iBoard Running Boards Review – Durability at an Affordable Price

There are a lot of good things to be said about new trucks. They are spacious, comfortable, pack some killer specs, and incredibly easy to drive despite their massive dimensions. However, it is those massive dimensions that often pose some obstacles in front of the new owners.

For instance, some of the bigger trucks are notoriously hard to enter and leave, especially if you are of smaller stature. Lousy weather and ponds around the vehicle can turn this something that is otherwise a mundane task into a genuine chore you will struggle with every single day.

iBoard Running Boards Review - Durability at an Affordable Price
iBoard Running Boards Review – Durability at an Affordable Price

Fortunately, the automotive equipment industry registered this problem early on and offered us a whole slew of quality running boards that make entering big vans as easy as it gets. Well, for the most part.

Much like all other products, not all running boards are made the same. If you are looking for iBoard running boards reviews to see how this popular product holds up, you have come to the right place.

Let me break this bad boy down for you.

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APS iBoard Running Boards 5 inches Compatible with Ram 1500 2009-2018 Crew Cab & Ram 2500 3500 2010-2023 (Nerf Bars Side Steps Side Bars)

  • Package includes
  • Easy to install Rocker Panel Mount, and Compatible

Highlight Reviews of iBoard Running Boards

1. The Materials

By their nature, running boards are designed to support a lot of weight and be able to do so in many years to come. If they are to live up to this potential, they need to be made from some pretty durable materials that are not prone to bending.

iBoard Running Boards Review - Durability at an Affordable Price 1

I am happy to report that, in this regard, iBoard running boards do not disappoint.

For a start, the bulk of this package is made from 100% aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, which means the boards are incredibly durable but also that their weight is firmly under control. Clocking at around 22.4 pounds, iBoards running boards won’t burden your truck in any meaningful manner.

What you get for this small tradeoff is the excellent build that can easily support up to 300 lbs of load, which is more than enough for most folks out there. Even if you spend some time standing on the units, they won’t bend, crack or squeal.

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This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise since iBoard running boards feature rock-solid unibody design. All these units start their journey as singular aluminum slats that are later machined, milled and de-burred. This process results in great structural integrity.

The top surface of the boards is covered with equally as durable non-slip step-pads that feel serviceable. I had only a couple of weeks to test this product, so I can’t honestly assess how they behave in the long-run. 

From what I saw, they started picking up a couple of scratches (that is inevitable for this type of product). On the other hand, significant breaks, cracks, and heavier damage were nowhere to be seen. So, I feel fairly positive about the whole thing.

The connectors you use to mount the boards to the vehicle are serviceable. They don’t truly excel in any sensible regard, but I also haven’t noticed any issues with them.

So, when all is said and done, I can only summarize that I am very pleased with all the materials on display here.

2. The Design

Speaking about the design of running boards is never easy because different people have different tastes. In this case, the people from iBoard decided to appeal to truck owners who like their running boards simple and unobtrusive.

I don’t really count myself among them. When I am buying wheel-to-wheel running boards, I aim to add something to the visual appearance of my truck. Well, although iBoard running boards don’t subtract anything from it, I can’t escape the impression these units are simple, boring-looking, square-shaped pieces of aluminum that are as bland as they get.

The Design of APS iBoard Running Boards 2

But, once again, I have to underline that some people prefer this approach to design. To be quite honest, not all trucks are made to look mean and streamlined. With that in mind, iBoard running boards do keep things traditional and complement this look quite nicely.

However, the visual impression makes only a part of the overall design of some products. The other side of this coin consists of ergonomics and functionality. Here, I am much more pleased with how iBoard running boards performed.

iBoard Running Boards Review - Durability at an Affordable Price 3

The product is simply a joy to use. No matter how bad the rain is outside, you always get good traction under your feet, and you never feel like you are going to slip. I asked my friends, all of which have different heights and weights, to try to enter the vehicle in various weather conditions, and they really had no problem using the unit.

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In the end, the level of visual enjoyment you will get out of this package will ultimately depend on what type of running boards you prefer and what kind of truck you are driving.

3. Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, running boards are not that easy to review. If you check a couple of iBoard running boards reviews, you will see that the reviewers mostly focus on the installation. Since the boards are used mainly by stepping onto them, I will be forced to focus on this topic as well.

So, how does this package hold up installation-wise?

Well, the manufacturer definitely had the best intentions when it marked the installation brackets with D and P inscriptions standing in for the “Driver” and the “Passenger” side of the vehicle. The problem is that most of the components I got were not even correctly marked. So I had to rely on good old trial and error anyway.

iBoard Running Boards Review - Durability at an Affordable Price 4

Also, you need to be aware that these boards are not truly universal. As a matter of fact, mounting the units on some truck models is far from straightforward and requires extensive drilling.

Pretty sloppy if you ask me.

But, if you are ready to look away from these oversights and if the stars align for you, you will be glad to know that putting that drilling-free installation takes no more than 30 minutes of work. In my case, lower mounting holes already had nuts welded inside the frame, so I only had to knock them out.

From this point on, I had to invest minimal effort.

But, the other truck models posed all sorts of obstacles and inconsistencies, so be ready to bear with these things if you decide to go with the unit.

4. Performance

Now, it’s time to say a couple of words about the overall performance of iBoard running boards. If you have read all the previous sections, you can get a pretty good idea of my thoughts about this product.

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For a start, the boards are very easy to use regardless of your weight and stature. The non-slip step-pads are really comfortable and provide an excellent grip, so you will be able to easily enter the vehicle regardless of the weather outside.

The level of support you are getting is also excellent.  As I mentioned above, the boards can support up to 300 lbs of weight. Just to be sure, I tried spending a couple of minutes standing on the boards carrying a backpack or some other type of weight. And the results were great – no cracks, no bends.

However, I have to mention that the finish that covers the surface of the board is really not that great. I noticed scratches very early on, and after only a couple of weeks, I had my aluminum fully exposed under the black paint. So, keep in mind that you will need to repaint these units reasonably often if you want to preserve their look.

But, that might just be the biggest gripe I have with this package. If you are concerned primarily with performance, rest assured – these boards do their job near flawless.


  • Reasonably affordable
  • The use of high-quality industrial aluminum
  • Step-pads are comfortable and provide excellent tactility
  • Solid build quality
  • Supports up to 300 lbs of weight
  • Durable but lightweight
  • Suitable for persons of all weights and statures
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • Can be tricky to install
  • Loses paint rather quickly
  • Uninspired visual design

After Reading the iBoard Running Board Reviews

We are finally at the end, which means it’s time for me to sum up my thoughts and see where these boards stand. The first thing I want to get off the table is that I am not a fan of the pretty traditional and subdued design we have on display here.

Also, the paint finish is all over the place.  But, if you can live with these shortcomings, the boards do what running boards are supposed to do with ease and grace. The materials are simply excellent. So, in spite of some weaknesses, you have my recommendations.

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1 thoughts on “iBoard Running Boards Review – Durability at an Affordable Price

  1. Wayne says:

    Bought a pair 5 yrs ago. Aluminum is disintegrate where steel connectors are attached to board resulting in separating from I board causing it to vibrate. Put self tapping stainless screws to replace connectors hope this works. Not to pleased!!!

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