How To Make Your Car Spit Fire?

How to Make Car Spit Fire
How to Make Car Spit Fire

Few things in this world are cooler than a car spitting fire! If you wish to turn your vehicle into a flame-throwing head-turner, then I’ll be happy to explain how you can do it. 

First step – buy a $400K Lamborghini.

Just kidding, this article is for those with a slightly thinner wallet. We’ll be talking about several ways you can modify the car so that flames come out of the exhaust pipe. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t the safest thing you could do in your spare time and may even be illegal where you live. I talk about all of this in greater detail below, so please, read on!

How To Make Your Car Spit Fire – 6 Ways You Can Do It

Get a Flaming Throwing Kit

This is by far the simplest and safest way to produce flames with your car. Flame-throwing kits are (usually) inexpensive and are made explicitly for this purpose. 

They produce the desired effect and are relatively easy to install. A flame-throwing kit is the best choice for someone who wants flames real bad but doesn’t want to tinker with their car too much.

Use a Spark Plug

Another simple way to turn the exhaust pipe into the “mouth of the dragon” is to place a spark plug in it. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Take a spark plug and place it around 4-5 inches from the end of the exhaust pipe
  2. Stretch the wires to the driver
  3. Set up a switch that will light the spark
  4. Connect the opposite end of the wire to the car battery’s positive terminal
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This method is quick and easy to do and doesn’t require extensive knowledge about cars. However, it can produce pretty big and dangerous flames, so be extra careful with this one.

Get Your Hands On an Old Car

Cars made in the eighties are much easier to “fire up” than newer models. This is because the anti-exhaust fire systems were later introduced to prevent this from happening.

If you manage to find an older car for this experiment, you should first make sure that everything about it functions well. There mustn’t be any leaks as that could make the car catch fire.

Once you’ve checked the vehicle and everything seems to be in order, go ahead and fire up the engine. Give it some gas, and then turn the engine off without taking your foot off the pedal. No need to floor it, just maintain some pressure.

After a few seconds, turn the engine on again. When the engine starts roaring, depress the gas pedal, and you should see flames coming out of the exhaust.

Note that this isn’t the best thing for a car’s longevity, so don’t do it too often!

Try ECU Programming

ECU Programming is not for everyone. It requires extensive knowledge and special equipment. This method involves reprogramming the engine control unit, and yes, it is as tricky as it sounds. If you want to try it out, I suggest you take your car to a professional.

OK, so what will the car be reprogrammed to do? The ECU method makes the car keep pumping fuel even when the throttle is closed. The fuel will go through the engine and out the exhaust, catching fire on the way. 

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Reduce Turbo Lag – Antilag 

The Antilag system works by burning fuel in a sweet spot – after it exits the engine, before reaching the turbo. The turbo will get activated despite lacking sufficient gasses, and the flames will start shooting out of the exhaust as a result.

Play With the Air-Fuel Ratio

Last but not least, another way to make flames is to mess with the ratio of fuel to air in the engine. I suggest this method to those who aren’t particularly concerned about the well-being of their car. Also, those who want to blast out huge flames might want to give this one a shot. 

The idea behind this one is to adjust the car’s injectors so that they supply more fuel than needed to achieve full combustion. This oversupply of fuel will make the exhaust spit out massive flames. The drawbacks of this method are:

  • The engine will heat up
  • Your car will reek of gas
  • Back smoke will get released

Not the most glamorous approach, but it works.

Is It Legal to Shoot Flames Out of The Car?

Exhaust flames are somewhat of a grey area, so it’s hard to find reliable information about their legality online. I wouldn’t advise modifying your car for this purpose without consulting a lawyer or your local DMV. 

How Dangerous Are Exhaust Flames?

Making your car spit flames, obviously, isn’t a very safe thing to do. Therefore, you need to know how much of it you can do and when to stop.

Spitting fire can seriously mess up your engine, so only do it if this component is in immaculate condition. In case you’re not sure that your engine can handle it – don’t push your luck. 

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Aside from being bad for the car, exhaust fire may hurt someone nearby. Do not do it around people or on a busy road.

Last, before attempting to do any modifications, it would be advisable to take your car for a detailed inspection.


Whichever method you decide to try, please, make safety your top priority. I can not overemphasize how dangerous this can be if done recklessly. 

Get well acquainted with the procedure before doing it, and if necessary, look for a professional who can help you out. 

Yes, throwing flames out of the exhaust is – literally – a blast, but it could turn into a disaster if you’re not careful!


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