Best Floor Jack for Trucks 2024

trucks and SUVs are all the rage at the moment. 

They’re considerably higher than a conventional vehicle, though, and when it’s time for a quick repair or tire change, you need a jack lift with a high enough lift range. Even more so, they’re more substantial than cars – and your jack needs to be capable of safely holding the extra weight. 

But what’s the best floor jack for trucks

To help you make this important choice, I researched and compared the market’s leading options – and narrowed it down to the following jacks for your truck. 

The 10 Best Floor Jacks for Trucks in 2024

1. Simpleout Electric Hydraulic Jack Kit All in One

To start things off, we will take a closer look at a floor jack that features an all-in-one kit, reliable when you need to focus on more than just lifting your truck!

For starters, let’s discuss the floor jack – a cross groove design, non-slip saddle ensures the safety of your vehicle and lifting unit, as it effectively adds friction and prevents slipping. Still, a flat surface is highly recommended when using the car jack, regardless of the paddle features.

Even if you find yourself stuck in a situation without a reliable light source, the Simpleout covers you with a powerful LED light, illuminating any and all spots that are required to be seen.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this floor jack is an electric jack – the engine will be capable of lifting well beyond 10.000 pounds. Just make sure to stay below the 11.000-pound mark – that’s the highest we got when testing this jack.

Although the design makes it robust – the overall weight of this unit is 15.40 lbs, making it an ideal companion that will come in handy in a large number of situations.

The maximum lifting height stands at 17.7 inches, making it just barely capable of competing with other car jacks listed below.

Pros Cons
An all-in-one kit A maximum lifting height being less than 18 inches
Non-slip saddle which effectively adds friction
Comes with a powerful mounted LED light
Remarkable 11.000-pound lifting capacity
Lightweight design

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The Powerbuilt 620422E with 4000-pound lifting capacity, flexible design, and locking safety bar has to be the best floor jack for trucks – and the most versatile one, as well! 

2. Pro-Lift G-737 Lift Garage Jack

Although most of us won’t have the privilege of knowing a seasoned mechanic – it’s still important to learn the basics for vehicle lifting. We can never guess when we will need to demonstrate such skills!

Because of that, it’s vital to start learning the basics of truck lifting with a floor jack that features a simple yet robust design that’s capable of handling extreme weight on its own.

Luckily, the Pro-Lift will help you out with accomplishing that. For starters, it can easily lift trucks weighing up to 7.700 lbs, making it an ideal companion for most trucks, regardless of size and length.

Furthermore, this floor jack has a maximum lifting height of 22 inches, making it one of the highest-reaching car jacks on this list! So, if you own a truck that needs that extra inch when lifting, we highly recommend you consider this floor jack!

We were surprised by the precision control of the load descent – the universal joint release mechanism integrated into this floor jack made that possible. So, whenever you need to maneuver with this unit, you won’t have to worry about the handle position – all of them will be safe!

An average truck can be lifted with just one to two stokes of the handle, making this one of the most powerful floor jacks for trucks.

Lastly, with a rolled side frame, and a relatively heavy design, you won’t have to worry about any potential twisting during the lift. Moreover, the rolled side frame adds additional strength points for this jack!


Pros Cons
A simple, yet robust design It’s quite heavier than most other truck jacks
It easily lifts trucks weighing up to 7.700 pounds
The 22-inch maximum lifting weight is not something to joke about
It features a reliable universal joint release mechanism
Any potential twisting situations are prevented with a rolled side frame


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As long as you remember to put it somewhere where the overall weight won’t unnecessarily damage the vehicle itself, you won’t have any difficulties with this truck jack!

3. Big Red T83006 Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Sometimes, people will decide to purchase a low-profile truck, as they don’t necessarily require a vehicle with a large set of tires. When that happens, it’s important to pay close attention when buying a floor jack capable of sliding below a low-profile vehicle.

Luckily for all of you, we had the opportunity to stumble upon this floor jack that offers a minimum lifting height of just 5 inches, making it one of the best floor jacks for trucks.

But, as this article is precisely dedicated to high-profile vehicles – we needed to take that into consideration as well. Fortunately, the Big Red has also proven itself in that apartment – it’s capable of lifting trucks up to 20.88 inches.

With a maximum lifting weight of 6.000 pounds, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this floor jack is constructed out of heavy-duty steel, making it an ideal partner for most trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with two 360-degree swivel casters and two large steel casters that provide smooth maneuverability. With a handle length of 24.5 inches, you’ll save additional time when lifting higher vehicles.

It even comes with a safety bypass system that prevents over-loading and guarantees a safe lifting process every single time. The single-piston quick lift pump will allow you to raise the jack to your desired height effortlessly.

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Pros Cons
This floor jack can slip below even low-profile trucks A longer handle can prove troublesome when you need to store it somewhere
Its maximum lifting height reaches 20.88 inches
6.000-pound or fewer trucks can be easily lifted
The jack is constructed out of heavy-duty steel
It features a safety bypass system that prevents over-loading


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Fortunately, most trucks nowadays offer more than enough interior space for all of your belongings, even if they come with a longer than usual handle!

4. Eisen Heavy Duty Hydraulic Floor Jack

Whenever you decide to go on a vacation with your friends or family – it’s imperative that you prepare yourself, as well as your vehicle for the upcoming journey. Although accidents rarely occur, having a floor jack in your truck is a must-have situation.

One of those reliable units came from the Eisen manufacturers – a 6.000-pound maximum lift truck jack made from heavy-duty steel that provides both endurance and stability.

With a maximum lifting height of 18 inches, you won’t need to worry about potentially not reaching something once your truck has been lifted.

Furthermore, it features a robust, yet simple design, integrated with a safety valve that protects the jack from over-loading. It even reduces the overall operator fatigue, as it comes with a long two-piece handle that eases all lifting operations.

Excellent positioning and smooth maneuvering is guaranteed with this floor jack’s swivel saddle and rear casters. On that note – the saddle prevents marring of the lift, as it has a rubber cushion. The same type of cushion is present on the handle for additional safety.

The Eisen floor jack comes with a dual parallel pump system that overall lifts with far fewer pumps, as it quickly and effortlessly raises the truck jack saddle to load. With the first stroke, you’ll immediately notice the height difference of your favorite truck.

The only issue lies within the weight of this floor jack – 63.93 pounds.

Pros Cons
6.000-pound maximum lift Make sure to prepare yourself to lift a 63.93-pound unit
Heavy-duty steel that provides both endurance and stability
18-inch maximum lifting height
A long two-piece handle reduces the overall operator fatigue
It comes with rear casters and a swivel saddle

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If you are fine with the overall weight of this floor jack, then we highly recommend that you give it a shot – we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

5. Arcan 3 A20002 Professional Floor Jack

By now, we are all far too familiar with the Arcan floor jacks – the overall assembly of a truck jack article is impossible without mentioning at least one or two Arcan models. Today, we’ll take a closer look at this alloy steel coated jack!

We can stress enough how important it is always to make sure to place your vehicle and floor jack on a flat and smooth surface. But, that won’t be always possible, as there are certain situations where you’ll need to lift your vehicle on an uneven surface.

When that situation occurs, the Arcan will come of great use – it provides increased chassis strength with the high carbon steel side plates. Rest assured – when you connect the saddle of this jack with your vehicle, the jack won’t move a single inch!

While we’re discussing inches – this truck jack is capable of performing a maximum lift height of 19.72 inches, making it one of the tallest-extending jacks out there! 

Furthermore, it effortlessly lifts trucks that weigh up to 6.000 pounds. All of that was made possible with the previously mentioned alloy steel frame, combined with wide front wheels and ball-bearing mounted rear casters.

To our general surprise, this Arcan floor jack comes with a warranty that only lasts a single year, compared to most other models that offer you a warranty that lasts much longer.

Pros Cons
Alloy steel frame Warranty that lasts only a single year
High carbon steel side plates that provide increased chassis strength
Maximum lift height of 19.72 inches
Maximum lift weight of 6.000 pounds
It comes with wide from wheels and ball0bearing mounted rear casters


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We believe that a warranty isn’t entirely necessary for floor jacks, especially if you take great care of your unit, so don’t worry about the short-lasting warranty on this unit!

6. Big Red AT84007R Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Although most people will decide to live in a large city, some folks are still leaning towards the countryside. It does have its set of benefits, but rural countryside roads will leave you desperate if you don’t own a heavy truck.

So, to address the people that are looking for a stronger floor jack, we present this Big Red Torin model!

Let’s get straight to the point: this hydraulic floor jack can be used for heavy-duty industrial and general use, as it features a maximum lifting weight of 8.000 pounds. You heard that right, and even if you own a larger truck, this truck jack won’t be bothered with lifting extreme loads.

This is important as most 8.000-pound vehicles will be mounted with large truck tires. So, to further convince you, this floor jack has a whopping maximum height lift of 20 inches, making it ideal for your countryside trucks!

To make things even better, this unit effortlessly met the ASME safety standards. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it provides a foam bumper on the handle that helps with preventing any vehicle damage while in use.

It’s 100% factory tested for reliability and safety – offering two large steel and swivel casters that ensure smooth handling.

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The only downside of this product is its overall price tag. But, if you’re looking for a reliable floor jack that will help you out whenever necessary, then you’ll need to pay up!

Pros Cons
Used for heavy-duty industrial and general use A slightly higher price tag than usual
Outstanding maximum lifting weight of 8.000 pounds
Whooping maximum lifting height of 20 inches
100% factory tested for reliability and safety
Offers a handle coated with a foam bumper

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As long as you don’t mind the price tag on this floor jack, you won’t encounter any troublesome issues when handling this unit!

7. SUNROAD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Floor Jack

Back to the basics – lifting lower-than-usual vehicles is a more frequently occurring situation that lifting larger vehicles. Because of that, we decided to list another jack capable of pulling off such a feat, alongside being a reliable heavy-duty truck jack!

The overall design highly resembles nearly all other typical steel-chassis trolley jacks. However, this floor jack offers a significant difference when talking about the lifting arm itself:

With a lower position compared you your regular lifting arm, this hydraulic floor jack is designed to smoothly slide under lower-set trucks.

Still, don’t be too quick to judge it as an “only low-profile floor jack”. This unit is a heavy-duty, 6.000-pound maximum weight lifting machine that feels no pressure whatsoever when dealing with large trucks.

This is supported even further with the ability to raise such trucks up to 20 inches high, making it an ideal universal floor jack for all of your vehicles!

At first glance, the overall 73.5 pounds might seem like too much, but please take into consideration that this floor jack is made from steel. So, having slightly heavier jacks is fine, as long as it promises durability and sturdiness!

One of the most essential features of this floor jack lies in its ability to slowly lower the load, giving you more precise control of the descending process. This was made possible with the universal joint-release mechanism present within this truck jack.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty steel-chassis trolley jack It’s slightly heavier than usual
The lifting arm is positioned lower, making this an ideal jack for low-profile trucks
A maximum weight lift of 6.000 pounds
20-inch maximum height lift
Enhanced durability and sturdiness
Excellent control during the descending process


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This truck jack is ideal for all people that have multiple different vehicles, with vastly ranging dimensions and weights!

8. Jack Boss Aluminum/Steel Floor Jack

Whenever people discuss the Jack Boss floor jacks, they immediately know that they won’t encounter a single error when dealing with those units. For their ears only, we took a closer look at this model, so let’s find out the end results:

This aluminum and steel floor jack is capable of effortlessly lifting up to 6.600 pounds, as long as you position the vehicle and the jack on a flat surface. Doing it on an uneven surface will undeniably prove detrimental to your vehicle and potentially to you.

As such, this floor jack is mainly used for trucks, SUVs, travel trailers, minibusses, and station wagons. With that resume, you can only imagine the overall positive performance of this unit!

The maximum height lift is just over 18-inches, making it an ideal companion for all vehicles, regardless of their dimensions.

Let’s talk about the pumping process – a heavy-duty jack with dual-piston that enables you to easily pump the jack until you reach your desired height. The safety of this process is further supported by a large rubber saddle that also protects your vehicle.

The strength and durability of this truck jack are present through the construction process, where aluminum billet and welded steel were used.

Because of that, this floor jack met the ANSI/ASME PASE safety standards.

The handle is removable, but that sometimes proves troublesome, as people often forget to reassemble it before they place it in their car. Because of that, people sometimes forget to bring the handle with them.


Pros Cons
Constructed with aluminum billet and welded steel Some people have difficulties with attaching removable handles
It’s capable of lifting up to 6.600 pounds
A maximum height lift of 18 inches
Dual-pistons that enable easy pumping
A rubber saddle is present


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This unit is one of the best floor jacks for trucks currently available on the market. We highly recommend that you give it a shoot; it won’t fail you in the line of duty!

9. Aain TH33007 Hydraulic Floor Jack

In today’s standards – having a floor jack that meets the ASME PASE safety standards is a must-have, as most vehicles nowadays are extremely heavy. So, let’s take a closer look at a floor jack that met those standards, the Aain truck jack!

This floor jack is extremely powerful and convenient – it’s specially designed for heavy-duty lifts and maneuverability during those lifts. It caps at 7.000 pounds, making it one of the stronger floor jacks featured on this list.

The durable steel body further provides stability and rigidity. This unit has a special ability – it can rotate the saddle for easy positioning under the vehicle.

If you are in a hurry – the double pump pistons quickly lift the truck jack saddle to the load. Did we mention that the jack saddle features a rubber top, so you don’t have to worry about any potential damage to your vehicle!

The handle bumpers are coated in foam, which further ensures the safety of your beloved trucks.

For this model, the maximum height lift is currently 18 inches, but we believe that that might be even longer soon. But, for now, 18 inches is more than enough for your average and above-average trucks!

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We were delighted by the hydraulic oil by-pass system that effortlessly protects the ram from being over-extended. If we needed to point out an error on this unit – that would be the weight (63.93lbs).

Pros Cons
It meets the ASME PASE safety standards It’s heavy (63.93lbs)
Specially designed for heavy-duty lifts
The steel body provides stability and rigidity
Double pump pistons quickly lift the truck
The maximum height lift is 18 inches

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As we previously mentioned, meeting the ASME PASE safety standards is a must-have in today’s standards. Remember that the next time when you decide to purchase a floor jack!

10. BIG RED TAM83012 Torin Pro Series Hydraulic Floor Jack

To end our list for today, we’ll take a closer look at an excellent last, but not least, BIG RED floor jack that offers an intriguing feature:

An unique foot pedal found on the side of this truck jack, which can be used for quick lifting without any difficulty. An average male will be more than capable of pressing his foot onto this pedal, resulting in a maximum weight lift of up to 7.000 pounds.

This was made possible through the four casters made from steel, providing longevity and stability whenever you use this unit. Furthermore, most of this floor jack is made from alloy steel, which guarantees sturdiness.

Its lifting range varies from 5 to 19 inches, making it an excellent truck jack for all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their size.

You won’t need to worry about any potential capacity overload, as it has an integrated safety system specifically designed to prevent that from occurring.

The jack pad was made larger than usual so that it can have more contact areas to provide more stable support for the vehicle chassis. A quick heads up – prepare your wallet if you wish to buy this one!


Pros Cons
7.000-pound maximum weight limit It’s quite pricey
19-inch maximum height lift
A build-in capacity overload protection

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As we previously mentioned, if you wish to have a high-quality floor jack, then be prepared to empty your wallets!

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Frequently Asked Questions of Customer when Looking for the Best Floor Jack for Trucks

1. How to jack up the front of a truck?

Whether you’re lifting the front or rear end of your truck, specific rules always apply – finding the right spot, choking the wheels, and identifying a secure jacking point. 

For a more specific scenario, like lifting the front of a truck, you should choose a jacking point that’s halfway between the wheels or just behind the appropriate wheel. Some vehicles have dedicated jacking points, but if not, position the jack under the sub-frame, precisely between the front wheels. 

2. How high will a floor jack lift?

The maximum lifting range of the floor jack is quite an essential factor, especially when you’re lifting an off-road vehicle or an SUV. The thing is, SUVs are generally taller than your standard economy car, which automatically means that you’ll need a floor jack with a high enough lift range to get your vehicle up in the air.

A maximum height range of 16 to 20 inches should be high enough to lift your car – and most models on my list have that same range – but perform one final check before your purchase.

3. Will a 3-ton jack lift a truck?

A three-ton jack should be more than enough to lift almost any passenger car or truck because, even in the worst-case scenario, it will likely support roughly 60 to 70 percent of the truck’s total weight. 

For example, if your truck weighs approximately 7000 pounds, you’re still looking at around 5000 pounds that you need to lift – something that even a 2.5-ton floor jack can theoretically lift, let alone a three-ton one. So, numbers-wise, you should be fine. 

4. Where is the best place to jack up a truck?

Learning to jack up and support your car correctly can make all the difference in the actual repair, as well as your safety. It’s important to remember that various vehicles have different support points; you should always start by referring to the owner’s manual to find a secure jack point in the specific area of your car that you want to lift. 

The best point to jack up a truck would be an area that’s specifically designed for it or a position that you know can support the vehicle’s full weight safely, without slipping off the floor jack. 


The best floor jack for trucks will be the one with a high enough weight capacity to withstand your truck’s weight and can lift it high enough to accommodate the extra height of a truck. Even more so, you’ll benefit from it being reliable, with a broad, stable base and safety features to protect you from potential accidents or even injury. 

My opinion is that the Simpleout Electric Hydraulic Jack Kit offers a quality of construction, reliability, and safety – but any other model featured in my round-up is worth considering, too.

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