexible material for your cover. That is why you can easily roll it into the smallest dimension with no difficulties in keeping it along with full access to the truck bed when kept and rolled. Other products have distinct features, such as remote-controlled covers. Besides, because of its soft and thin material, it is cheaper.

  • Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Hardcovers, on the other hand, are the most reliable and sturdy material of the two. Both may keep other elements, but hardcovers take it a higher flight. They tend to be more substantial than the former, but they can hold more weight on top without breaking. Although it may be pricier than that of the softcover, they keep out burglar and harsh elements from the inside so it will not get scratched or easily destructed.

2. How do you lock a roll-up truck bed cover?

You want to keep your stuff safe, right? Then this is what you should do: lock up your Tonneau cover. Security is the primary purpose of why you bought a Tonneau cover. You should be responsible for knowing how to keep your safety always. The locks of Tonneau cover depend on the type and brand you are using. It offers different instructions and lock type based on the cover you bought.

Since they are hardcovers, they are made of materials of aluminum and fiberglass that thieves would not easily cut through. If you lock your tailgate as well, then it is difficult for others to open since the lock is on the underside of the cover. On the other hand, soft covers come with built-in locks. If the tailgate is closed, then the cover will not open because its latches clamp on the railing of the truck and the tailgate.

3. How to roll up Tonneau cover

Rolling up the Tonneau cover is a way to keep it; also, it grants complete access to the whole bed without taking much space. To roll a Tonneau cover, here is a video to guide you in rolling up your truck cargo bed’s Tonneau cover the right way.

4. How to remove a roll-up Tonneau cover

Removing a roll-up Tonneau cover still depends on the type and brand of what you have for your truck. Since the roll-up, covers are easy to install, then removing is as well. The latching system clamps tightly on the railings. Keep the tailgate as it is, open or closed, depending on the instructions and manual given, and unclasp the latches. Make sure to do it slowly to avoid scratches on your railings.

Then, roll the Tonneau cover towards the windshield. After that, remove it carefully. The removing process is just the reverse of the installation process unless the guide says otherwise.

5. How to choose a roll-up Tonneau cover

Bear in mind that you need considerations when buying the roll-up Tonneau cover that is best for your pick-up truck. A Tonneau cover is one of the essential accessories of a car for a top priority in security. In choosing Tonneau covers, you must consider the type of material you want. That is just saying if it is a soft or hardcover. 

There are different materials to choose from such as vinyl polyester for softcover for easy access to your belongings and baggage, but if you want the sturdier one, then you have hard materials like aluminum and fiberglass. Another thing you should consider is the budget you have to spend. If you do not find it necessary to buy a more expensive type of roll-up Tonneau cover, then do not. Buy covers that fit your budget; there are so many products to choose from in different price ranges suiting the quality.

The style and design of the Tonneau cover is a personal choice if you want to have a cover that is attractive to look up. Buying what you need tops it all, be considerate of all the other things that you may need for your truck.

Conclusion for You

Security is a necessity that should be with us at all times. Keep our things and personal belongings safe from natural causes or fabricated at the back of the truck. Because of this, we will not have to always look over our shoulder when on long drives and road trips to check if they are still there. When driving alone, we will not need to stop and look. Because of these covers, not only are we worry-free but secured as well.

Now that the information you need is given, you can decide on what type and brand of the best roll-up Tonneau cover your truck must-have. Truck covers provide so many upsides.

Cars are investments in your day-to-day undertakings, that is why you should take good care of it by giving only the best quality, and that is long-lasting. You have nothing to fuss over, because the money you paid will be worth every penny when you have the best tonneau cover for your protection, safety, and security.

The end will justify the means. So what are you waiting for? The best roll-up Tonneau covers of the year are just here. Until next time, cheers!

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    Great review man. I appreciate the details! Never seen your blogs before but I’ve now subscribed and will see what els you’ve got. Thanks!

  3. BestMamie says:

    Love the idea of the cover…. but what happened to your Yamaha generator? We have a Yamaha and struggle to find a truck bed cover that would allow room for the gen. Any solutions or ideas (other than trading in generator – we LOVE the Yamaha that you guys have (or should I say had)?

  4. oprol evorter says:

    My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  5. Huckeba says:

    Your rear water leakage into the bed may be through your tailgate step; which was an issue that I had. Rain etc was entering through the top of the tailgate/tailgate step into my bed. And then freezing where I couldn’t open the tailgate. I also had a Bedrug installed.

  6. Kiera says:

    If you are looking for a cheaper Tonneau cover, I recommend TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for you because it is cheaper than you expect.

  7. RobertMaype says:

    Great article…couldnt figure out what I did wrong until I watched this..put the two side rail pieces on backwards ..have to flip them around and switch sides..i guess like a wise man told me its better to spend twice as long planning something then it is actually working on the project I said great article helped alot..

  8. JefferyGog says:

    I have something like this in my truck I love it, when it snows I roll it up to keep the weight off but most the year I use it. People like to throw their trash in the back of people’s trucks

  9. Jamesdaw says:

    Awesome cover!!!! I’ve had mine on for 2 months now. Let me tell you, I can go through a car wash and my bed stays bone dry. All my expensive covers over the past years leaked like a sieve. Thanks

  10. mariogv69 says:

    Good looking out! I’ve been looking for a cheap one to install just for a little extra privacy when I’m at Walmart etc. I don’t keep anything worth stealing but hey people these days you never know. But thanks

  11. Madaline Hessel says:

    I would be wary of an aluminum coil cover in the snow belt, what to freeze. I also dislike the roll-up storage area on the bed. My luck, I will load something and bend it, making the lid not roll up easily. Just my opinion.

  12. Citlalli Jones says:

    I had the same cover in my 13th version of Lund then set it to 15 … so 6 years under the Florida sun and it’s still great. For money, it pays for itself. I don’t see the benefit of paying $ 1,000 or more for bedspread.

  13. Lorena Ondricka says:

    I bought a roll up for my Titan and really liked it. I was worried about the fit at first and thought it would wrinkle / stretch but it was almost a year and there was no problem. According to the instructions, there are adjustment holes that can be used every few years to help secure. I had a folding lid for my former ranger but I didn’t like how once folded there was a covering still more than 1/3 of the bed. (I know some new covers use struts to push it close to the rear window.) I see that while heavy rainwater will leak between the cover and the tailgate, but partly because I installed it myself … it sure It should be a two-person job. Finally, half the price and nearly full access to my bed compared to a folding one is worth the price. Oh and it’s kind of a side velcro. I heard snaps are very difficult due to the expansion / contract of vinyl on different days.

  14. Laura Gleichner says:

    That would be perfect because I prefer scrolling up more and that would be safer. I always hear about things in my neighborhood being stolen so I feel like it’s a matter of time. Maybe I’ll wait a little longer to save. Thanks

  15. Alyson Greenfelder says:

    “I have a soft tonneau Lund Genesis and really like it. I installed it for about 20 minutes and like that, I could just roll it up. I can lock my tailgate, so it’s somewhat safe. Yes, someone could peel it back and put an arm in, or use a knife and cut it, but I also donated a high-end electronics store, etc. It has a lifetime warranty department as well. I accidentally broke one of the pins (completely my fault) and they sent me a new one after 2 days.

    I like that I can roll up and drag things. I had a fiberglass tonneau on a truck before and I hated it. Leaving it out was a giant Pita. I have just sprayed myself on the bed because I have a cover on it, and just want some basic protection.”

  16. Dina Konopelski says:

    I have been looking for a tonneau cover for my Longhorn 2020. I want a soft, roll up style, with Velcro. First I thought I wanted a shell on the headboard of the truck. After seeing some of these in my friend’s truck, I decided the tracks looked ugly when the lid was rolled up. I think the low profile, between truck beds, is the best, according to looks. I have talked to a number of internet sales companies and I have been told many lower-priced covers produced by Truxedo. Check out all the installation videos on some websites and you will find that most of them have the same locking system and aluminum rails. I think warranty is an important issue other than appearance. Access insurance is mainly a three-year warranty, of which others are five years. Truxedo Lo Pro QT is backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s the cover I want. I received a good price from a wholesale supplier for $ 375.00 + tax.

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