5 Quick Steps on How to Make a Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Do you want to have an entrancing truck with an installed useful feature? A wood truck bed Tonneau cover perhaps will do homemade and this brief will help you how to do that. That is not a problem! Here is one of the most convenient way of creating in just a brief period. Keep on reading and find your way!

How To Make A Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

How To Make A Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Obtaining a model truck surely gives you many advantages in any situations possible as an owner. Whether it is for going outside for a trip, or maybe in day-to-day activities like going to work, school, or even buying goods from the department store. Your model truck is your companion during desperate times. However, is it not much better if you modify all the compartments of your model truck to bring something new and unique? Right! Style your model truck with a purpose.

What is a wood truck bed Tonneau cover?

Well, you can use a Tonneau cover to protect the rear compartment of your truck. To be entirely correct, the truck bed, from foreign objects like falling debris that might cause slight or severe damage to it. You would not want that to happen to your car, do you? What is more interesting is it will not only provide a hundred percent protection for all the things you put in there but also guaranteed security for your entire model truck!

So literally, what makes the wood truck bed Tonneau cover different from the others is the fact that it is out of wood material. Creativity at its finest yet friendly in the pocket!

What are the benefits of installing a wood truck bed Tonneau cover?

One reason why you buy a truck is that people want to have a convenient way of living. However, investing your money in an open bed truck only is never comfortable and practical. With wood truck bed Tonneau cover, it guarantees that your truck’s lifespan will last longer.

  • Gas Mileage Booster

    Installing a wood truck bed Tonneau cover helps lessen the wind resistance, which results to increase in the number of miles per gallon of gas. Who does not want to have a budget-friendly feature in their car? No one.

  • Prevents Damage

When your truck bed gets wet, rust will begin to come out. If that happens, holes will appear right after. I understand your concern about damage. That is why I suggest to install the wood truck bed Tonneau cover, which will prevent water from getting inside and ruining the surface. Hence, you can maintain your truck’s good state.

  • Anti-Theft

    It is undeniable that the rear compartment of your vehicle is mostly composed of things dear to you. With the use of wood truck bed Tonneau cover, you can prevent thieves from stealing them from the back of your car when they are unattended and when you are too busy to look after your things. These are just some of the advantages you will get from putting up a wood truck bed Tonneau cover in your rear compartment. Try it now and discover more benefits that are wonderful!

What are you waiting for? Let us get started to learn on how to make a wood truck bed tonneau cover!

What to prepare?

Now, in customizing your wood truck bed, make sure to have all the necessary tools ready upon your table and as well as the needed supplies. Can you guess what? Here are what make your truck bed better. All of the things you need are just within your reach and are of reasonable price. Does it sound good enough?

  • Tape Measure: A fundamental tool for measuring your truck bed width and height.  The measuring should start from the bulkhead of the rear compartment until the tailgate to get the exact bed length.
  • Two pieces ½-inch plywood of your choice: The quality of the plywood should be up to you. The size may also differ from the measure of both the width and height of your truck bed.

  • Six Pieces of 1×2” Wood: Use these to form the frames of the wood truck bed Tonneau cover.
  • Few Pieces of Screws: These will hold and attach the homemade wood truck bed Tonneau cover to the rear compartment.
  • Table Saw: It is not necessary that you have to buy a new table saw. You can just borrow from your relatives or your neighborhood if they have to avoid spending too much money.
  • A Drill
  • Six meters of vinyl fabric: However, the quality and price of the vinyl fabric must be according to your taste for a better outcome. This will serve as the cover of the entire wood truck bed Tonneau cover.
  • One piece of piano hinge

  • A Stapler

  • Contact Adhesive

  • Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

  • Black Paint of Your Own Choice of Brand

Steps on how to make a Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Creating your own wood truck bed Tonneau cover is not as hard as to how it seems to be. All it takes is to follow the five straightforward and quick steps listed below.

Step 1: Structure the Frames

Now, the first thing to do is grab the 1×2“ woods and cut it into pieces to form and structure the two frames of the truck bed cover. Do not forget to take note of the correct length of the width and the height you measured prior. Attach one frame to the trunk while using the other one for the lifting part.

These two frames will hold the wood truck bed Tonneau cover to the car.

Step 2: Attach the Plywood 

Since you have two sheets of plywood, you should attach both to the frames you made during the first step. After cutting it out, join it together with the frames. Bear in mind that they must overlap the bedsides of the truck, and they must follow your car’s shape. Aside from that, remember not let the part where both of the finished frames join, overlap. Because this is where the piano hinge comes in.

Step 3: Cover it with Black Paint!

Now, this step is not necessary. It is up to you whether to follow this or not. However, this step could be convenient. Painting the frame and the plywood with black paint helps in preventing moisture from building up. Hence, it makes the wood truck bed tonneau cover last longer.   

Step 4: Make use of the Vinyl Fabric

Using the contact adhesive and spray adhesive spread it all over the structured frame and plywood and wrap the vinyl fabric on it. Staple the remaining pieces of the vinyl fabric at the backside to secure it.

Step 5: Install your Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Using the screws, install your finished product to your truck. Just be careful upon attaching them to avoid causing a scratch when you use the drill to the rear compartment. You can also add a rubber seal to prevent rainwater from flowing inside your trunk.

Congratulations! You got yourself a brand new wood truck bed Tonneau cover. Are you feeling excited yet to try your modified model truck? Go and rock the road!


In just short five steps, you were able to make a homemade wood truck bed tonneau cover on your own. You can easily find the list of materials needed for creating this project in stores/hardware near you. Now you get to know one way of installing a handy feature in your truck without spending too much. While you were able to save money, you also made use of your creativity. Cheers!

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7 thoughts on “5 Quick Steps on How to Make a Homemade Wood Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

  1. Wideman says:

    very impressive and thank you for the tips, a mediocre cover costs 500 plus 10 percent tax in Los Angeles, IF YOU want quality it goes to close to 950+ then tax…. thank you!

    • Mike Khairallah says:

      This is excellent! I’ve been thing about doing something similar with my F-150. You did a great job with this! It is nowhere near as expensive as those commercially-built tonneau covers that cost upwards of $450.00. I have an idea. What would happen if, instead of using that vinyl, you used that “Rhino Liner” spray-on coating, or something similar? Something that would do a much better job of protecting the plywood from the elements.

  2. DonniePizzi24771 says:

    Fill the seam in with caulk then wrap it up oh man I know it’s serious but my 10 year old mind is cringing hard haha

  3. Joe S says:

    Some pictures or drawings of the step by step process might be helpful for some folks who are a bit more ‘ visual ” than others…like me.
    I am a crapenter…not a carpenter…Thanks

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