11 Best Bluetooth Truck Driver Headset (2024’s Best Picks Reviewed & Compared)

Truck Driver Wheel

The mere idea of driving a heavy vehicle that’s loaded with nearly 80.000 pounds is intimidating – if not flat out terrifying – to the average driver. And yet, for professionals, it’s called the average workday. 

But this is only achievable if they have the necessary tools and accessories to help them out on the road – and make sure their head is in the game. 

And that brings us to the next point: 

Long hours on the road also mean you’ll need to answer urgent calls now and then – and find a way to stay in touch with colleagues and family. However, the law strictly prevents truck drivers from using their phones without the hands-free feature. 

Road safety first, people!

And that means that truck drivers generally have no other option but to buy a Bluetooth headset before venturing somewhere.

Finding the best Bluetooth truck driver headset isn’t an easy task. But if you keep reading, we’ll do our best to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Top 11 Best Bluetooth Truck Driver Headsets (2024 Best Compared)

1. EKSA Telecom Wireless Headset

Rating: 5/5 Stars


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Singling out the greatest product among most objects isn’t always an easy task, but when we discuss Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers – most can’t come even close to the EKSA Telecom wireless headset

To begin with – an ultra-long stable wireless connection, reaching up to 99 feet, guarantees the delivery of clear sound, regardless of the number of obstacles between the two.

However, EKSA Telecom pushed that even further – you can maintain a clear connection up to 164 feet if there aren’t any obstacles.

With AI-Powered Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC), we can achieve superb voice communication with the integrated noise cancellation mechanism, paired with a further optimized noise reduction depth reaching 45 dB.

The bridge between the microphone and the integrated EKSA Telecom VoiceSmart Technology negates the presence of all environmental noise – a staggering 99.8% of those background noises are nullified, providing pure and clear communication.

A stable and fast connection provided to the trucker with this wireless headset is sponsored by the integrated Qualcomm Chip – the most recent Bluetooth technology capable of detecting your desired Bluetooth device in a fraction of a second.

With an overwhelming presence of those uncomfortable wireless headsets – EKSA Telecom reached out to its customers, providing the best CloudSoft Ear Cushions:

Breathable, soft, and gentle to the touch – these ear cushions fully cover both ears without applying any pressure – most truckers even forget that they have them on if they aren’t powered!

57 hours of music time and 30 hours of talk time? All of that is made possible with a powerful 500 mAh battery integrated into the wireless headset, which charges fully in just over 1.5 hours.

The only issue that we found with this headset is the maximum volume capabilities – some truckers prefer to crank up the volume – here, the peak isn’t as high as most would imagine.

Pros Cons
Cristal-clear wireless connection up to 99 feet The volume isn’t as high as some would like
Superb voice communication with noise cancellation
Newest Bluetooth tech with EKSA Telecom VoiceSmart
Brilliant ear cushions provide maximum comfort

2. Blue Parrott VXi B450-XT Trucker Headset 

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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If we’re talking about sheer technical abilities, the VXi B450-XT is, without a doubt, one of the most advanced Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers. With just a few additional features, this trucker headset manages to stand out from the bunch – in all the right ways. 

Providing a steady wireless connection with other paired devices within a range of 300 feet, this Bluetooth headset will keep you and your colleagues safe on the road.

The Blue Parrott VXi 450’s battery defines this product the most when talking about its stand-out characteristics. Fully charged, it provides you with nearly 24 hours of non-stop talk time. 

Not to mention that it holds its charge for up to 500 hours in standby mode.

You’ll also reap the benefits of a microphone capable of canceling up to 96% of all background noises. This advanced mic design lets this Bluetooth headset make and receive calls in high-noise environments with virtually no disturbances.

And with the programmable Parrott Button, you can rest easy when the headset starts to ring; this unit is the definition of “hands-free audio calls made easy.”  

It also features A2DP support, which means that you can stream audio content – or even GPS directions – through it, as well.

One of the headset’s potential downsides would be its bulkiness. Some truck drivers like to have a larger, easy-to-find headset, but the not-so-compact size might be a problem for others. It’s a matter of personal preference, so no hard feelings there. 


Pros Cons
24 hours talk-time Bulky design that some people might find unappealing
Multimedia streaming
Hands-free functionality

3. BlueParrott B250-XTS Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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When compared to the B450-XT, BlueParrott’s B250-XTS boasts the same high-end features and professional-grade functionality. However, it has a slightly lighter frame and, to be honest, marginally worse noise-canceling performance.

Still, if you’re looking for a more lightweight trucker headset, we’d be more than glad to suggest this one. 

It boasts a light, 2.7-ounce design with a narrow headband, making prolonged wear a lot more comfortable. Add the spare mic windscreen and foam ear cushions included with it, and you’ll be set for all-day comfort whenever you have to hit the road. 

Now, you already know what BlueParrott’s microphones are capable of based on our B450-XT review. It’s worth noting that this model doesn’t quite deliver the same level of noise cancelation, though.

But overall, there’s no reason to doubt this headset’s capabilities and performance. It’s still one of the best Bluetooth headsets currently available on the market.

Another advantage is that it can be paired with two devices at a time. This nifty feature is super convenient if you’re constantly switching between your personal and your work phone.

Furthermore, the B250-XTS boasts more than 20 hours of talk time per charge and 500 hours in standby mode. This model’s battery performance is truly one of a kind – and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice among truck drivers.

You might be disappointed to learn that this unit doesn’t support the streaming of audio content natively, though.


Pros Cons
Spare cushions are available You won’t be able to stream audio content natively
Lightweight design 
Excellent noise-canceling performance

4. New Bee Wireless Headset

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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With an innovative and lightweight design, this wireless trucker headset possesses plenty of high-quality traits that positions it firmly near the top of this list.

Believe it or not, this unit weighs a mere 3.5 ounces. Picture it like this – this headset is lighter than an average-sized egg!

The comfortable all-day wear wouldn’t mean much without strong battery performance, though.

Given the extended battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging the headset all the time. To be more precise, its Lithium Polymer battery can withstand up to 24 hours of constant use on a single charge.

You’ll need less than two hours to recharge it – and in standby mode, it lasts up to 60 days. 

Also, it can pair with two devices simultaneously, allowing you to switch between them at a push of a button. Speaking of buttons, you’ll have the following at your disposal – the unit’s Up/Down volume controls and a separate, multi-function button. 

The advanced technology behind the omnidirectional, four-time noise-canceling microphone blocks all background noises out, focusing solely on your voice. So, even in extremely loud environments, you can count on crystal clear conversations.

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We weren’t as impressed with its range, though. 

It doesn’t reach very far – and the Bluetooth signal doesn’t seem that strong, either, making it hard to maintain a reliable wireless connection. 


Pros Cons
3.5-ounce design Limited Bluetooth range and weak signal
You can communicate with someone non-stop for up to 24 hours 
Noise-canceling microphone

5. Plantronics Voyager Legend Headset

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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We first had the pleasure of reviewing this Plantronics trucker headset back in 2019. So, while it might be far from the newest model available, we figured it would be nice to see how it stood up to the competition in 2021. 

Listen carefully: 

The Voyager Legend has a special nano-coating, which makes the entire headset more durable and water-resistant. This unit is unmatched design-wise with an extended stick design powered with triple-mic, noise-canceling, active Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

In loud and windy environments, it promises crystal clear sound transmission. 

What’s more, the built-in sensors automatically detect if you’re wearing this headset, meaning that route incoming calls are safe and available at all times. And while we’re talking hands-free experiences, you can rely on simple voice commands to do the job, too. 

Oh, and the newest feature is the so-called multipoint technology – you can pair your headset with two different smartphones simultaneously.

Charging the device takes no more than 90 minutes. After that, you can rely on it to deliver up to seven hours of uninterrupted talk time. And that brings us to the main downside: 

Even when the headset is in standby mode, the battery only holds up for 11 hours or so.

That’s why it’s mainly recommended to truckers who don’t spend days out on the road, passing through remote areas. That aside, it’s easily one of the best Plantronics Bluetooth earpieces on the market.



Pros Cons
Water-resistant headset Short-lasting battery; not recommended for drivers that stay on the road for several days straight
Multi-point technology
Triple mic noise-canceling technology

6. Blue Parrott B350-XT 203475 Blue Parrott

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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And now we get to the third Blue Parrott model that earned its spot in our round-up of the best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers. Including another one of their signature models was pretty much unavoidable, considering what their headsets have to offer. 

Seriously, check out the rest of this review, and you’ll see what we mean. 

With slightly more advanced technology than the B250-XTS and nearly identical to the B450-XT, this one can be considered the golden middle of Blue Parrott Bluetooth headsets.

You’ll find button controls directly on the earpiece – including volume controls, a multi-function button, and a charging port. It also features the handy Parrott Button that can be configured to your liking through the BlueParrott smartphone app; we fell in love with this option pretty much instantly.

When discussing the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets for truckers, we just can’t turn our heads away from this model’s 96% noise-canceling capabilities.

The B350-XT maintains a Bluetooth connection within a 66-foot range and provides multi-point connectivity for ultimate pairing flexibility, which is nothing short of amazing. That’s arguably one of the best qualities of this product.

Keep in mind that it has a flashing blue light that’s somewhat annoying. You’ll probably get used to it fast, though – and, after some time, won’t even notice it’s there. 


Pros Cons
Programmable Parrott Button Some might get irritated by the flashing blue light 
It can pair with up to two other devices
96-percent noise cancelation

7. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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If stellar sound quality is your primary requirement, this Bose model might be the right fit for you. 

The Bose Bluetooth Headset boasts a simple design and ease of use, offering basic controls for volume, power, and answering calls. 

It does have a few advanced features, though, and adaptive audio adjustment technology is one of them. To keep it more simple, the technology of this headset adjusts its volume automatically, depending on how loud or silent the surrounding environment is.

Filtering out surrounding noise is further made possible with the noise-rejecting microphone, which ensures crystal clear audio on both ends. You can count on sound clarity even on windy days!

If you ever find yourself in the mood for a podcast or some music, this model has you covered in that department, too. The A2DP Bluetooth profile feature supports the streaming of your mobile media content.

As for the rechargeable battery, it’s not all that impressive. You can expect to get approximately 4.5 hours of talk time out of it.  

But what it lacks in uninterrupted talk time, it makes up for in standby mode – you’ll get around 100 hours there. It’s not a ground-breaking number, but it’s a significant improvement.

The biggest issue we’ve had with this model is the overall design and price tag. 

As impressive as the sound clarity is, everything else simply doesn’t justify the not-so-affordable price point – at least not for us. And we’re not sure we’d recommend it for longer hauls. 


Pros Cons
A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming Price is high
4.5 hours of continuous talk time
100 hours lifetime in standby mode

8. Delton Over-the-Head Headset

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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When buying a trucker headset, you need something that will remain where it should be – on the top of your head – regardless of the road conditions. It sounds obvious when we say it like that, but you’d be surprised how many headsets fail at this simple task. 

That brings us to this Delton over-the-head unit.

Most truck drivers prefer a one-ear type of headset while on the road. The good thing about the Delton model is that the built-in microphone rotates by up to 330 degrees, meaning that you can switch it from left to right ear without too much hassle. 

The noise-canceling microphone ensures crystal clear voice transmission, even in the loudest of environments. That, paired with the adjustable headband and a budget-friendly price tag, makes this a solid choice for professional truck drivers on the go. 

Plus, a voice-controlled virtual assistant is integrated into the Bluetooth headset for maximum convenience and ease of access.

If you want a Bluetooth headset that can be paired with two devices simultaneously, this unit will deliver in that area, too. With integrated multi-point technology, you don’t have to worry about it ever again – and it won’t compromise sound quality, either.

Even more so, Delton offers up to 18 hours of continuous usage – which is an unrivaled battery performance among the best trucker headsets.

It might be problematic to keep tabs on the headset’s battery status, though. There’s no display or indicator that will tell you how long the battery will last. Keep this downside in mind if you decide to give this one a shot.


Pros Cons
Pairable with two devices at once There’s no information on the overall battery status
Four-times noise-canceling microphone 
It has an integrated voice-controlled virtual assistant

9. Conambo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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If you’re not a fan of over-the-head Bluetooth headsets, another option worth considering is this Conambo earpiece. It’s best suited for truck drivers who wear glasses and other headgear, as it doesn’t get in the way and feels pretty comfortable.

The adjustable fit and the rotating mic are also more than welcome convenience-wise. You can rotate the ear hook to use the headset in your left or right ear based on your preferences. 

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Does this model offer anything else besides the comfortable fit? 

Well, it turns out that the layout is relatively simple. However, it includes the essentials, like the volume control button and a multi-function button that takes calls and enables pairing.

On that note, this unit boasts Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX HD technology for transmitting high-fidelity sound. Even more so, it employs a dual noise-canceling mic with CVC 8.0 technology. 

Most units have a difficult time managing the battery. But this model comes with a rechargeable battery that allows up to 16 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge. And if you’re in a pinch, 10 minutes of quick charging can keep the headset going for another hour!

The noisy environment is this headset’s biggest enemy, though. Regardless of the surrounding noise levels, we generally had problems receiving loud and clear sounds from the other side of the call.

Pros Cons
The battery lasts up to 16 hours Volume levels should be higher
Bluetooth 4.1 and EDR enabled
It’s adjustable on both ears

10. Plantronics M90 Wireless Headset

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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Here’s another Plantronics Bluetooth headset that we’re happy to recommend to anyone looking for something that will be of use on those long drives – especially if you’re hoping to keep things as compact as possible. 

With a lightweight design, you’ll find yourself forgetting that you even have a headset in your ear while driving. It sounds like an overstatement, but the reversible, over-the-ear hook and rubber in-ear piece make this model extremely comfortable. 

Still, the best thing about this Plantronics model has to be the battery: 

You can count on it for up to 11 hours of uninterrupted talk time and roughly 16 days of standby time per charge. And to preserve the battery life for months at a time, the unit also features the so-called DeepSleep hibernation mode.

Most trucker headsets are made only to have one-language status alerts. 

On the other hand, this one has three different language settings, making it more convenient – and easier to understand – when the headset’s audio alerts notify you about the remaining talk time, volume, or battery life.

It’s worth noting that this Bluetooth headset isn’t as loud as it should be – even if you configure it at the highest possible setting, it doesn’t sound quite loud enough. And that could be a problem.

If you didn’t drive a truck, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, as you wouldn’t have to battle a ton of background noise – but you do.

Pros Cons
Reversible ear hook It has an overall low volume
Comfortable rubber in-ear experience
DeepSleep hibernation mode

11. Vont Bluetooth Headset

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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Having a tighter budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t afford a decent over-the-head trucker headset. You don’t believe us? 

Then take a closer look at this unit. 

Performance-wise, it offers nearly everything that you need to have in your wireless Bluetooth headset. With a comfortable design made possible through lightweight construction – it seems lighter than an egg – this model also comes with an adjustable headband and a soft ear cushion.

If you’re suffering from headaches during your driving sessions, Vont might be the solution. We can’t stress enough just how comfortable it is to have one of these on your head while driving.

It’s important to remember that it can get quite difficult to lower a headset’s volume while keeping your eyes on the road. That’s why the manufacturer made this piece with buttons that allow you to raise and lower the overall volume without messing with your phone.

There’s a multi-functional button on the end of the microphone arm – which, by the way, has a 330-degree swivel design – for any additional configurations. Even more so, there’s an LED indicator, but unfortunately, it doesn’t notify you when the battery starts to run low.

The battery promises up to 200 hours of standby time, but there’s no way of knowing when it’s about to die. Some people don’t mind, but others might find that a headset that keeps cutting off in the middle of the call makes them appear a bit unprofessional. 


Pros Cons
Comfortable design 200 hour standby time
Lightweight construction No way to see the battery status
Multi-functional button and LED indicator

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers

trucks in a row

By now, we can agree that if you’re a professional truck driver and you don’t have one of these wireless headsets next to you, things can get pretty problematic – and fast. 

There are numerous reasons why a Bluetooth headset is a must – and, more importantly, why it should be used whenever you’re on the road. We’ll list a few below:

  1. It’s required by law. 
  2. It minimizes the risk of accidents.
  3. It comes in handy during emergencies.
  4. It helps you stay in touch with your employer and colleagues. 
  5. It ensures you keep your eyes on the road while answering calls. 

With that said, not every Bluetooth headset will cut it. 

To keep the connection and clarity between the calls as clear as possible, you should base your decision on the following headset features and characteristics:

Sound Quality & Noise Cancelation

Having a headset with a noise-canceling system is beneficial whenever you need to make calls in loud environments. Think about it: 

There are plenty of sounds that will follow you wherever you go with your truck, including engine noise, wind, car horns, and other people riding with you. Don’t even get us started on those lousy roads that can make a fair amount of noise, too. 

In those moments, having a reliable headset capable of delivering high-quality sound is a must.

A wireless headset with an integrated noise cancelation system will create a barrier against high and low-frequency sounds, keeping all of your calls clear and sound by eliminating any outside disturbances.

Microphone Quality

Microphone Quality

Regardless of how well your cabin might be isolated from the outside, you can never know how poor the connection might be between you and the other party. And poor reception isn’t always the one to blame; sometimes, the microphone is simply lousy. 

Given how loud things can get, you want to ensure that you are heard – loud and clear, might we add – by the person on the other end of the call. 

The bare minimum for a Bluetooth headset should be 26 dB; anything below that will not cut it in the truck’s cabin. 

So, in case we haven’t made ourselves clear by now: 

To ensure that nothing wrong happens during those urgent calls, you should look into buying a wireless headset that has a high-quality microphone integrated into it. 

Comfort Level

One thing people don’t get is just how uncomfortable and taxing on the body sitting in the truck cabin can get – even if it’s just for a few hours, let alone days. It almost seems like truck driving and back problems go like peanut butter and jelly. 

But besides the wellbeing of your back, there are other things that could make you miserable on the road – like an uncomfortable headset that keeps rubbing your ear the wrong way or causing a lot of pressure, for example. 

For all of you who don’t mind having a headset designed to go straight into your ear, our advice is to get one. The comfort level will most likely be more than satisfactory, as long as you buy a headset with a rubber in-ear piece.

And if you want to raise the overall comfort level while wearing your headset, you’re free to get a regular headset that goes over your head – but make sure it’s light and adjustable.

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Battery Life

Most people will have a hard time picturing how challenging it can be for truck drivers to go on a more-than-a-day voyage. Having a reliable headset with them is imperative – and the battery life of the headset is a massive part of it. 

Most of these models have an overall lengthy lifespan. But we urge you to take a closer look at the headset that you’re getting: 

Ensure that it will last at least 200 hours in standby mode – eight or so days, that is – and provide you with roughly 10 hours of heavy usage on a single charge.

Range Of The Headset

Regardless of your phones’ model and generation, it should be able to connect with most newer headsets, as they all use a Bluetooth connection. Today’s smartphones are – well, smart, and a simple Bluetooth connection shouldn’t be an issue. 

Despite that, there will come a time when you’ll need to separate your phone from the headset.

So, ensure that you buy a headset that can maintain a steady connection and reach at least 30 feet while separated from the smartphone. 


To have a reliable wireless headset, you need to make sure that it comes with several integrated buttons that can be used to control the headset manually. You’ll mainly use these for stuff such as receiving or disconnecting calls, pairing, and adjusting volume.

These buttons come in clutch whenever you need to focus on the road, as it can be extremely distracting to have an ongoing call that’s unnecessarily loud, for example. It’s easy to overlook, but a simple button that can lower the receiving audio should be present on all trucker headsets.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers: FAQ

Q: How To Replace The Battery On Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2?

Battery charging

Most headsets will suffer battery issues at some point, some more often than others. The Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 is no exception. 

And when it happens, you’ll usually have two options – replace the battery or replace the whole headset. Your wallet will probably prefer the former. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate the edges of your headset and use a bit of hot air to soften any existing glue around them. 
  2. Open the headset, exposing the internal components.
  3. Handle the headset with extreme care, as any cracks can lead to irreparable damage.
  4. Find the existing battery compartment and try to take out the battery. It will be tricky if you don’t have a sharp pin, so keep one on hand.
  5. Place the new battery inside the compartment. 

And you’re done!

Q: What Is The Best Bluetooth Headset For Truck Drivers?

When discussing the best Bluetooth headset for truck drivers, it’s worth noting that finding the best one is challenging. But if you pinpoint the noticeable difference between the headsets, one will shine more brightly than the others.

In this case, we will have to give the number one position to Blue Parrott’s B450-XT trucker headset. 

As far as the Bluetooth range is considered, you can safely put a 300-foot distance between the headset and the device that’s connected with it. That is unrivaled, even among the top Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers.

Besides that, a 96-percent noise-canceling microphone will ensure that none of the background noises interfere with your calls. 

We tested several different types of headsets that possess this ability – but only this one passed the test with flying colors.

On top of that, you can rely on this Bluetooth headset whenever you need to talk to someone for 24 hours straight – although we doubt that you’ll ever find yourself in that position. Still, this is, by far, the best Bluetooth headset for truck drivers. 

Q: What Is The Best Blue Parrott Headset? 

As you’re well aware by now, we’ve included three different Blue Parrott headsets in this top 10 round-up – B450-XT, B350-XT, and B250-XTS. 

But which one is the best Blue Parrott headset, though?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for here, really. 

If you’re searching for the cheapest but reliable headset, then go with the B250-XTS. But if you decide to buy the newest one, be prepared to spend a bit more.

Taking the one in the middle might be the best solution, as it’s still fairly cheap and has nearly the same specifications as the newest Blue Parrott model.

Still, if you ask us, we’d recommend the B450-XT as the best Blue Parrott currently available on the market. Not because it’s brand new, but because it’s way better than its predecessors. 

Q: Where To Buy The Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers?

You probably don’t have a ton of free time at your disposal. And whatever time you have, you probably don’t want t spend it going from one store to the next, searching for the best Bluetooth headset, right? 

That’s why we’d generally suggest shopping online. 

The best wireless headsets for truck drivers are only a few clicks away – and since the online market is a vast one, you’ll have a lot more options to choose from, too. Choose your category and other filters wisely, and you’ll be able to narrow your search down to the models that fit your needs and wants perfectly. 

Granted, making your choice based on a few images, specs, and product descriptions could be a daunting task. As long as you’re aware of what features to look for, you shouldn’t have issues separating the wheat from the chaff. 

Q: How Do Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets Compare?

While we consider Blue Parrott headsets the best of the best, they aren’t the only ones currently in the spotlight – the manufacturer Plantronics has a few solid contenders, too.

We had the opportunity to introduce you to the two best Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers – Voyager Legend and M90 Wireless Headset.

If we had to pinpoint the main difference between these two models, it’s that the M90 can enter hibernation with the DeepSleep mode. That allows this model to take care of the battery life and performance a bit better.

Still, both of these Plantronics models are perfectly capable of providing truck drivers with the best wireless headset experience, and you won’t make a mistake choosing either one of them.


With the end of this round-up getting closer by the word, we’d like to remind you that buying the first Bluetooth headset that you stumble upon is an unwise thing to do. You need to think about what you are looking for and how this accessory can make your time on the road better. 

Most headsets on this list will, more than likely, fit the average truck drivers’ wants and needs. 

But, if we had to decide and separate one model as the best Bluetooth headset for truckers – that’s definitely the Blue Parrott’s B450-XT. With a wide variety of positive characteristics, this headset will serve you properly and do the job efficiently.

We hope our buying guide – and reviews – help you make an informed decision. If it did, stay tuned for more – we have other round-ups in the making!

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