BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Review – Safety And Quality

Hard folding covers have been a must-have for your truck ever since they came out. They offer premium protection from basically everything!

What’s more, the market is now overflown with various hard covers, from various manufacturers. With so many covers for sale, it’s almost close to impossible for one hard tonneau cover to stand out.

However, that didn’t pose a problem for the BAKFlip G2, which is one of the bestselling products made by BAK Industries. BAK Industries have been on the tonneau market ever since the early 2000s, and their products are loved across the whole country.

The BAKFlip G2 falls into a medium to high price category, which poses a question –  is this hard tonneau cover worth it?

Well, that’s entirely up to you – and we will help you make the call during this review. We will inspect all the details and potential flaws this hard tonneau cover could have.

Without further ado, let’s get on it and see what the BAKFlip G2 is all about!

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Review - Safety And Quality
BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Review – Safety And Quality
  • Harding folding cover
  • Fits 15-20 Ford F150, 6’7” bed (78.9”)
  • Premium matte finish
  • Dual-action seal
  • Easy installation
  • 100% truck access
  • Visible 3rd brake light
  • Made in the USA

Highlights Reviews Of The BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

1. The Materials

The materials are a principal part of this tonneau cover review because they will help us gain a better picture of the quality of this cover. If the materials are chosen well, the whole cover is a good investment.

As for the BAKFlip G2, the quality of the materials isn’t truly a question – because it’s a hard folding tonneau cover. Hard covers offer more protection from the elements, and they protect your cargo from potential theft.

The folding cover is made from durable aluminum, so it should last you for more than just a few years because well – who wants to buy a tarp every now and then? The matte finish is great and offers fewer scratches over time. The aluminum panels are UV resistant for maximum durability.

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Also, what makes hard covers like the BAKFlip G2 is theft protection. Soft covers can be cut through, unlike the hard ones. Furthermore, this hard tonneau cover has an automatic latching system to make the whole thing easier for you. On the other hand, keep in mind that this cover doesn’t lock, which is a flaw of this product.

The low-profile design gives you options for the placement of the cover. You can ride your truck with the cover fully closed, folded, or flipped up. Either way, your third brake light will be visible, which is truly nice.

The prop rods are also high-quality, and they hold the tonneau cover upright when you open it up. Don’t worry – the prop rods securely stow away when you open the cover partially or close it up completely.

The dual-action seal helps your cargo stay completely dry. This hard folding tonneau cover is completely waterproof and it won’t budge, even during heavy rainstorms or snowstorms.

2. The Design

Discussing design is usually to see how good does the tonneau cover look with the car. When you see the G2 cover installed, you will see that the design is perfect.

It’s completely flush with the car, the matte finish makes it look like a solid piece. For the higher price, the appearance of this tonneau cover is better than the rest, without a doubt.

Luckily, this tonneau cover has a matte finish which I prefer. A matte finish is more durable and less prone to smudges and scratches. So, if you want your trunk cover to look great for a long time, you should always look for a matte finish.

A tarp that is virtually impossible to scratch and damage is always a better option. A polished finish gets smudges from day-to-day use, let alone actual damage.

This tonneau cover is very low-profile and sits very near to the truck bed. Besides the perfect seal, the G2 doesn’t cover the third brake light, so you’re extra secure when using this tonneau cover. Some covers cover the third light, and I think that’s just a shame for some, otherwise excellent tarps.

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The storage clip is made from cheap plastic, though. Remember this if the clip gets damaged or broken.

3. Ease Of Use

When it comes to ease of use, it’s probably the most important section in the whole review. If the tonneau cover isn’t easy to use, it’s close to useless.

Nobody wants to spend copious amounts of time installing it and removing it. So, I was pleased to find out that even someone who is dealing with a tonneau cover for the first time in their life will have no issues whatsoever when using this cover.

It even has automatic latching panels so when you’re putting it up, the panels will latch onto each other and save your precious time in the process. As for the assembly, it doesn’t take more than an hour on the first try.

When you want to remove the tonneau cover, it’s a piece of cake. It will cost you around two minutes of your time to remove each panel and fold them for giving yourself access to the trunk.

Either side of the truck bed has a quick-release cable. That enables you to have full access to your cargo in a matter of a second or two.

Do note that the instruction manual is not very well written, so you have to rely on yourself to install it properly. If you cannot find your way around it all, consider consulting a technician to show you how to do it. Also, you will need shims to install this product, which aren’t included in the package.

4. The Performance

All the specs and details of this excellent tarp don’t mean a thing if the tarp isn’t tested out. The testing will show how well it truly performs and whether it’s worth the stronger price.

The lack of a good instruction manual and the shims required for installation are cons of this tarp, but if you’re nifty, you will find your way around it anyway.

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Otherwise, the tarp performs very well – it can withstand even snow loads or heavy rainstorms. You can leave your car outside and your cargo will still be perfectly dry afterward. Dual-action seal works like a charm to protect your trunk.

The matte finish is great and resistant to scratches, so if you decide on this tarp, you will have a durable one that looks great for years to come. It’s also less prone to smudges than a shiny, polished tarp.

The installation shouldn’t take over an hour, but if you are experiencing any trouble, you should consult someone or call BAK Industries directly.

5. Pros:

  • Premium matte finish
  • Waterproof, dual-action seal
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to use and install
  • Visible third brake light
  • Durable, UV-resistant aluminum panels

6. Cons:

  • The cover doesn’t lock
  • Poor instructions manual
  • Bad quality storage clip
  • No shims included in the package

Conclusion For The BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

To finish, BAKFlip G2 is one of the best hard folding tonneau covers out there. It offers a lot in the medium to high price range.

This tarp is a bestseller, and after this review, I hope you can see why, as well. It’s worth the higher price, as it’s durable and made from quality materials.

If you want a tarp that has great details, lasts long, and isn’t difficult to install – you should go with the BAKFlip G2. There are some flaws to it, of course, but the pros outweigh the cons, that’s for sure!

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